Thursday, May 31, 2007

Out for shopping trip with Tong and Hui!
I very lazy to write too much lah.
Headed to Far East and Heeren.
Nothing too much to buy actually,
everything also same.

Our only entertainment?
Aiya, nothing else interests us more lah.
I accidentally met a guy's eyes in Far East.
Quickly looked away, coz I'm embarrassed.
He did turned to look back. Did I malusified myself?

Forever 21 @ Wisma has this very very attitude sales girl.
Hui and I were standing outside the Fitting Room waiting for Tong.
Cuz we wanna examine how she will look in the top.
Then the salesgirl just say in a very harsh way:

"Can you all wait outside?"
Wa. VERY rude way!
Hui and I just glared.
But we, being civilized humans, obliged.
Big human no remember small human over.


Orchard is relatively quiet today.
Well well, I assume they all swarm to Bugis.
And for some reasons, people just couldn't stop staring at us,
or Hui.
I told hui, you might as well stick a tag on your dress saying:
[Ya La! I bought this online.]

I wanted to act like a rich taitai,
but tong say I from top to toe is pasar malam.
True la, my top from ILT, my jeans costs 10bucks.
The most expensive thing on me was my sandals which is like, 23bucks NIA.
Pasar Malam.


Purchases: Snow Flake necklace! Tong bought a cat one, and Hui's is a lollipop.

Pictures we took! Haven't scanned yet. Bear with this.

Purchases: Earrings @ 2bucks.

Click to enlarge: Pictures I took with Kailin, Joel, and the Yeo family.

Thats all for now,

loads of pictures, yet to be uploaded! =) Maybe soon, I hope.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Quick update!
Nothing much in school.
Quite ____________

After school = Shopping Highness @ Tampines!
Tong and I walked around and were charmed by tubes by Joop and ILT.
But we bought the ILT and abandoned Joop =\

Flowery browness... Jeslene's style?

Bodymist: IZZY @ $2.5o

Jeslene says: Chris will kill me if he sees this..

See what? You just wait and see. Meanwhile, see that sticker on my monitor? I took it off from my body mist bottle and played with it.

COUGH. Well, i'm sooooooorta grabbing my lil fan.....

Chris, please spare my life. It's not my fault that you fit the captions so well.

WAAAA~ thats all!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

What a hot and tiring day.
I agreed to go on a 'date' with Hui, as she needs to locate where her GCE centre is.
So we travelled all the way to Tiong Bahru.

Crowded as the the train cabin was...
We saw alot of weird people.
Including this indian 'couple' (both are men, but one is touching the other's thighs O_O)
They got me irritated by blasting their tamil songs from their phone.

Hui: Jes! One of the indian men have chest hair!
Me: Tell that to ah tong~

Reached tiong Bahru, and to be honest, I've never been there before.
I know I very sua gu lah.
I everything, everyone, everywhere also don't know.
There's no location map in TB train station!
How irritating is that?!
We asked the passenger service people, but the directions are not specific enough.
And there are two GCE centre, so we were told.
We gave up half way cuz it's nowhere to be seen.

Slacked and had lunch at Yakun @ TB plaza. (or is it centre?)
Didn't know there's quite somethings to look about.
I thought TB is ulu ulu one lah.

(On our way out from Ya Kun)
Hui: Jes! Why TB no cute guys one?!
Me: Wa hui, alot of guys look at you leh, must be thinking "Sorry, I'm not shuai enough."

Walked around and Kun called me.
Asked me out for dinner tonight.
But I wanted to go OLE tampines.
So we set the date on Tuesday.

On the train back to East area,
Hui and I spotted a G-y couple.
One was touching another's cheek.
I can only sing: "Shi jie bian liao yang (the world has changed)"

We went to Simei Eastpoint to Jalan about.
Saw some nice shoes!
And we went gaga on lil puppies and kitties.
I did something as idiotic as yawning with the puppy.
But but but.
Its so cute!
I kept saying, how come you soooooo cute~

Took a bus back to tampines...
And we walked around CS...
And we bumped into Kun and Huan,
Too bad he's asleep.

OLE tampines!

As crowded as can be. (and this picture makes it look like the light leading towards heaven or something.

Fireworks, only for Tampines!
But well, as everyone rushed to see the fireworks,
Some CB ppl stepped on Hui's slipper and the strap broke!

