Friday, November 30, 2007

Still a blacklist,
But save my time, please.
This is still, my blog.

All i wrote were not false.
At least, at that particular timeframe, its true.

*shakes head*

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hark ah Hark music!
You people ah! MAKE ME PANIC ONLY LAH!

The next performing team meeting will be on next friday.
Stated on the email was: Ladies please put make up and smart casual.


Phototaking for each performing team.


Jeslene pledge to stay away from fatty food.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jeslene sang another song, Wo Yuan Yi.

Ah, yeah.
I sang Wo Yuan Yi.
Give it a click to listen.
Hope I won't disappoint you!

I was like, crying while recording.
This song never fails to make me cry, cuz the lyrics are way too touching and the melody is way too moving.

Constructive critisms accepted!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Scrabble is an addiction.
Sports and Wellness today = Badminton, Hoola Hoop (I suck at it, at least I got it right once) and...
During S&W.
Teacher never say anything either, okay, she did, she said "So how, who won in scrabble?"
Maybe its cause I told her, we form one word, do 5 starjumps.
JJ sounded great in S-POP.
That electronic white grand piano charmed me.
I want!
Of course JJ was cute.
He's JJ leh!
I have a hurting wrist from Badminton, and aching back from hoola hoop.

Advertlets Campaign~

Uh-huh, I agree. LOL.

Advertlets, Advertlets.

You've seen the Advertlets wizard in blogs and you've seen them rotating advertisements and sometimes you drool over the food (Manhattan Fish anyone?)

Exactly what is Advertlets about?

Well, I shall quote from their slogan: "Putting the 'bling' in 'blogging'.
Of course bling doesn't mean diamonds and crystals that you stick on your phones and such.
But its something related - $$ The Chi-king.
It’s a known fact that money earns you diamonds, yeah? (Jeslene grins)

I didn't join Advertlets the first time I saw it on a friend's blog. To be honest, I was skeptical about how much it could bring me. After all, my blog is just a personal space for venting and sometimes recommendations for my friends.

But soon after I saw the Advertlets wizard (Dears, look to your right, did you see the advertisements? To the right on your screen, don't have to turn your head to the right okay.) I was convinced by my friend, Yvonne that this really does work.

So I decided to give it a try.
It’s free to join, anyway.
Why not? I thought.

I like Advertlets, I really do.
I mean, who doesn't like someone who gives money to you, right? =D
But I like their advertising system. It’s very sleek and all, and sometimes I get really entertained by staring at the advertisements.

(Jeslene drools at Manhattan Fish)

Right, let me hand you one more reason to join.

Advertlets just got a huge job (bravo, guys!), and they are going to have a huggggeee campaign from 27th November 2007, which is tomorrow, especially for Singaporean Advertlets bloggers.

How huge?
You'll be paid according to the number of unique visitors to your blog.

Aye, super good.


Come, come, come, and join Advertlets! (click!)


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Very random post today.

Basically I slacked the whole day off.
Uh, okay, not literally, I did do project.
I almost wanted to head for movies alone.

But weekends movies... Eh... LOL.
Too expensive, lah.
You can see there's a trailer thing at the side of my blog.
Go see!
Been anticipating to watch it ever since like, september.
Shall drag tong they all!

Random pictures with the random post.

Cornetto rocks. LOL
The free disc is a little disappointing too.
I was expecting it to be like, at least a VCD, a DVD.
But it was just a disc that works in only Windows PCs.
Resolution and sound is quite bad too.

But ice cream rocks.
Mum bought the cookies and sweet dreams.
Sweet, indeed.
Now i feel like eating the jelly pop. =X

The picture is really blur, and I'm sorry for that.
These are lip balms and lip glosses.
Cheap enough, SGD1.50 for each.. Strawberry flavored.


Basically, I'm done with updating.
I know, its quite a boring post.
I just wanna update something to keep me from drowning in boredom.

Darn Tong, Biao Bai is not in my head.
"Boy you make me so shy~ Everytime you walk by~"

Saw Olinda Choo from Singapore Idol in Tampines Mall today.
Slim lah, she.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Well well,
Happy happy you-are-19th day, baby.
Mummy loves you loads!
Hope u like the bunny bolster.
I'm sure it wouldn't rape you and make you pregs. =D

Lunch and celebrations at Marche, Vivo City. (above pic is in sch canteen, not marche lah.)
Yun and I had Salmon fillet.
Expensively Yummy.

