Saturday, October 28, 2006

Actually wasn't planning to go out today. But in the end, I went out for some short shopping at tampines area with my mom and my grandma. Visiting CP, return keys. Jane is like, skinner? Cannot la. She gets thinner everytime! Going to be skeleton soon. Yan looks slightly more energized. Lolz. Gathered the whole lot of CDs I've placed there and decides to bring it home.

Went metro for a while. I don't know what popo wanna find la. Lolz. But I saw this dress, so so nice! 60bucks. So I went ka jiao my mum. She says wait for my 4d! As usual. Wahas. Nothing much to say. Lolz.

So here are some pictures!

Took on that day I went bugis with my kor and his friends. Jeng loon! WOOT!
And my retarded kor. Wahaas.
Taken today. And that's my popo all right. Lol. She looks pretty frightened. Hahaha~ But she gave 2bucks to them.

And this is a picture of me in CP. Doesn't look like CP yes. So i just did some colouring. Lol. I'm bored.

I came up with a new song. Part of its lyrics are like this:




I'm done! Woot.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

La... Lalala~

I'm in a rather sleepy mood now, but I guess I should update before I fall into the arms of takkilala land.

It's quite of a boring day today, as usual. Other than being boring, it's extremely HOT, the weather la! I forked out for classfund, so I'm really broke. Then my ezlink card ran out of money. T^T so I have to top up 5bucks. I predicted my mum will nag me about topping up so frequently, and she did la. Just now only. Carrie was half smiling cuz I told her earlier this will come if I told my mum about my card.

As soon as I reached bishan, Hui2 complaint to me about certain women who puts on make up on the bus, and then keep their make up in a PLASTIC BAG. Not forgetting yawning and sneezing without covering their mouths nor a word of apology.

The campus was rather blustling with secondary school students. The coucillors and all taken a full day approved leave, i guess it's cause they have to guide the students! But Bishan Campus, what to see? Simei I can understand, but bishan? The only attraction - the fishes and frogs are like, gone! And why do I see ACS students in our campus?!! ACS students, in ITE?!! What a........ rare sight.

Carrie's pretty sick of me talking to animals and even non-living things like my plushie banana/afredie. Hui and I were observing a huge snail near our first period classroom. Hui2 was saying, he like don't know where to go leh...

I squatted down and stared. "Hmm~ where do you want to go?" Yes yes, I was talking to the snail. At least maryanne said it kinda responded actually it was just continuing to crawl across.

We went to the library during break. Since it's two hours, I managed to read through a book that teaches cafe beverages and food, and also a very useful make up guidebook. The other four of the gang were going berserk over english novels while I sat peacefully on the chair, broswing. Finally noticing what they were doing, I was terrified to see so many books piling up on the seat beside me.

Well well well~

Carrie came to my house to watch my boss my hero, and Yan came to buy an old textbook *which is super new cause my brother hardly flips through, but yet gets good result. Darn.*


I guess that's all. I'm lazy to plug in my bluetooth and update pictures.

*stares at the teabag in my cup, and starts mumbling about donations.*

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am. BORED.

Tong is like, currently complaining why nobody updated their blogs. I wanna update only at home later, but I guess I shall update for the sake of saving my boredom. Actually this period isn't that boring la. We have beloved mr foong...

Ey, it's not that I dun wanna update okay, it's that you guys don't tag me wahahhas!

I went out with my brother, and his friends yesterday. To where? BUGIS, again. I guess Josephone saw me, she's like you go out with guys! Yeah, i went out with three guys and one happened to my blood brother. Haha. But going out with them is all right la, the fact that we can chat easily.

Finally went to eat the dim sum. Seng eng they all like waaa Jes u eat so much. XD

Reaslied on the train I couldn't sleep tpday. I have no idea, esp when I'm so tired. So i just scanned around the cabin. I was like:"Hmmm this guy must have no wife or girlfriend, the shirt so crumpled..." abd erh, the two guys beside me squashed me, one stinks and one is practically leaning on me soon.