My darling has to walk back to my house barefooted.
And PC.
And Tulan.

Cooked noodles for her as I ate curry chicken.
She just refuses to share my curry chicken.
Slacked for a bit and Hui went home.


HUGE hole in the middle of my blanket.
It started as a small hole.
Then I kicked it around and viola.
Big hole.

Pubbing: Watermelon Martini and Lychee Martini!


That's all for today!

Good luck for O lvl Chi tomorrow, Hui!


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, I haven't be updating much on random stuff.
So I decided to update.

Since everyone rejected me for a date today,
I dated my Brother and Mummy...

...To food fair.
Loads of people...
Loads of ah peks... (whom I reckoned didn't eat any breakfast)
Loads of aunties... (They kept elbowing me, HARD.)
And surprise! Quite some cute guys!!
I saw one selling sushi, and one selling ice cream. SLURP.

*Nudges tong and hui*
We go together again lehs!

But because of the crowd, I only spent a grand total of........

On honey lemon.
But I drank quite some coffee meant for sampling.
From Super to cafe nova to kilin to some weird ginseng coffee.
And oh, there's the Whatever and Anything drink booth there too.
It tastes normal.
Just that it's mysterious in its can.

Sorry ah, I watson and Guardian fan la.
I tell you!

I muuuuuuuuust drag you all there seh.

See what I bought!

Curling set!
it's from VS Sasoon!
I saw it at guardian tamp before and it costs around 35bucks.
But you know how much I bought this?

10 dollars!~
Shi kuai qian!

WAAAAAA huat ah~
*Jes dances with pom poms*

Mum bought a dvd player for....
And it works quite well.
Double HUAT ah!

Headed home after that.
Mummy treated us to Mos cheeseburger.
My new love.

Loooooooads of sales in TM and CS.
*Shakes tong, adelene, hui and paul*

Pics from foodfair!

Caefnova cup. The handle thingie is cute! Like lil wings.

Think u can finish this huge bread?

EEEEEE walking bread!

Ya am done.

Tomorrow's OLE tampines!

Got fireworks!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007






Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wa... I'm tired!
But I had a satisfying sleep. So I'm pretty energetic now.
All traces of emo-ness are gone.
Maybe I cannot emo for a long period, shrugs.
But basically, I just felt drifted away from certain people.
Shall not mention who or why =)

Long entry ahead!

Yesterday, I headed out to orchard area and Bugis with my brother.
He wanted to do his mass purchasing of mangas and mags.
So we went to Kinokuniya @ Taka and Bugis.
But before that, I dragged my brother to Robinsons
So that I could visit Tong and Hui. =)
I didn't see Sotong. LOL.

My brother bought around 100bucks worthed of books.
And gee. MONEY.
I saw quite some cute guys around. MUAHAHA.
And the thing is, I told my brother.
There was this ang mo who is darn tall, and handsome.

Ate Mos burger for lunch.
There were this Japanese family beside us.
My brother and I were silent, cuz we were listening to them talk.
In Jap la. Hahaha.

Walked to Bugis...
Went to Sunshine Plaza... I saw Victor. XD
Didn't eat hak gao tho. =\

Took a bus to Kai Qi's house~
Jeng Loon is almost dying in boredom by then.
Hiyu jie arrived afterwards and the whole lot of us went down to the neighbourhood to buy dinner.
We rented DVDs... And while the whole gang were looking at the DVDs, Jeng Loon and I were fascinated by the Sea Monkeys they sold in an Aquarium.
A pack for 1 dollar. So why do they still sell Sea Monkeys in toy shops for like, 20bucks?!
And I still think sea monkeys are gross.

The food around Kai Qi's house is FREAKING tempting.
The Zi Ca looks good.
And there's 2 baskets of Dim Sum, and a big bowl of porridge for 5bucks nia.
And and and, the carrot cake is goood!
And and and! The mango smoothie! (And the shop has cute guys too.)
Wa tong, let's raid that place soon lah.

Headed back to Kai's house...
And Hiyu Jie cooked SOBA!
Not any white soba, but CHAAAAAAAAAA SOBA!

I can die without regrets.

Jeng Loon played with the soba, and made it into some ant hive thingie. LOL.
We ate two whole full plates of the soba.
Imagine how satisfied I was.