Crepes~ I'm hungry again.

Marche Cow.
No, I didn't rape it, its a female.

After which, we went for some feet dipping session in the rooftop water garden.
Siao char bos, they were.
They splashed water at each other, screaming and all.
Heng I was unharmed.

Ti gong bor bi me.

Had some chase-arounds in Toys'r'us.
And somemore walking around, and headed home.

Sounds short, but that was from 12pm to 4pm.

Tong was nodding off to sleep on the train.
She kept me awake.

*runs from tong*


I heard there's something called 'Airsex'.
It actually means having imaginary sex with an imaginary partner.
You know, humping the air?

There's a airsex competition clip in youtube, and to win, you must have the best sex-with-air techniques.
The champion, is ironically, still a virgin.


The end.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

For xinyun's benefit, here's the eight leggeds again.


Had quite a cheerful day today, surprisingly.
Not because I was emotional or whatever.

Just that school does not equals to cheery day, most of the time.
Then again, I was a little pek cek at the way things were done by a teacher.
Uh-huh, so that makes it a half half.

Liana, Feeza, Tong, Carrie and I went to NUH to visit anne.
We camwhored all the way from school, to train, to shuttle bus and to the hospital.

Ahh, ladies' nature.

I'm pretty drained now, so I shall leave it to pictures...

I was facinated by Liana's china phone.
200plus bucks, and it streams television progs from other countries as well.

Works like a normal PDA phone too.

Feeza and Liana, caught cam-whoring. Ah ha!

Liana decided to take revenge.
I look si bei fat, but haiya. I don't care.

Tong and I decided the train had terrific lighting, so erh...
In appreciation, we cam-whored too.

Its not an excuse.

That's carrie's shoulders. Muahaha.
Make full use of her.


Yvonne aka Peiyun's birthday tomorrow!
We're heading out to eat.
Most probably, its marche.

Headache, go away!

I suspect the guy who sat beside me on the train today was HP guy.
But if its HP guy, its impossible for me not to recognize him right!
After all he's my infatuation...
Couldn't believe myself, so I went to his workplace to see see look look.

He's not around O.o
Gosh, so was that him?
Sitting beside me for that whole 30mins?


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm starting to hate telemarketers.

This afternoon, when I'm having my break, some unknown number called and addressed me by my name, Jeslene.

This is already quite suspicious, as my number is signed under my mother's name, and also under my real name.
My friends should know, Jeslene, is my alternative name.

This lady, said I have won some Family Makeover session and photoshoot and insisted I bring my mother along.
She almost wanted to get me down to the company today.
I rejected, saying that I couldn't make it.
She then told me to call her back at this number to make an appointment.

When I asked her where did she get my number as I do not recall sms-ing or writing in to win something, she said:

"Your friend who came for this recommended us to you."


The company: Foto Gallery/Naughty by Nature
Phone number: 6511117*

Darlings, please take note.
This is more or less, a scam.

Was dragged by my wife to a makeover photo shoot last Sunday after she got a
call from a photo studio saying the photo shoot is free. Please be warned that
this photo studio functions like one of those time-share companies.

Yes the photo shoot is free, but after the session, they want you to sign up
for a package that cost more than $2k, else you can only select two free photos
from the many shots taken. If you don’t sign up for their package, they will
delete all your photos taken (besides the two you selected) right in front of
your eyes!

Even if you offer to buy additional photos from them, they will refuse and
insist you either buy the whole package or choose only two free photos. Imagine
spending 4 hours of your time with them and having all your photos deleted right
before your eyes after you refuse to by their package.

So people beware when you got a call from a tele-marketer telling you they
offer you a free makeover photo shoot. This photo studio got your contact
information from others who have signed up for the package.

They will tell those who have signed up to recommend other friends or
relatives and in return, those who recommend others receive some form of cash
back.The photo studio is located near Clark Quay.

This made sense to me.
My mum was right. (I called her after the phone call)
This is just a marketing scam.
I've checked the yellowpages.
And well, it fits what was written above.