On the train from cityhall to bishan, this man sitting opposite me die die kept starring, even if I tried ignoring. I closed my eyes, then snapped them open very suddenly because his freaking stare is unbearable. He got a shock! Practically jumped on his seat. Ha, serves him. *shrugs*

After Seng eng and my bro;s influence I went to try out Yahoo! Taiwan. It's something erh... like friendster la. Just that it's all in chinese. Kinda fun, just that I'm a lil sua gu. Got 17messages le still didn't know. Snaooped around then realised, ah~

Okay, shall end off here. this is kinda long already all rights?

I updated!



Monday, October 23, 2006

We ended early today, well, not exactly. 12pm. Mr foong makes me wanna sleep, better nevertheless, ISP's beloved. We went to Bugis to eat... Disappointing tho, the dimsum store isn't open. We settled for wanton mee, and went home after that, Was really tired.

Tong came to my house just now, and she practically slept an hour off, on my computer chair. Lol. After she went for her night lessons, I started reading my archives... And i redid this quiz.

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 8.1
Mind: 7.3
Body: 8.4
Spirit: 7.3
Friends/Family: 5.9
Love: 6.9
Finance: 7.6
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Last year, my life rating was 8.8. Reduced!!! Ahhhhh~

And I have some discoveries of past quizes I did.

Although the name Jeslene creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it limits self-expression and friendly congeniality with a moody disposition. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the heart, lungs, bronchial area, worry, and mental tension.Your first name of Jeslene has given you a rather quiet, reserved, serious, studious nature. You have sensitivity and appreciation for the finer and deeper things of life, the beauties of nature, music, art, and literature. The people who mean the most to you are those who can offer you intellectual companionship. It is only when you are among those who understand your deeper nature that you can really be yourself. The experience of having your remarks taken lightly or belittled, particularly during the early years of your life, has caused you to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. You do not express yourself spontaneously when conversing with others; hence other people may often regard you as being aloof, and even unfriendly.

All right, I said it was kinda true.

I saw my last year christmas list too! AND MAN. I really dun have much wishes. I strike off those tt is fufilled ah........

1. My friends and family to be happy and healthy always *hugs* (ARE YOU GUYS?!)
2. A couple of boots, I'm going a lil crazie for those these days. (NO MONEY!)
3. A black Acoustic guitar - it's costing on 60bucks at my music sch ^^;; (NONE! >_<) 4. A new handphone, desperately in need for it, why? because my old one is dying!
5. Performances - Singing oppounities
6. A smile to be with me always
7. A gathering with the closest friends of mine
8. The someone who understands me inside out to stay happy (Well, are you guys?)
9. The someone to appear on christmas and dance on the christmas tree in Taka *LOL* (Like this is impossible LO.)
10. CDs and VCDs~ [56's gai ban, instrumentals, GDTW vcd etc~] (erhhhhh half half baa)

I know this entry is kinda boring. Im kinda lazy to update. I finished revamping my friendster profile. Pinkish, like my Zorpia one. =)

Studio photo number 2!!!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

I pratically slacked today woo~ Okay la. Cause Kailin couldn't go for the Kbox trip, so thinking that only Ching and I go Kbox, I canceled the trip. Made my way to Tampines Central to buy some materials with ChinYen, since she wanted to buy some things too. Sent Yvonne off to work, meanwhile getting 25% discount on KFC cause of her. Heee~

Yen is like, extremely high today. No idea why. But I guess I'm high too. High until i have no idea what I can do now.

I feel like taking up photography as a side career track. Ze kinda influenced me, I'm like, side tracking already. Lolz. Weirdly, both of us love music yet likes photography. I want to do Studio Photography! Yen is taking up Make-up Courses. She can do studio makeup and I can do studio photography, open a makeover agency or something ahhaa~

I'm not kidding about studio photography, I mean, look! I took a photo of myself! I have adobe photoshop to brighten up the picture, but other than that, it's the camera angle.

I love this pic! Maybe on people birthday I can make a voucher that lists:"Free makeover and photography."

Okay, that's dumb, but I really feel like experimenting on someone. Zidane tops my list wahahaha~

Speaking of which, I'm done with Hui's pressie. Woooooot~

Run ah~

Friday, October 20, 2006

Still going to say this:


Lessons are kinda stupid today. We practically did nothing, because all the projects will rush to us in hecticness next week. Well well well~ At least we decided on the business already...

I hope Huihui had fun today! Belated on MONDAY! ^^ But wad's so irritating it's Monday have got S and W. Argh!!!

