Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009 people!

Hope you guys has a fruitful countdown!
Cause I was clubbing at Rebel.
And some of my friends got all drunk.
I spent the whole night taking care of them.

So no,
I nv dance much.

Sam poured a drink over me and now my handphone doesn't really works.
Im sticky all over, and my heels are black due to overstepping on my toes in the club.

Music was great, just too bad I didn't dance as much.
Thanks to Weichun who drove me to and fro =)

Oh I vomitted twice.
I was damn sober but I told myself I better vomit out, if not it'll be more uncomfy.
I saw loads of wasted people along the roads and all.
Like whao.
I left at 4am cause I was feeling very tired taking care of the drunks.
I was half carrying her around the club.
Okay, so did sam lah.

I'm still sober.
But I'm tired.
Unlike sam who slept from 6am, I didn't sleep much.

So now I shall rest.


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