Thursday, March 30, 2006

Im kinda lazy to update actually, but might as well lolz....

Putting on mask now, lol, juz like yan, juz tt mine is whitening mask, cuz tomolo going to wild wild wet again, I nid more whitening. lol....

Yesterday went to Yan's house, but before that, we went to Kbox. Actually it's juz me and kailin, the reason being: Yan is tired, and Ching totally forgot we're suppsoed to go out yesterday. She FORGOT ya know. I called and called her, cuz i was afraid that she was still sleeping, and she did that that day we went to jurong east swimming complex, so i got shadows of the past. Lolz... But after calling nine times, not counting those I hung up half way, she still din call back... So we called her house and she was still at HOME.

Fine, so we went to sing kbox, i dunnoe why but two ppl can really be high enough to get themselves crazie lolz. I mean it.

So okays, we went to meet ching at tampines mrt, and she explained that she FORGOT about the 'date' we're having, and she on-ed her fone into silent mode, isn't tt great? LOL. Then before we went to yan's house we started some shopping, no should be I started shopping and I fraged them along. Lol, Ching and kai ending up buyin things too, lolz... By the time we got to yan's house, she was asleep, cuz waited too long for us wahhas.

We played Sims 2! It's quite fun, but a lil more stupider and complicated compared to the sims and its expansions. While we were designing the charcs, we alwaus end up laughing.

TARUS is the most COLORED among the 12 horoscopes! *stares at yan*



Monday, March 27, 2006

Argh I spent a freakingh 2hours to finish up this piece of revamp crap. +.+ I think i got too influenced by Yan and roman, who changed their blog skin. But im rather happy Im done with this, lolz.

Nothing much, just coming on to put a post to show off my blog skin ahahhaha. Ignoration. There's still a few html errors here and there, like the scroll bar... but im lazy to fix it, next time. I'vebeen staring at the whole thing long enough for me to die.

Skin info: The lady: Mika Nakishima *i think lol the nam I forgot how to spell*
Stock pic: The one i used for fallen leaf. Lolz... And Mika was manipped onto the stock pic.

SO! That meant!!! My photoshop is BACCCCCCCCCK!



Ignoration number 2. lol.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Went to wild wild wet today! With Yan, Ching and Kai... =)

Yan and I were lat... Lolz... Cuz we were walking to downtown east instead of taking a bus or something. Ching and Kai already there waiting le... But the side gates were CLOSED! Ah.... So we find the smaller entrance and quickly walked in... It was really sunny today, glad. Because if it was raining, I'll die, it was indeed raining in the morning lo...

Ching Ling is always so slow in "stripping" her clothes to her swimming coustume lolz. YAY... Went to start with the wave pool.. The wave like no wave like tt lol. Then went to play the slides~ The o lala lol... 5ppl that one... We were screaming, cuz the lifeguard poured water on us! So coooold! Then she hear us scream, she pour more >_<

Then went to the cycling monorail or something... Lol... Heights =.= Is something that I totally afraid of. +.+ I remember that time go fullerton hotel, then the glasspanel there look down from 40floors is... eek. Then ze kept pushing me towards there somemore.

But kailin and ching and yan played tt samsung thing somemore! They so li hai! I see heights I diao diao liao...

After wildwildwet, we quickly took a taxi back to tampines, cuz yan is working at 4pm. Ching and I went to burger King for lunch, then back to cottage pies again! but before that we went to take pictures, but I lazy to scan. lol. Yan was still there hardworking-ly working hahaha... Ching ah, she ah... Dug the ice out of my ice water to put in the latte!! And almost let kai lin eat my cheezy hearts! And Im the one who finished the latte in the end cuz they think it's too bitter! =.=

Some pics.... from my fone~
taken while waiting for bus... I thought this position looks like this pic:

Thank you to Ching ling who was so co-operative! ^^

While we were at the prints shop, Kailin and I took a pic together, but the first one ended up like this:

If you look at me, it's kinda certain I did not shake my phone cam! But what happened to this picture?!!

Took a second one and it looks so much better, but the pervious one is... scary. *Brr*

Taken at cottage pies, by miss kai lin, on the WANTED girl Ker Ching Ling, for digging up my ice. LOL.

Okay, Im done with updated. LOlz... Got to go eat breakfast now, I spent 1 whole day to update this blog entry -.-

Monday, March 20, 2006

Today I went out with sabrina, to sing k. Lolz. She very siao siao~ I took pics with her too, but I haven't scan in, so... next time ba!

After tt, at 4, went to work... With yan the blur sotong. Lolz. She ah... really blur, give ppl wrong change somemore!~ lolz! And forget this and tt, nvm, yan, you just start nia, I dun kill u, plus th fact mother-in-law got come, so i better be nice to you. Lolz. My mum bought rice for us too!

At night after we're done with most things... two ladies walked into the shop and STEP on my MOPPED floor. The floor is still very wet somemore! And they nv say they having here! Then still drop flakes of pastry here and there. Grr. Then got irritating mosquito! Keep flying around, until yan and I have to be like, counterstrike, one take sheldox and one take water spray, and on alert mode! BUT, still didn't kill it. Eeks, it bit my knee somemore, not much blood there still wanna suck.

To Yan: Your blog skin looks pretty nice in my resolution, and it fits just nice. And erh, that guy who chase me and drives u remember? he's reliefing in SIGLAP SEC. eeeek.

I changed alot these days, after certain friendship incidents, and certain stress... I changed. So much even I cannot believe. I snap at ppl. I... wel;l, yan ask me not to be angry about the two ladies who stepped into the shop on my wet floor, mentioned above, and i said: Don't care about me, Im not bu shuanging about you.

