Thursday, March 23, 2006

Went to wild wild wet today! With Yan, Ching and Kai... =)

Yan and I were lat... Lolz... Cuz we were walking to downtown east instead of taking a bus or something. Ching and Kai already there waiting le... But the side gates were CLOSED! Ah.... So we find the smaller entrance and quickly walked in... It was really sunny today, glad. Because if it was raining, I'll die, it was indeed raining in the morning lo...

Ching Ling is always so slow in "stripping" her clothes to her swimming coustume lolz. YAY... Went to start with the wave pool.. The wave like no wave like tt lol. Then went to play the slides~ The o lala lol... 5ppl that one... We were screaming, cuz the lifeguard poured water on us! So coooold! Then she hear us scream, she pour more >_<

Then went to the cycling monorail or something... Lol... Heights =.= Is something that I totally afraid of. +.+ I remember that time go fullerton hotel, then the glasspanel there look down from 40floors is... eek. Then ze kept pushing me towards there somemore.

But kailin and ching and yan played tt samsung thing somemore! They so li hai! I see heights I diao diao liao...

After wildwildwet, we quickly took a taxi back to tampines, cuz yan is working at 4pm. Ching and I went to burger King for lunch, then back to cottage pies again! but before that we went to take pictures, but I lazy to scan. lol. Yan was still there hardworking-ly working hahaha... Ching ah, she ah... Dug the ice out of my ice water to put in the latte!! And almost let kai lin eat my cheezy hearts! And Im the one who finished the latte in the end cuz they think it's too bitter! =.=

Some pics.... from my fone~
taken while waiting for bus... I thought this position looks like this pic:

Thank you to Ching ling who was so co-operative! ^^

While we were at the prints shop, Kailin and I took a pic together, but the first one ended up like this:

If you look at me, it's kinda certain I did not shake my phone cam! But what happened to this picture?!!

Took a second one and it looks so much better, but the pervious one is... scary. *Brr*

Taken at cottage pies, by miss kai lin, on the WANTED girl Ker Ching Ling, for digging up my ice. LOL.

Okay, Im done with updated. LOlz... Got to go eat breakfast now, I spent 1 whole day to update this blog entry -.-

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