So this is WHY~ they addressed me as Jeslene.
Because someone went for it already and referred them to me.

So, becareful, darlings!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sure, Jeslene Lee might be 'Ugly like hell'

Neh, ugly.

Sure, Jeslene Lee might be a piece of shit-lookalike.

"Yes? Have you not seen a piece of shit in your toilet bowl before?"

But I have enough dignity and confidence to bring me through life.
I have alot of things to keep me going.

So, sweeties who decided to cause trouble by editing my Friendster profile into a porn biography...
Well, doggy style is quite still the trend, although its overused.
Mind updating your sexual intelligence before you mess around?

And honey, who deleted Peiyun's photos from her profile, and sent meaningless comments to her friends,
Ooh, how could I leave the animal who tagged her tagboard in such twittish language, so twittish that I could hardly understand!

Both of you, sweeties, need to stop fiddling with the B1-05 computers.

Yours sincerely,

The ugliest piece of shit you can find on earth.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ikimasu~ YAY!

Right, I'm addicted to the NEWS Weeek! PV.
Cannot ah.

It cheers me!


I'm having a headache now man.
I'm very sure its coz of AOA.
All the looking down at the computer.
My gosh.

My head is feeling so heavy.
I feel like vomitting now.
Sickening Mr tan.
Did he see how long the assignments were?!


Nothing much to update on.
I'm feeling sick.

Actually, its very easy to feel happy.

All loves,

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This is how my current desktop looks like now.
Somehow its a little mismatched, but well, too late to edit.

And I played with brushes.


The weather is really weird.
Just now it was so sunny, I wanted to melt.
Now, its so rainy, I wanted to sleep my head off.

My dog's barking cause of the thunder.


Yesterday was one entertaining, busy day.

Met Yan and Kailin, we wanted to get engagement presents for both Long Fa and Leaking.
That's like, soon, the engagement.
Dec 4th.
Couldn't find anything in town, so we took a taxi from Far East to Bugis street.
Nice cabbie, he kept saying he couldn't see my eyes when I laugh.
I also know lah.

Bought couple tees for the couple.
Its pretty cute.

I tried on a dress, that's quite not my usual style.
Since both Yan and Kailin likes the way it looked on me, I decided to buy it.
But Yan paid for me in the end, as a belated present for my birthday.

Goodness, I've been shopping without having to pay by myself.
All the belated presents 3months after my birthday, haha!

KaiLin left for home soon after, and Leaking arrived.
The three of us were on a quest to search for a wedding present in Citigems.
Its for their cousin who's getting married in Malaysia today.
After much looking, we settled for a round pendant with semi precious gems and diamonds, as well as a 19k white gold chain.

I also want.

After waving goodbye to Yan and Leaking, I went on to meet up with another gang of friends.
Consisting of Kaiqi, Joanne, Hiyu jie, my brother and Tim.

Yups, Tim is here in Singapore again.
Its really great to see him.
Being karaoke freaks, we set a date to sing, this Saturday.
Ahh, I'm anticipating!

We headed to Victor's for dinner.
He's still the same cute married man.
When I thanked him for moving a bigger table over for us, he said:

"No problem no problem! You're my good friend!"

(Jes sobs uncontrollably, touched.)

Ate a whole load of dim sums.
Hak gaos, Wantons, Siew Mais, Porridge, Springrolls and Chee Cheong Fan.


On our way back to the station, we saw a batch of kittens with their mum.
So super cute.
So tiny!


Will be rather packed this week.
I'm glad.
At least I wouldn't be wondering what to do.

Alot of money will be spent.


I'm very much over my thoughts on him now.
He's pretty much memory, rather than history.
I wouldn't deny, he's still lives in my heart and mind.
I don't think I have the patience to wait till he finally fades off.

Brother was shocked to hear we broke off.
Well, I said it so calmly.
Realization: Its been 3 months.

Jeslene, its time to take flight again.


Dear Santa,

Jeslene has been a good girl this year.

So please, for this coming Christmas, grant my friends and family happiness and laughter.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to My MUMMY!
Shh, cannot tell her age, later she feed me to my dog.

After the family tradition (so kua zhang) of singing both English and Chinese Birthday song, My mummy happily cut the fruit/mango cake.

