Friday, March 10, 2006

Decided to update the blog since my brother is still using the bathroom.

Yesterday, loads of terrible things happened. I went out with my family in the afternoon, to bugis. It started out great la, but the weather was darn hot. Lol. I bought alots of things home, really did some intensive shopping. Lol... I bought a pair of slippers, it's really cute! Even my dad likes it Lol. Hmm... Two mangas, Cleo mag, a bag... Then we took an mrt back to Tampines...

BUT! Before the train reached Tanah Merah... A fight broke out! A woman was being kicked and punched by another woman, and her boyfriend joined the fight to hit that same woman! It's like, two against one!! The other people in the train scattered away from the scene *it was just a metre away from me* And one called for the driver. Man, it was terrible, the woman was screaming: You think you're so beautiful? My mom said the woman who started the fight kicked the other one first, and thus all the crap. And the man ought to be thrown down the train! He should had stopped his girlfriend! Why the hell did he join the fight for! Everyone in the train was shaking their heads at the man. And my mum couldn't stop shaking hers either.

Okay, the end of the incident, we reached Tampines pretty soon after, and went to a couple of places like watsons and ntuc, before heading to TS. I found out my membership card still can be used, although I lost the card already, but can use my IC number. lol. I was very tempted, cause my mom bought Huo Yuan Jia, so I just said, I want to buy VCD also! I bought E Mo Zai Sheng Bian~~~~ YAY~

The cashier was scolded by the senior. It was like, she was snapping at her! When we walked out, my dad said that she shouldn't do that, she could just had told her nicely, but she pratically yelled in front of the customers, tsk tsk.

At home... I watched XXXholic the movie. It was kinda spooky. But Yuuko is still as cool as ever, even facing a crazy collector that collects COLLECTORS.

After that watched E Mo Zai Sheng Bian... Until Disc 9 I think... My conclusion is that...

1)He jun xiang is so shuai!
2)wang chuan yi looks like lee ming shun
3)the both of them talks so much like ah ze =.=

No wonder yen said the three of them looks alike. I don't think they look alike, I think they TALK alike. Lolz.

Done, my brother is out of the bathroom, off I go into the shower, ja ne!

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