Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally done with the Biz Comm presentation! It went all all right I guess. I didn't stammer much, and I guess I'm loud enough. I was pretty nervous before, but yanting's presentation, with enhancement of stanley, Ms Lee and Farehin cracked me up. My nervousness just flew out out out.

I'm having my headache again. Sheesh. I don't wanna eat medicine today. If I keep eating, sooner or later my body will just be immune to it.

Ah..... Out of nothing, just wanna tell you guys this...
I started using the Sunsilk hair mask for damaged hair, it's the in the tub that kinda.
Today is just the second day I'm using it...
And the effects are very impressive. My hair, after rebonding, was actually kinda rough and all.
But after using it, it's like, my hair is so much smoother and softer!
The tub guranteed to restore your damaged hair in 3 days... I guess it lived up to its promise!
So ladies, and men who love styling and curling their hair, do use this okay!

Small advertisements =x

And PICTURES! *as usual, Fangirl mode.*

Koki, Yuto and Maru! Lalala~
Tsubasa tsubasa~ What are you looking at?

Before anyone forgets: I still like pi! I still like PI! I still like YAMAPI! I still like Yamashita Tomohisa!

You know I will never forget to pit his photos XD Takki! The whole group of us were talking about me wanting to rape takki in school today. Tsk.

I'm done. I have nothing to update on...
Leaking's bdae is on Sat! Meeting Yan tomorrow to see what to buy...


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I didn't plan to update today. Really I didn't.
BUT! The pictures I saw on Hadaka no Johnny's forum

Ah sheesh. When am I ever going to get out of the Takki Tsuba fever. I think i won't. Lol. Just like how I'm so stuck with 5566 and Xie Zhi. *sniff* I think my mum is sick of me jumping around in joy for RenFu.

Okay, before I show soooooooome pictures *i have loads of them in my hard disk wahas* Here's what happened today:

- Hui presented for BZC today... And Tong's tomolo!
- Some people should just stop fidgeting around and move on.
- Tong Yanting = Bad estimater/tour guide
- Something happened to carrie. *she doesn't wants to be reminded.*
- Ze called for 2 days in a roll. So free.

Someone save me. I have Kamen's lyrics running in my head, and my head kept singing serenade.... And it goes Yeah yeah~ hikari yo~

Deductions: Takki Tsuba fever back on.


I just love this picture of Tsubasa! Chubbier, but still as cute. XD

Any space for me? *I hate to sound like a fangirl but............*

A-ha! I just adore this picture! Maru and Koki are so kawaii~!

Who else can get Jeslene crazy... Takii of course! And gosh. His lashes seemed to be longer than Ze's. O.0 Somebody tell me why men needs such long lashes! Seductions? =x

Adrian's buying 2U4U for me~ Lalala~ Love ya dearest sweetheart! <3
But remember the fact that I'm calling you dear just cause you're buying takki tsubasa album for me. LOL!

No interesting pictures today, all are pictures of JE boys. LOL.

Take care dears, esp hui! Drink more waaaater~

Monday, November 27, 2006

What are the surprises of the day?........ Hmmm. Nothing much today. Keyboarding speed test = Accurancy 99%, 43word/min. Yep Ms lee say she wants to send me for competition =.= Die die don't one ah~

When I got off bus 53 this rainy afternoon. I waited for bus15 as usual....

The bustop was awfully empty and quiet, and it's usually not like that.

The bus came.

I board the bus...

The bus driver gave me a ghostly smile.

I smiled timidly back.

I lifted my head searched for a place to sit. And I realised the seats -- ALL the seats are EMPTY!

A sweatdrop formed on my forehead.

It was 3pm already, bus 15 is usually crowded !!!!

But the bus is EMPTY!
Shocked and frightened. I sat down and waited.

The TV mobile's voices echoed in the empty bus.
No other human voices, except from the tv.
It was such a deafening silence.

The bus neared my stop finally...

And it neared my stop, it slowed down......... and stopped.





And i got down the bus safely la. Nothing happened la. Okay? I'm just trying to be slightly interesting la. But the bus really was empty, and it's really eerie. But the driver did smiled at me. Nice =|

Have nothing to say. Anything else I'll post another update. Ciao!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Firstly: Thanks to Van and her mum for helping me rebond my hair. It looks great now, all tidy and flat ^^ Let's go out someday sweetie! =))

Secondly: Men who are above 30years old, please leave me ALONE.
Can somebody, anybody just tell me, why do I attract men who are *cough*somature*cough* when others get men who are 18 to 25?! I am sick of men who are like, 30plus years old trying to jio me. Gee.

And tell me, what kinda pick up line is this:

Hi....Mom...Mum....Mum.@!!!!!! M so hungry. Never drink milk for long time. Now I 1 2 drink...........MMMMM......tiger beer.

Please! Please! Mom......... thank anyway.

I came down with a 4 letter word, starting with F.

Hui, borrow from u ah: FOND.

Random pictures!

Camwhoring with hiyu jie!
I look so....... weird.
Some cute bottles I saw at watson.