Kaiqi's dad and mom kept offering us food. From mangos, to apples, to chocs, to tidbits to drinks.
JL, Hiyu jie, my kor and I (plus a lil bit of Joanne's brother, Joel) watched Dr. Dolittle 3.
Not too bad, the movie.
But the storyline's a little too ------------------.

We went to catch bus 15 around 11.20pm.
And I got home around 11.50pm.


I dream of the most realistic scenario ever.
Tong Yanting, please anticipate.


Sotong-ah-ra-ra confessed to me that he likes u!

Oie, I trust my sixth sense!
More details tomorrow okay~


Thursday, May 17, 2007

So why did I decided to update today?

And perhaps you.
You mean I have regular readers other than my own friends?
You mean there are hidden Jeslenies yelling hooray when they checked my site and realised I updated?
Wah! Crap!

Yeah, entertainment for you.
I realised I never ever put up trademarks for the pictures I posted
Especially for photos I took.
If I discover stealing of the photos...
YOU -> No balls, no cb.

Right, I'm darn random.
Okay, okay.

Now, stare at this picture. Realised anything wrong about it?

Some clueless guy filled up this application form and kindly told us that:

His grandmother is a MALE.
I don't know!

This is not an alien.
I did not take this picture off the Alien & Predator movie site.

Poor alien fishy, I ate it up for new year celebrations.

Aliens from outer-space, if you are there in Mars and you have internet, place make sure you know this IS a fish, not your fellow Martian who disappeared and lost contact with you when he went on a mission in Earth.

"What, you never see a dirty lady before ah."

"Orh! Soli, soli!"

Pictures credit: My brother.

Okay lah.
That's it.

Some anonymous number juz called me and I wonder who the hell.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blow Job Silicone!
How entertaining!


Been catching up with quite some people these two days.
I have more catching up to do! *winks at Jeslyn and Xuan*

I've been quite all right.
Nothing pisses me off too much,
Other than my friend and her bf.

I was amused by my own sixth sense.
I didn't know I can get that accurate.
Jeslene, the greater. =\

But I dare say, I was amazed by Ze's instincts.
He called me at the right time last night,
just when I was suffering from ls, and emo.

"Uh hello, I have this feeling you're emo and miserable right now."
"WAH! Tok kong leh you!"


Headed to Bugis today.
Went for lunch and some sweet tooth satisfying session.
Headed to sim lim after that.
Watch Hiyu jie go on and on about computer parts.
The names all sound like computer language codes to me lah.
Why must classify until so clear?
Ram, then ram lah! Hard disk then hard disk la!

Tong went home first, and I stayed with hiyu jie.
Then we went to OG, and did some really bo liao stuff (electric piano playing etc)
The dress I'm staring after is still on sale. =(
Went to cold storage to stare at Japanese food.
Hotate, sashimi and soba.

Home after we met the magnet deal girl~


I tell you, this is a very random entry!
Long random entry.
I'm a sicko!

Monday, May 14, 2007




I'm not emo lah.
I'm just thinking about a storyline for a Story Recording.
Something like a radio story.
But I might be using all my own songs.
Don't know about the plot yet. Maybe I can give it some though while I'm on the train.
But somehow, those words above made this story sound like some...

Speaking of which,
Xuan, if you're reading this, any thoughts of continuing Perspective
Anyway, people, if you guys are curious, visit the site.
It's an old fiction of ours.
I'm wondering if we should continue it.

And oh, also


School's all right today. Time past really quickly.
Which is pretty good.
But I'm drained, and I wonder why there's a headache wrecking my skull.

All the wonderings today.
Am i such an auntie killer?


Did I scare you?
Wa I so childish.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Extremely fruitful day!
Gathering with them makes me happy. =)

Kailin and I were supposed to meet Joel at sommerset.
But he told us he was late because he had work, and that he took the wrong train.
The both of us were like wondering.
What wrong train?
From Pasir ris, both platforms' train go the same way what!
So Kai and I went around cineleisure and Heeren for like, 2 hours.

And when Joel arrived....
Out jumped LEE LI YAN and CHERYL!
Darn shocked can!
Yan say she came back for today and tomorrow, and she will set off back to Penang on Sunday night.
Surprise! So Joel cheated us lah.

Then he asked, your ze got come ah?
I ji tao HUH? What?
He then informed me tt on my msg to him, I typed: Ze will be late too.
Then i say, NO LAH! I wanted to type WE, but my dictionary turned it to ZE.