Seriously, why would such a small matter make me say such words? Somehow Im just too irritated by the fact that I have to go with other ppl's ways, and i think it's time to get my way, but only ah ze will go along with me la, lolz. I think wan ying is irritated with me, cuz i refused to go escape theme park tomolo. It's..... boring. And she called at nite say go wild wild wet, but i told her if yen is not going im not going, cuz i will feel left out. She doesn't understands, cuz when you leave someone out, the onli one who will feel awkward about it was the one who was left out.

I nid to work on my english, speaking too much of chinese these days. damn that ze.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's a long time since I updated... but let me say something:

My Jap wind is baaaaaaaaack.

Which leads to: AKIRA/YAMAPI Craze.


And sooo.... Im always reminded by ppl, kattun's album is going to be out real soon, 22nd. I think Real Face is quite nice, tho Zheng ling doesn't thinks so... Maybe I should change it to my blog music, lol, or yamapi's colourful.

Before I go on and on about Pi-Chan, I shall summerize...

I went to meet ze.
I bought a tankiini and it's loads cute.
I'm PMS-ing
I go crazy
Im going for a swim soon
I quited my job, or maybe not. =.=

That's all,.

LOL. Im tired... soooo ya, =) JYANE~

Friday, March 10, 2006

Decided to update the blog since my brother is still using the bathroom.

Yesterday, loads of terrible things happened. I went out with my family in the afternoon, to bugis. It started out great la, but the weather was darn hot. Lol. I bought alots of things home, really did some intensive shopping. Lol... I bought a pair of slippers, it's really cute! Even my dad likes it Lol. Hmm... Two mangas, Cleo mag, a bag... Then we took an mrt back to Tampines...

BUT! Before the train reached Tanah Merah... A fight broke out! A woman was being kicked and punched by another woman, and her boyfriend joined the fight to hit that same woman! It's like, two against one!! The other people in the train scattered away from the scene *it was just a metre away from me* And one called for the driver. Man, it was terrible, the woman was screaming: You think you're so beautiful? My mom said the woman who started the fight kicked the other one first, and thus all the crap. And the man ought to be thrown down the train! He should had stopped his girlfriend! Why the hell did he join the fight for! Everyone in the train was shaking their heads at the man. And my mum couldn't stop shaking hers either.

Okay, the end of the incident, we reached Tampines pretty soon after, and went to a couple of places like watsons and ntuc, before heading to TS. I found out my membership card still can be used, although I lost the card already, but can use my IC number. lol. I was very tempted, cause my mom bought Huo Yuan Jia, so I just said, I want to buy VCD also! I bought E Mo Zai Sheng Bian~~~~ YAY~

The cashier was scolded by the senior. It was like, she was snapping at her! When we walked out, my dad said that she shouldn't do that, she could just had told her nicely, but she pratically yelled in front of the customers, tsk tsk.

At home... I watched XXXholic the movie. It was kinda spooky. But Yuuko is still as cool as ever, even facing a crazy collector that collects COLLECTORS.

After that watched E Mo Zai Sheng Bian... Until Disc 9 I think... My conclusion is that...

1)He jun xiang is so shuai!
2)wang chuan yi looks like lee ming shun
3)the both of them talks so much like ah ze =.=

No wonder yen said the three of them looks alike. I don't think they look alike, I think they TALK alike. Lolz.

Done, my brother is out of the bathroom, off I go into the shower, ja ne!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I feel neglected.

I decided.

I shall never organised anything from now on.

If no one ask me out, I would not ask them out either.

I know im a bitch.

But all i know now I that I cannot trust anyone.

My life is downright fucked up.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yessssssssh. After so long I decided to update lol.
Welloz, Went out with Yan and Ching to swim on Tuesday... Hot sun! I arrived at the meeting place at 8am sharp. Called Yan and I got a reply:

"I still at home!"


Okkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, S I took the train to Pasir Ris, while calling Ching Ling, cause Yan said she MIGHT be still sleeping. And you know what, agter thre or four tries, Ching's mom picked up the phone, and she INDEED was still sleeping. AHH. Why did I ever wake up sp early for... T^T

So went out of the station, saw Yan outside the station, so we went to get something to eat and drink at Cottage Pies WS, ka jiao Sabrina and Ah Chuang auntie. ^^ I was so sian until I went to wash plates and help sell things. =.= Finally Ching arrived. So we set off to swim! Not in the trains dear, =.=/;

Yan almost TRAMPLED off the train! Cuz she thought we're suppsoed to get off at Jurong East station *We're going to Jurong East Swimming Complex* But she should know lo, we've been there so many times! And her Wushu competitions also there! We're suppsoed to get off at Chinese Garden!

Yan: OMG! Quick get off the train!
Me: *Pulls yan back* We're getting off at Chinese garden stupid.
Ching: From O____O to ~.~ to XD
Yan: Huh isit?! >///< Don't laugh le lah!
Me: XD

Ching die die dun wanna change into her swimsuit =.= We forced her and she's almost crazie. Lol... We started with the lazy pool, yan and ching went crazie. I just watched them lol. Actually wanna play the slides next, but wave pool start to have waves le, so we run there~ And I almost dorwned LOL. Cuz my swimming skills is =.= And ching is short enough to get swallowed by the waves. Lolz... After the 'tsunami' we saw alot of 'victims' on the 'beach' *actually they are just sun tanning* Yan and ching went to play the slides while I watched. Then wanted to go jacuzzi, but got a few stupid guys there, pointing and laughing. Siao.

After swimming we ate lunch at KFC... then so tired we pratically dragged our feets on the way to the mrt station. Took the train back to Tampines, went for a lil shopping, then I went to ching's hosue to lend Full House... Not too bad the show, but im still not attracted to Rain. Lol.

Okie... Im hungry, havem't eaten breakfast yet. >_<