Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back from the doc.
TY to yien who went with me.

Doc said it was a muscle strain.
But man it hurts like hell whenever I tried to get up or lie down.

can still move like a normal human but not tilting my head.
So I took mc today.
I mean, do you expect me to go to queenstown from tampines with this neck of mine?

Something glad is that my ai mai ai mai menses is doing fine.
Cramps gone down and now I'm feeling much better.
Just that my medication causes drowsiness and that's how I'm feeling now.
I'm not pregs yo!

I miss my babes badly.
But if I went to school today they'll make me laugh till my neck dislocate, most prob.

I wonder what shall I do now.

Eat shit sleep?

I better choose sleep.


I hate having cramps with a sprained neck.

Oh. Ho.

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