Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's a long time since I updated... but let me say something:

My Jap wind is baaaaaaaaack.

Which leads to: AKIRA/YAMAPI Craze.


And sooo.... Im always reminded by ppl, kattun's album is going to be out real soon, 22nd. I think Real Face is quite nice, tho Zheng ling doesn't thinks so... Maybe I should change it to my blog music, lol, or yamapi's colourful.

Before I go on and on about Pi-Chan, I shall summerize...

I went to meet ze.
I bought a tankiini and it's loads cute.
I'm PMS-ing
I go crazy
Im going for a swim soon
I quited my job, or maybe not. =.=

That's all,.

LOL. Im tired... soooo ya, =) JYANE~

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