Thursday, January 29, 2009

Updates before I get too lazy to do any!

Managed to get pictures from Cheryl's cam yesterday.
So here it goes!

Reunion on Saturday:

I love poles.

My camera got stuck into the pole!
Talk about opposite attracts yo.

My Big Aunt, aka Cheryl's Mum.
Loads of people say we look alike.

Cheryl, Kor & I.
I look freaking skinny!

CNY Day 1:

I went visiting at my Ah Mah's place!
I stayed till around 7pm before going to meet wilson for a movie.
I watched The Wedding Game.
Not too bad actually. But a little lame lah.

Laptops are meant for webcamwhoring.

So here comes Ting & I!

My ever so handsome brother =X

Ting's puppy!
Yes he is a PUPPY!
But he went around humping jia liang's dog =\

CNY Day 2:

Visiting at Big Uncle's place!
Watched CJ7,
sang a whole load of karaoke!
Ate like a pig!

After which, I cabbed home and went out for dinner with Leaking, Raymund & Brenson shortly after.
Had Jap Village!
I'm a happy girl!

My youngest cousin, Issac!
Why do kids grow so fast?!


I wanna bring it home =((

Xiao Yi, My small aunt's second child.

My family, and my very joyful small uncle.

My dearest cousin, Cheryl & I.
Yes I wore HOT PINK YO!
New year what.

Me love Issac!
He loves giving high 5!
So freaking cute lah!
But he is shy =((
I'm like the oldest jie jie in the room alrd.
When I'm 40, Issac is just going to be 20!


Oh well.

I went visiting Yan's house yesterday.
Her mummy's having a backache lo, poor thing lah!
Oh and her brother's fish gave birth!
The baby fishes looked like...



Had dinner at downtown again with Yan and joined by Steven.
Jap rocks =D

All right now.

Yesterday I got a message from someone who disappeared from my life 2 months plus ago.
And that person asked me to forgive.
I have no idea who what how when.

Till I get other pictures!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little late but who cares -


<3 Jeslene

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I actually haev tons of things to update but I'm like so so tired these days!
Been sleeping at 4am and waking up a few hours later for school.
That explains my unglam pimple.

But anyway.
I had reunion dinner today!
Buffet steam boat.

Here's a few pictures to entertain, till I upload more!


The steamboat is solo to solo...
So no worries about having to fight for food hahaha!



Andd randomly, my babes at chomp =D

I cannot tahan.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sleepless nights lately.
But due to these sleepless nights I got to know a few more friends.

But now Im so drained, I think I better sleep.

I made Vaal's bdae rose my wallpaper =P

I missed listening to Lavien Rose aka My Life in Pink.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Too many photos!


Vaal's Birthday & Surprise PJ Party!

We went to Manhattan Fish for lunch, then surprised her by booking a hotel room and having a PJ party!
We've been talking about having a PJP since decades, and finally!

Happy birthday girl!

Blind folded and brought to the hotel.

Kel then drove the rest of us to Chinatown, where I bought my PJ and towards RE Hotel.

Decorated alrd!
With tons of pink balloons on the floor!

And the ladies!

I looked so manly.

And the girl came in, SURPRISE!

Trick candles HOHOHO!

Happy vaal!

And crazy Kathy.

Yup that's about it.

Met up with B today.
Misses yo!
Its always good to know someone you care for misses you as well.

I have an abused butt.

Oh, and I went night shopping with Tong, Leaking and Raymund.
Me got the wedges I wanted =D

Okay now.
I better study.


Never regretted following you, or being followed by you on the first day of school.
Cause I made a great friend since then!
I love you loads loads loads!



Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Rot it out man.


I'm so mean.
I feel like a wicked witch with a sprained neck.
How unglam.

But oh well.
There are times I need to burst out also lah.
Like you know, B not answering my sms, think he's dead asleep.
Bff so busy until his pants drop he also won't know. (No gab don't kill me)
And my dearest jie-s emo here and there...

Why ain't I emo-ing!

But no matter how harsh my words are, im still that silly jes.


Eating happy meal now.
The toy is like...

Old school.
Some basketball game.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back from the doc.
TY to yien who went with me.

Doc said it was a muscle strain.
But man it hurts like hell whenever I tried to get up or lie down.

can still move like a normal human but not tilting my head.
So I took mc today.
I mean, do you expect me to go to queenstown from tampines with this neck of mine?

Something glad is that my ai mai ai mai menses is doing fine.
Cramps gone down and now I'm feeling much better.
Just that my medication causes drowsiness and that's how I'm feeling now.
I'm not pregs yo!

I miss my babes badly.
But if I went to school today they'll make me laugh till my neck dislocate, most prob.

I wonder what shall I do now.

Eat shit sleep?

I better choose sleep.


I hate having cramps with a sprained neck.

Oh. Ho.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lee Jeslene.
How did you managed to be become like THIS?

I woke up being feverish.
I napped in the afternoon after medication.
I woke up and went for a shower, thinking I could head down to buy lunch (it was like 4pm)
But in the shower, I suddenly felt a strain on my neck and it soon hurt like no one's biz.

I think I slept in a wrong position.

Okay never mind.
I couldn't tilt my head.
I couldn't turn to the left or extreme right.
Couldn't even shrug my shoulders.
It'll make me groan in pain.

Okay right.

I soon discovered something is not right with my body.

And not exactly a smooth one.
Ai mai ai mai.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If one day I would to leave you behind.
Like what you ever did to me.
How would you react?

What between us may no longer be what it could be.
I'll no longer be yours and yours only.

Its been long enough.
I've been thinking long enough too.

But my decision always melts in your eyes.
The moment you said

"I miss you."

Tell me what to do.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

All the random photos stuck in my handphone.
I better get some batteries so that my cam will start working again.
I wondered what took me so long hahaha!
I guess with the thought 'My phonecam can be as good', I wouldn't get new batteries.


The sunshine rocks.

In Unicampus toilet.

I was at Ehub with Yan yesterday after heading to the Library with Kailin.

And we saw this Fortune God thing that "showers" 4D numbers.
I was taking this photo at the back of area when this stupid 4D number flew and SLASHED my boobs.

So maybe it will you know, come out?
Buy lah?


My bestie who is going to fly to Aus on the 16th of Feb.
My mixed emotions.

Had superdog for dinner, and I tried to take picture of the ferris wheel behind me.

Maaaan I'll miss this girl so so much!

Super dog!

And the grilled fish burger.
Not very nice actually.

Did I mentioned that we went to Seoul Garden for our 4hours break on wed?

Nono, we didn't eat this!
This is the aftermath!
We dared each other to take a spoonful of the soup.
For like 10bucks?

My vaal and I, on Kel's car.


Count on Kathy to camwhore on both sides.
She's taking a picture with her camera, but smiling at mine.


mooooooooooooore fooooooooooood!

We headed for arcade after.
4hours well spent.
Took puri as well but I haven't scanned.

Im waiting for the nonya thing.