This is a crap entry. Thank u very much. =|

Love ya all!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm here to blog again!
I think I blog the most, among my friends. Lolz.
But I'm here to tell you gurls and guys some news!
Hmmm... It's not official...

Alda added me into a conversation with Teddy just now.
Teddy asked me if I wanted to go Professional on singing.
I was shocked.
Teddy said he has a friend, and this friend thinks he wants to promote me to be professional
cause he heard some songs of mine.
His auntie and uncle are in the entertainment circle as backstage,
and teddy said they helped Zhang Ziyi and such stars.
He say, no promises, but his friend Xiao will try his very best to be the middle man.

I'm still feeling kinda shocked.
Its impossible for them to joke with me, cause alda knows them.
And freak, I have no reason NOT to trust alda.
Whatever, I tink I shall just wait.
Any comments anyone?

Meanwhile, here are some dumb pictures to entertain =)

Piracy of tissue papers. OMG.

Lin Jun Jie's SISTER?! OMG! Sucha lookie alike!
Think quite a few ppl seen this girl before, she's Xie Zhi look alike. Xie Zhi already seen her in person, and think she's so so so so so xie zhi like. lol.
"Mommy mommy! You're home!" The mother of two was found in coma 2 secs after.

Read: These are NOT bacon strips. They are PLASTERS. BANDAGES.
Vice Versa. Woo.

Woo hoo. I'm done =)
My decision of not going out today is CORRECT.
But basically is no one ask me out la, sniff.
Have my 'relative' today.
So it's the very normal I-have-to-flip-and-turn-on-bed-buz-its-freaking-painful.
I ate a chocolate bun just now, to save myself.
Finished 2 chinese novel in 2 hours.
I'm crazy.

I'm so bored I went to record 'I still believe'. So I sang both cao ge and vivian's part.
The thing is, it ended up all right. I actually sounded rather manly.
All hail the manly cashew nut!

Am feeling all right today, other than being in pain. But everytime of the month comes, I become SO restless. And the thing is I cannot help it!

I wonder if anything I will die tomorrow, cuz I'm going to rebond my hair at Van's house. So I better don't die of blood loss.

Am sorry babies, I didn't want to gross you all out with my situation. =|
Hope everyone is feeling well today!
I was watching some Tsubasa concert clips last night, and I have to agree with a fellow blogger.
Sex is back XD LOL. Just because Tsuba is HOT. Not that Takki isn't but erh~..
But Tsubasa is like... Fatter. Is that good or bad? His body looks better now, stronger *With clothes on, you pervs!* But his face i chubbier. HAHA. Shall not complain. =X


Friday, November 24, 2006

Since I'm bored, I decided to finally reply to Hiyu Jie's Tags at Live Journal. Outof the WONDERFUL 26 letters, she die die give me the letter Z.

Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

1) Zidane - He is the first person i can think of with his 'name' starting with Z.
2) Zoo, the place where I whined to go to, and no one else wants to.
3) Zips - I realised I have to zip my mouth, cuz I crap too much sometimes.
4) Zorpia, a friendster like place which I check sometimes, for fun.
5) Zara - The place where I can never afford or she de to buy anything from, tho it's very glam.
6) Zakura, Dragon Zakura, where Pi is in the drama. =P
7) Zen zen NAI~!, Akira's denial of Shuji in nobuta wo produce, deepest impression, other than Kon. lolz.
8) Zhou Jie Lun must ting ma ma de hua.
9) Zhou Hui Min, Vivian, my childhood idol.
10) Zen creative. Me no no have =(

Yupz. LOL. See hiyu jie, jeslene can get ten things out from Z!
this is bad...
I just swallowed 2 pills of panadol for bad headaches.
This means?


I think i might really get brain cancer.
Actually i tink its just coz I tied my hair up.
Sheesh, Is my hair so weak?
Too connected with my veins or something?

I just woke up, an hour ago.
And I think I'm going back to sleep soon.
Don't think I'm going out tomorrow, Since no one messaged me or anything.

School today was monotonous... Because of Mrs Lee.
I have no idea why she's so practical about every little detail.
I think I shoot her back.
Tong says she loves me for shooting back at Mrs Lee.
But I don't remember what I say.
Zidane says maybe I'm a natural shooter.

The journey back home was very quiet.
I geuss tong wasn't feeling all right.
I got off at Tampines central,
Went to library, and saw some science center exhib.
Then went to buy some bread, go watsons, then home.
Mom says I'm crazy for wanting to eat so much bread.
I ate none of them, just bought them in case someone wants to eat.

I have no will to continue school.
the only drive I have is to see Ms Lee.
And my girls.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy 18th Birthday Pei Yun!
Don't get too siao orh. =)

School today was pretty slow as usual.
Drew lots for the CA bzc presentation. I got mine on Thurs.
My girls subsequently got Tues, Wed and Friday.
So that means we're all spreaded out! Wheeeee~
Somehow I don't get as nervous as the first time when I have to present.
Does that means I only have temporary stage fright?