Man, super nice.
16bucks nia.

Thanks tong, who accompanied me to Singapore General Hospital to check if I'm pregnant visit my grandmother.

Glad to see she's quite all right!
She said she's getting out of the hospital tomorrow.
Mum told me, actually no, she just insisted.

Anyway, I have something to complaint about.
Tong and I were walking towards outram train station, when we saw the shuttle bus driving towards a block near us.
So wanting to hitch a ride, tong and I walked towards the front of the line, intending to wait till all the people in the line to get up first before we do.

This woman, practically HOWLED at us to "GO QUEUE UP BEHIND GO QUEUE UP!" in a very very rude manner, not to mention LOUD, her arms fencing us away like we would pounce at the passengers.

If you thought we are trying to cut the queue, would you mind asking politely like a civilized human?
Especially when we have no freaking intention to cut the queue?


Cools, Jelly, Cools.
*Jeslene does taichi.*

On a lighter note, I saw another bf shirt.

Oh, I was telling adrian last night about the cheaters on phone.

Me: Ya, like that lo.
Adrian: I think if I get this kinda call, I'll play a prank.
Me: Like what?
Adrian: You know, when they do survey, say you are the founder of some big shot company. Act rich. Then when they say you won prize money, tell them you have too much money already. And you hate money. Ask them to donate to the charity.
Me: ...But they will tell you to deposit money first so that they can get money to SG.
Adrian: Donate to the Hong Kong charity, or wherever their location is loh.


Took this on tuesday, Daughter's fac wu gui and my teh susu. =D

That's it.
No more liao.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today is...

Yeah, I guess that's about it.
To make things short, my day runs along the words 'recruitment', 'Esplanade', 'Marina Square', and '11 Sushi'.


After which, the gaga girls went SHOPPING at Marina Square!
Gosh, all the temptations there!
I fell in love with a White, Plain long boyfriend shirt with black glossy buttons.
But it's so expensive lah, 49bucks.

Anyone selling white boyfriend shirt with black buttons, and long enough to be worn as a mini dress?
Below 25bucks?

But anyways, bought friends rings with Daughter.
Its adorable.
Anne and Tong (Pong YP, this shall be the new name on your isetan name tag) bought the same ones.

And a slogan shirt.

Am aiming the lips smackers.
Daughter ordered for me already.


I looks tired, terrible and fat. But this is the only picture that all of us are in.
The others all Daughter's face cut into half.

The Ti Gong bo Bor Bi her.

Humans do turn insane once in a while.

And the slogan tee I bought!
I dare say no one will object when this title is given to me.

Last but not least, the less tired Jelly Lee.

But now I am tired.
Waiting for tong to come online to send me the Giant teh susu pic.
Sky drop le lah, she's still not online!

Monday, November 12, 2007

地址寫的是心底 你能不能收到它
天有點冷 風有點大 城市甯靜而喧嘩

你最近還好嗎 是不是也在思念裏挣扎
你說會記得我 還記得嗎
忙碌嗎累嗎 心還會痛嗎

有再多的牽挂 都已沒有權利表達
昨天遠了 明天還長

你最近還好嗎 是不是也在思念裏挣扎
你說會記得我 還記得嗎


There's always a balance.
Someone's happy, and someone's not.

I'm jealous.
Of those who are happy.

Kick me.


For 4 whole weeks without Sports and Wellness (aiya, PE la.)
Plus that one month of holidays...
Jeslene Lee is well wasted in the area named exercise.

S&W was quite all right, actually.
I just need more running.

I think I was quite fierce to Mr Tan.
I'm guilty, lah.
After all, he's totally being okay to me.

I see the need to control my temper.


After spending a sleepless night yesterday, I went into a light coma on the bus.
I couldn't stop thinking, even in my sleep.
Why, just why did you call me?
Why, just why did you chose to sing that particular song?

Your voice is huantingly familiar.
Huantingly... you.
The you, I'm without now.

I still miss you like crazy.
I think you know it.
I supposed I didn't make any effort to hide it.


Free food at esplanade tomorrow.
Japanese food.
Woo hoo!

Don't have any pictures to liven this entry up.
So, scare ya all with myself.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I feel a million times better now.
Crying helps, hor?

