Thursday, January 01, 2009

Some random updates...
I just woke up around 7 after I told everyone I'm going to sleep at 2pm.
Now that i'm awake, I'm getting sleepy after dinner again.
So how did I spend my new year...

Oh well.
I didn't know it was 2009 already until someone hugged me randomly in the club.
The music was damn good last night but I couldn't enjoy much.
Moreover I was so sober I convinced myself to vomit so that I stay even more sober.
So yeah, my vomit is purple. Cranberry mixers.

Oh well.

My friend's chinchilla!
So cute right!

Randomly taken when I was on my way to town.

With leaking before heading for dinner with Wei Chun.
Leaking came to my house to chill haha.


Glow stick bracelet from party packs...

Stole the others from Sam's fb.

My hair is so so so copperish.

Watch sam fiddle with the party hat.

I was like damn tired around 4am?
Then Weichun decided I should go so he came and drove me back to my friend's place to crash.
I got home around 11am, sam updated about the situation after I went home yesterday and at 2pm I KO-ED!

And now I'm tired all over again.
Oh well.

Better go to slp.

TY to all who took care of me.
I knew I was tipsy, I just didn't go around kissing and cuddling.
Okay, I think I did =\


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