I got bored when I was at home, and decided to change the layout picture.
It looks...... dull.
Speaking of at home...
HUI! I drank OREO ICE BLEND today!
=P I phy-co my brother to buy for me on his way home.

I'm pretty... tired. Have no idea why.
My neck is so de aching.

By the way ladies, latest updates:

Loreal will be having a warehouse sale at singapore expo
from Friday to Sunday
11am to 9pm

Wenqi juz messaged me the details. She's the shopping queen!


Top of the world - Not a cloud in the bishan sky!

This is the most expensive Hello Kitty in the world. It has diamonds and gems on it! It costs around 900thousand. Am going to love anyone who can buy me this. =X

And here is a picture which i think might be inaapropriate for children who stumbles upon my blog on random. But take a look my gurls, it's pretty interesting, How to have good figure!~

All rightos. This is all I have for today.

Take care ladies and lads =)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Was all right. Lol. At least i think so. I have nothing else to blog about... So yeah, here are some pictures to cheer you ladies and gents up =)

Don't bite me laaa............

How does you cat look today?

I will be bigger than Jay Chou when I grow up!

Oh man... I'm not shedding croc tears...

Snail family, with nowhere to go, have to leave their homes. =|

Please believe us when we say we're not from the same mom or dad. Thanks.

Am done. =)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A whole day of sianness...
A mad rush of project....
A vomiting Jeslene...

Uh huh, that's exactly what I meant. Lolz. Been rushing the project, that's why i didn't update. =)

Nothing much happened today. Went to bugis with tong cuz she's looking for job. I guess the interview went quite well! Glad glad glad! Saw Mrs Lee at the station, and she said she's lost. =|

Anywaes, we went cam crazie in ent period.

Aiyo. I ish getting OLD la. Cannot see cannot see ah....

I always get bullied by ah tong. =|

Carrie. being so sporty today, is a surprise. O_O

Roar! *jes manage to come out with a 'meow'*

Hui huihuihuihuihuihuihhi~! Lolz.

Yeah tt's all..

Whaddayah mean there's supposed to be more?


Am tired!


Btw, me love that background song that's playing now =)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Call me Moody.

I have no idea why I'm so moody this moment.
Look, I just read through a lady's pregnancy entries, my girls' blog and well, waiting for a new episode of a taiwanses drama.

A few hours ago I was just fine. With a capital F.

Now I'm having a shoulder-ache, a tired neck, and a moody mood.
I guess I've always been moody, but this is... bad.
I'm not even crying for anything, so why do I feel so DOWN.

My ladies are in worse situations than I am.
See, I have a pair of wonderful parents, and a bloody brother.
I have wonderful friends who cheers me up.

Gee. I'm not even going through pms right now.
Self note: Get yourself perked.

Ouch, I'm starting to think it's because of money. O.o

This is so.the.Argh.

Ventings, ignore me.

So he isn't here to console me. I haven't even heard from him since the last time he called.
Ya, the whole point of this darn relationship is supposed to be:
I'm bloody supposingly SINGLE.
And damn, I know I'm freaking right.

Right. Okay. I shall not go on about this.
I see my friends shaking their heads in confusion.
I'm alive.
I'm not kicking though.
Vivo Trip ...
Well... Comments is that its not exactly up to my expectations la. Maybe cuz there's too many shops that is the same as those in Bugis and Tamp.
But it was rather fun yesterday.
So here are some photos:
I know i look like a retard.

Liying and Me.

Yan decided to try to have fun in the water...

Whiched turned our pretty retarded, because she dipped only one foot in, so yeah.

This is how a ghost looks like.

Do re mi~

Liying, Liyan and Li-nono, Ruiwen lolz.

I look pretty weird.

Look closely dear, enlarge it if you like, this is a CROC shoe. The holey and clownish lookie shoe! Came from a competition!

Another pair, but the one which got first wasn't really nice, it's juz normal croc shoes but the artise craved patterns on them. It's green and just... craved.

Some random candid outside Zara.

These sweet wooden things come from a shop call Mother dunnoe wad. Lol.

Yan and Tong was thrilled by the fact that Burger King Meal is walking around in vivo.

Onion Rings in action! Well, it's kinda stupid but hahaha...

At ben and Jerry! Ah tong looking pretty........ C00l, is that the word to describe it? Lol.


Explain to me again why is there a Moo Moo behind us.

A Reira/Trapnest Wallpaper I did before I went off to vivo. Based on the new PV of NANA2, Truth. The revalance of the PV to the manga was quite great. In the manga, the PV that stars Reira has the girl dressed in wedding gown. And in the manga, Reira and Shin both wears a red ruby ring on their little fingers after they broke off because of Reira's red thread on lil finger theory.

I guess that's why Ito Yuna is wearing a red dress here.

Went swimming just now. And sauna, and steam room. I wonder if Im fatter or thinner. Lolz. I reserved a dress that costs on 28bucks. Tong thinks it's pretty. I'm wearing that for my cousin's wedding on dec.

I need money man.


Take care dears. I'm pretty tired.