Monday, March 27, 2006

Argh I spent a freakingh 2hours to finish up this piece of revamp crap. +.+ I think i got too influenced by Yan and roman, who changed their blog skin. But im rather happy Im done with this, lolz.

Nothing much, just coming on to put a post to show off my blog skin ahahhaha. Ignoration. There's still a few html errors here and there, like the scroll bar... but im lazy to fix it, next time. I'vebeen staring at the whole thing long enough for me to die.

Skin info: The lady: Mika Nakishima *i think lol the nam I forgot how to spell*
Stock pic: The one i used for fallen leaf. Lolz... And Mika was manipped onto the stock pic.

SO! That meant!!! My photoshop is BACCCCCCCCCK!



Ignoration number 2. lol.

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