Go away, emo-ness!


Ps: I have the giant urge to sing. Anyone? Carissa? Aaron? Tong? KBOX?! ANYONE?!

Pss: Since no one wants to sing, I shall sing in the toilet.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I wonder what's wrong with me yet again la.
I get upset easily, cry easily on and on.
The thing is, I cheer up easily.
Am going to blame it on PMS and DMS.

Just received overdue pictures from Ivy, on the Sentosa trip during Oct.
So instead of me blabbering...

I look super fat. =.=
But our expressions are...


I just had steamboat at home.
Just a simple one.
Feeling like a pig.

Grandma's in hospital right now. =(


Boo, did I scared you?
The picture was blur anyway, so i decided to make it even blurer.

I better stop here.
I feel like Jelly.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I feel like a pig right now.
Super full with sushi in my tummy.

Happy Deepavali!

Its a family day today for me.
My family and I went out for lunch @ Jack's Place, my dad's favourite location for steak.
We were running late, so when we reached Parkway Parade, the restaurant was sooo crowded.
Waited for like 25mins for our food to arrive. =\

Headed to Bugis next to visit my grandma.
She was feeling really unwell recently.
She could hardly walk, and she said its the gen (vein, ah?) on her feet.
My uncle will bring her to the chinese doctor tomorrow.
She don't wanna go to hospital for check up.

Shopping @ Bugis proved to be death on a public holiday.
The road that lies between Bugis Junction and Bugis streets were so so so crowded.
I waited for three traffic lights just to cross one road.

There was a guy who was giving out flyers there.
He was quite funny lah.
He gave my brother and I a flyer each, and he explained "for different gender one!"
Its a hair salon's flyer.
And so, we were stuck there waiting for the traffic light, and when its finally our turn to go, he looked at us and said "Bye bye! Bye bye!"


I bought a silk material top.
I quite like it though.

Some overdued pictures...

The chocolate and strawberry cup cakes are mine, and tong's.
Carrie bought it for us, as belated birthday cakes.
VERY belated, considering our birthdays are in september.
But deeply appreciated, carrie!

Giant hug!
I will give you more free Jeslene massages!

On Tuesday, lunch at Da Pai Dang in The Central, Clark Quay.
The place where I left my phone. =(
And the place where I found my phone.

That's the chicken rice set, $5 for all.

I didn't draw this.
You wanna guess who did?

My daddy.
He drew it with a blue colour pencil which my cousins threw on the floor.
I have a very... erh, creative daddy.


Gosh, I wonder why I'm so tired.
I slept at 8.20pm yesterday, and didn't wake until 12 hours later.
I think my battery life is 12hours.


There is S & W tomolo.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007



Actually, I sorta forgot what I wanted to blog.

I think its something to do with nicespree...
Oh ya, Please go to Peiyun's blog at my links there...
Because theres a picture of the nicespree scam cheaters.
Wasted, lah.
The girl is very pretty.

I left my phone in The Central @ Clark Quay, in one of the cafes.
Peiyun lah, she took my bag away, then I was running after her.
So the phone was on the table, left alone there.
Acty, none of PY's biz.
Im careless.

I was on the train towards Tampines, @ Eunos already, when I realised my phone wasn't with me.
Yanting was totally shocked, at both my reaction (I think i was super calm) and my carelessness.
We took a cab back to Clark Quay *I dun wanna take a train back!*
Then a trin back home, same old routine.
Heng someone picked the phone up.
It was the store manager, Ken of Da Pai Dang.
=D They have very nice chicken rice.

I just blogshopped again.
Well, it was a good deal, 13bucks for a white tunic.
Somemore, the seller was willing to discount 2bucks cuz it was a fast deal.
Which makes it 11bucks inclusive of postage.
Super happy.

So currently, I have 2 items waiting to arrive.
My newfuture skinnies from Peiyun, and the tunic.
Shopping make females happy.
I suppose its female hormones.

Have to start my work soon.
If not Mr Tan will chop my head off.
I sure u guys dun wanna see my head rolling around in the blog.
Hallowen is over yeah?

Have got pictures coming up, soon.
Need to edit them.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Not much interesting things these days.

I was only facinated about how scary mummies look like.

