Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Too many photos!


Vaal's Birthday & Surprise PJ Party!

We went to Manhattan Fish for lunch, then surprised her by booking a hotel room and having a PJ party!
We've been talking about having a PJP since decades, and finally!

Happy birthday girl!

Blind folded and brought to the hotel.

Kel then drove the rest of us to Chinatown, where I bought my PJ and towards RE Hotel.

Decorated alrd!
With tons of pink balloons on the floor!

And the ladies!

I looked so manly.

And the girl came in, SURPRISE!

Trick candles HOHOHO!

Happy vaal!

And crazy Kathy.

Yup that's about it.

Met up with B today.
Misses yo!
Its always good to know someone you care for misses you as well.

I have an abused butt.

Oh, and I went night shopping with Tong, Leaking and Raymund.
Me got the wedges I wanted =D

Okay now.
I better study.

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