We went to eat at Village!
Geraldine the *COUGH* Chio bu came soon after.
Heard that yan and cheryl called her for at least 18 times before she finally woke up.
Sick leh dine! She so SHUAI can!
SO SHUAI until I want her to marry me already.

After village we went far east, and I bought:
Necklace and Bag charm for 3bucks each.
And I saw a cute sales guy in a men's fashion shop.
He asked us with a charming smile:
"Mai dong xi gei ren ma?" (buying clothes for ppl?)
Which Yan commented after we went out, "Of course buy for ppl lah, if not ghost ah."
Then when she almost dragged me back to the shop to see him, i laughed like siao.
She told Joel I fan hua chi and Fa chun.

Headed back to Heeren for Kailin's heels.
And Cheryl bought heels from URS.
And we headed back to Pasir ris on train.
Laugh like siao.
For very crazy things lah.

Went for dinner with Yan's family, Joel and Leaking's bf.
Zi ca @ Elias. Total bill = $193.50
Seriously not worth it.
The food is bad. Might be coz alot of ppl were eating, so they rushed.
The soup is not tasty...
The two crabs came only one, in the wrong flavor. Chilli crab become tomato crab.
Canceled order became exsisting order.
New girl kept sending wrong things to us and we don't know which is which.

Yan's mummy's is not satisfied. =\
But eat also eat liao.

Food = Fish, soup, kang kong, crab, fried youtiao, ribs, cereal prawns, braised toufu.
Only the kang kong is good.
Fish, I didn't touch it, cause I'm lazy to eat the fish.
Far away from me. Same for Yan lah.

Auntie asked why didn't I touch the fish, so I answered lazy.
Then she say: "Ask Jia Wen to feed you lah!"
Goodness. Jia Wen is Yan's BIG BROTHER can.
I told Auntie, wa I better go take a cab home now.

We chatted about unusual food.
Like half formed chicks in the eggs, Malaysian food.
Leaking's bf told us say, penang laksa should eat under the rong shu. That tree.
Rong shu xia. And he's so serious lo!
I laughed my ass out.
He said he ate rabbit meat, mouse meat, croc meat.
I said he is some insane killer.

Took a cab home and that's the end of my day!

Darn happy now.
Take care ppl!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My precious Yan:


Really miss you!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I'm in a darn high mood today.
Couldn't stop laughing.

The day started with Jeslene Lee being late.
For once, I'm late for a 10.15am lesson.
But it's my own fault. I was dilly-dallying at home, refusing to move my butt as I was watching Re Qing Zhong Xia.
So ended up I only managed to reach Bishan station at 10.05am.
Changed into s&w attire in J8 toilet and I rushed to school.
Managed to reach at 10.20am.

My doraemon fan is a star.
Even Ms Gladys think its cute.

s&w, it quite fun actually.
Run one round under the huge ball of fire...
Then off to the hall for circuit training.
Sit ups, push ups, skipping and starjumps, non-stop.

Then came the volleyball fight between our class and another.
Carrie and I were darn excited for some reasons.
Squealing and cheering and all.

There's twice where the ball flew straight at tong's face.
The first time, she totally didn't notice.
I smacked the ball away, even the teacher knows I saved her face.
But she was so blur, she didn't even know the ball almost hit her.

Second time, worse.
She saw the ball coming.
I wanted to smack it away, but she pull my hand in shock.
I almost couldn't eliminate the ball.
Heng ah.
Tong, I save you twice, u die die must marry me.

After school, Carrie, Tong and I went to Pasir Ris for dinner.
Met huihui and we went to the new Hong Kong cafe in whitesands.
Ordered Curry rice and Hak Gao.
Quite some food lah, in all.
And a quite okay Mango Snow which was huge. Pictures are with Tong and Hui!

I think I'm crazy. The moment I heard Qiu Ze's Ni Zhi Dao Wo Ai Ni
I start laughing.
And laughing.
And laughing.
My face is all red.

Had a great time with them =)
Carrie and I took 21 back to tampines.
And now, I'm back home.

So... Today's quite a day.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Rui Wen told Jeslene: It's okay.
It's going to be going.
It will be okay.

And she is okay.

Actually, does it matters how much a friend knows you?
Isn't it the best part, to get to know each other, in a relationship?


Such a hot, hot weather today.
I felt as if I was burning in the campus ground.

During the weekends, I spent both days with Huihui.
Details are at her blog.

