Thursday, January 29, 2009

Updates before I get too lazy to do any!

Managed to get pictures from Cheryl's cam yesterday.
So here it goes!

Reunion on Saturday:

I love poles.

My camera got stuck into the pole!
Talk about opposite attracts yo.

My Big Aunt, aka Cheryl's Mum.
Loads of people say we look alike.

Cheryl, Kor & I.
I look freaking skinny!

CNY Day 1:

I went visiting at my Ah Mah's place!
I stayed till around 7pm before going to meet wilson for a movie.
I watched The Wedding Game.
Not too bad actually. But a little lame lah.

Laptops are meant for webcamwhoring.

So here comes Ting & I!

My ever so handsome brother =X

Ting's puppy!
Yes he is a PUPPY!
But he went around humping jia liang's dog =\

CNY Day 2:

Visiting at Big Uncle's place!
Watched CJ7,
sang a whole load of karaoke!
Ate like a pig!

After which, I cabbed home and went out for dinner with Leaking, Raymund & Brenson shortly after.
Had Jap Village!
I'm a happy girl!

My youngest cousin, Issac!
Why do kids grow so fast?!


I wanna bring it home =((

Xiao Yi, My small aunt's second child.

My family, and my very joyful small uncle.

My dearest cousin, Cheryl & I.
Yes I wore HOT PINK YO!
New year what.

Me love Issac!
He loves giving high 5!
So freaking cute lah!
But he is shy =((
I'm like the oldest jie jie in the room alrd.
When I'm 40, Issac is just going to be 20!


Oh well.

I went visiting Yan's house yesterday.
Her mummy's having a backache lo, poor thing lah!
Oh and her brother's fish gave birth!
The baby fishes looked like...



Had dinner at downtown again with Yan and joined by Steven.
Jap rocks =D

All right now.

Yesterday I got a message from someone who disappeared from my life 2 months plus ago.
And that person asked me to forgive.
I have no idea who what how when.

Till I get other pictures!

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