And pissed off about how the trishaw uncle was treated by British Tourists.

But well, I'm here to ponder about responsibility of online sellers.
My friend, Yvonne (known as peiyun on my links, check her blog out) bought something from a quite known online blog shop.

I actually didn't want to list the shop up. But let's just take this as a review for blog shops.

Its Shoplykmad.

My friend, like I mentioned, bought something from a spree they were holding. But instead of sending the item as soon as the seller received it, she didn't

She waited for 4 whole months.
Nothing came.
She sent several emails to the seller regarding the item she bought.

everytime, she was replied with "I'm sending it soon"

Up till now.
It seriously made me wonder about the seller's responsibility about this matter.
You sell something, you are responsible of informing your buyers the item status.
Its nothing too difficult and it earns trust.

Maybe you all can stand up for her and say she's still rather young, 15years old to be exact.
But you are in a business, small online business, you are expected to hold responsibility.

If your items for the previous sprees have not arrive, don't bother going on and start another spree.

I know I sound harsh. But I know I wouldn't want to wait for my spree items for a freaking 4 months with excuses from the seller that the items have not arrived after 4 months.

Feeling really tired right now.
I LS-ed from midnight till 3am.
My tummy still hurts.
I hate AOA.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I know I haven't been updating.

I have no excuses for that.
I wasn't busy.
I just don't feel like updating.

Anyway, this is a venting entry.
Pardon me.

I know what's wrong with me, actually.
I should just blame myself for being over-sensitive about certain things.
Sometimes, just a simple sms from me can reveal how I feel.
But I think she didn't get what I meant.
If that certain person didn't know how I feel, I'm helpless.

I miss that daily phone call.
That voice asking about my day and told none of his.
I have no courage to take any initiatives.
I wish I had.

I see lesser of my smiles these days.
And I apologise to my babes in school for drifting away now and then.
Please try to bring me back to reality, okay?
I can't be drifting forever.


Anyway, I've just signed the contract of agreement for Hark's Performing Team.
I see the need for commitment, and I'm willing.
Performance opportunities will be given every once or twice in a month.
I'm glad.

Although I don't sound like I am.

Seeing the vocalists from the competition, yesterday, cheered me.
Thanks Carissa, for sparing some time to chat with me.
You made my day brighter.
Hearing Aaron's voice helped too.
Seeing Tong made it even better.

At least I'm not alone.

I will cheer up.
I know I will.
If I don't, I'm a big fat coward.

Friday, November 02, 2007

I've receieved an email from my uncle.
Its about another cheater who cheats by phone.

Well, if you've read Kenny Sia's blog, you guys should know about the phone scam he almost fell into.
A few people with a china accent told him that he won quite a sum of money after he was "entered into a lucky draw after filling up a phone survey".

Recently, these people are back with another new kinda scam.
But actually, I doubt they had ever backed out before.

My dad receieved a call once and the person (ironically with a china accent too.) asked if he bought any mobiles, then after my dad said no, he started asking if he bought any other appliances and all.
My dad said no, and he hung up.
Most probably, its another scam to be.
The cheaters might be thinking that humans buy a phone every month.

But anyway, back to the main thing.
The email, yes.
The person who wrote the email said that he receieved a message from the Supreme Court, and was asked to press '9' to listen to the message. After he did, someone who claimed she was from the Supreme Court and that he was a suspect, ganging up with a Loan Shark.
When the victim said he did not, the person from the Supreme Court gave him a number, the number of a police officer.

The officer further told him that his account might be sold by a bank officer to the loan shark for extra cash. And to protect his money, he was asked to transfer his money to a "police account" so that the loan sharks will not have access to it.

The victim realised he might be scammed before he transferred the money.
He called the Superme Court officer, and she refused his intention to go to the court to look for her.
In the end she gave up and told him to come.

And he went, and was told by the court they have no such person, no such case, and he is totally innocent.
He was also told, this is not the first time someone called them about this.

To read the whole article

My friend, Yanting told me her brother receieved the same call yesterday.
Her brother asked that 'officer', why are there so many china ladies in the court?
She didn't answer.

Her brother called the court, and they say, yes they know.
So just becareful, guys.

Yes lah, i wrote this in AOA again lah.