Nothing will be as bad as global warming. *sweatdrops*

Friday, May 04, 2007

Don't feel good anymore.

Ms Lee and Mrs Heng took 2 hours to lecture us.
The topic is of course, "ISP, whats wrong?"

Part of ISP is wrong.


Bye bye, Jeslene Lee.
I need to have a talk with Rui Wen.
She seemed to be very very down.
While Jeslene is having her smiles,
Rui Wen is hiding behind her heart.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Labour Day!
Its my family outing today!
My mum shooed me out of bed really early as she reserved a place in Jack's Place @ Marine Parade at 11.15am.
But anyway, we were late. My gan chiong mum rushed to the place, and my dad told my brother and I to sashay over, since my mum's already on the run.

Lunch was great! I told mummy that the waiter serving us is sorta cute.
She say she doesn't want a waiter as her son-in-law. XD
We were talking about university charges and all the things.
As my brother is planning to further his studies after NS, it's quite a confirmed fact that we will be selling away our current home as our location is a hot spot.
But I guess my friends know, I dread moving.

So my dad said, if we move house, it's definite that we will let you decide on how you want your room to be.
I said, I want my room to have a piano.
For some reasons my dad looked really shocked.
"You still like piano?"
I stared really hard at him and said: "My love for piano is not just three mins fever, you know."
Then he promised me if we are moving, he will buy me a piano.
I don't know, even with a piano, I still don't wanna move.

Jack's Place is serving clear soup, for once.

Think: Why is Jeslene so vain? Just look at my mum!

My brother looks like some big, happy biz man. I can almost put a speech bubble saying: Muahahaha!

After meal tea, and cake!

Yogurt cake. Love it!

I told my mum that all my friends knows I'm a cow-hunter.
I love beef!
Then my mum asked my dad: "Which one of them (my kor and I) is I eat beef during pregnancy, and durian for another ah."
My dad said, I'm the beef and my brother is the durian.
No wonder I'm a beef eater.
And my brother said, no wonder my face have holes like durian. All your fault.
My mum laughed.

Purple potatoes!
and less fat.

We headed to Bugis by bus after that.



On the bus, and.... I saw this.
Actually the whole title was "Gay World Hotel."
We were at Geylang ... So I wondered if it meant to write GEY world hotel.

My brother went to meet Kaiqi at SimLim, Dad went up to grandma's to fix waterpipe.
So mum and I went to OG.

Bought a square cubes necklace there for $5.
Cheap stuff all around!

Headed to BHG, but we only walked for a little while, didn't manage to catch tong.
I was on the train home when Tong tried calling me.
But instead of home, Dad suggested to go Simei for dinner, as well as jalan jalan-ing.
So off we went.

And Eastpoint is soooooooooo quiet can.
Soooo peaceful, like its not a public holiday today.

Went to pet safari... And I asked my dad, my friend (xuan lah) have new born hamsters! Can I keep oneeeeee?
Dad say, you can keep one, but off goes Bingo.
Then I said: how about fishes? A fighting fish in a small tank to change my fengshui!
He say, no need to buy, I have the tank, and I know where to get the fish.
So I asked, do we have to give Bingo away for JUST ONLY a fish?
He laughed.


Sweet little shitzus! They cannot even walk properly yet and they are out for booking. =\

Bought a pair of sandals, and thats the necklace from OG.
My dad likes the sandals too.
What are the chances of having your dad liking your choice of sandals?
For my dad's case, it's darn low. LOL. And he thinks my money isn't wasted.
It didn't cost THAT much lah.
It's 24bucks.

Dinner at kopitiam ~ Chicken rice.
We were waiting when a batch of bangalas just slumped down next to our table.
They just didn't care who is sitting beside, you know.
Pulled all the chairs to themselves and all! Sick.
Then halfway through our dinner, one of them had his arm ON our table.
Like, come on, there's someone SITTING AND EATING there!

Mum and I were like, wtf.
I stopped eating and pulled the table slightly towards me, hoping he gets the idea.
He didn't.
Mum pulled the table using her feet.
Finally, he got the idea.

Dad was like pondering over why when they talk, there are like no punctuations at all.
No commas nor fullstops. Just on and on!
I wondered too.
We are not racists lah.
But aiya.

Home after that.

Long entry.

Tomorrow will be Hui, Tong, Carrie and mine 1st year anniversary.
Looking forward.