Pictures pictures~
The four of us! ^^ Because of rebelious carrie who hates taking photos, we seldom take a photo with the four of us inside. XD
I look weird in here, well just say it la, i look ugly wahahaha.
The birthday gal and me, with a very blur photo. LOL.
Ah tong trying very hard to read a book, but the overly high for the day Huihui kept disturbing her.

Saw this at bugis. It's freakin cool! There's time indication on the flip fone cover! Like, whao!
Ah tong dun cry..... What? u meant she's only rubbing her eyes after yawning?

Alan said I might have to sing to entertain guests during the year end party!!! FREAKO.
I will do anything to prevent that, may it be pair up with Zidane, or some other bald guy *no offence zidane, u're not bald wahahaha*

Ziiidaaane~ Can'tttt~ Sing~~~ WAHAHAHAH~ I'm evil.

Going out to Kboxing with Ching and Kai tomolo~ Woot, tho not comfirm yet.

Bye guys, Off to do chores~
Happy Birthday To My Dearest Lesbian Partner Serena Lee Hui Hui!!


Love ya!
But will only give u ur presents by the three of us on monday, when celebrating. =)
Enjoy urself with your shunus and ah lians today !!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I have a feeling if I skip updating today, I will be thrown to the Zi Ca da jie da ge there to be served as the main dish again. *shivers*

Went for a gathering yesterday! Was quite fun, it's great having to see old friends together again yeah? Before the gathering dinner, I went all the way to Pasir Ris from Bishan to meet yan. Joel is going to make a new pair of glasses, because he sat on his old one and it broke. Whao.

The moment I stepped into the optical shop, I was labeled by my dear lao gong as Ah LIAN.


We went for lunch after that at mac's, then off to orchard. My nong nong journey sia.

Orchard orchard~ We went for some short shopping at Esprit and TopMan. Don't ask me why i'm at TopMan too. Not like I will buy clothes of that brat, considering he has too much clothes. LOL. Joel bought a belt from Topman, and a semi-formal shirt at Espirit. The shirt is NICE okay. ~ Trust me! Joel, wearit out someday and I shall take pics of u~

Enough of Talking~

Joel joel, why are you looking so scary? I thought I was the scary one......

Woo. Nice glasses. I wonder how Joel managted to wear this.
My dear leaking was there to be with me when Joel and Yan are sticking together like Uhu Glue.


Stick stick stick! Lolz. I'm the paparazzzziii~ I kinda enjoy being it. I can consider man XD
Yan staring at Joel as he sulked. Look at that face!
But of course I still do good deeds you know. I said I will make a movie poster lookalike. See? Photoshopped to be perfection! *or maybe not wahaha*

Couple from the movie, "UHU, We're like glue!" caught in action.

I can almost hear jeffery ask:"Ehh Roman are you alive?"
All smiles, and sharp pictures from Ching's phone. Long time no see man this woman, ever since march i think. *shakes head*
Group photo! Roman's taking it so he's not in it. He refuse to be in it. I regretted that I didn't take ALOT of pics of him and post it up or something.

My daughter lolz.
The animal family consists of DragonFly, Rabbit, Lizard and Hamster.

Am I still hamster? Jeffery classified me as golden pig, or rather just name it roasted pig. Waiis ~.~

Criminal in question. *shoots jeff*
Ahhh, ching ling took a picture of us. But well, so did i!
Joel look like some drunk man, drooling over yan WAHAH.
At the playground, but ti's too dark so ya. SAD la.
At least this picture looked quite all right.

If you are wondering why there's so many picture of this pair, it's because I WAS STAR STRUCK BY MOVIE STARS, from my fav movie "UHU, We're like glue."

In school, lol. My dearest hui looking so freakingly kawaii!

Last be not least, my blur de sotong ah tong, finally back from taiwan, empty handed without my ah ze XD

I'm kinda done here. I'm actually too lazy to update further.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hi everyone, I know it's a long time since I updated, well, counted 3 days lolz. Just didn't feel like updated, Am too tired. School has started, everything is fine. Luck is on our side, glad to say. Our timetable is rather satisfying too, other than having to wake up early more for assembly.

Well, pretty contradicting now. Lol. There's alot of things I need to ponder, yet I always put them aside so that I stay as I am, or else I geuss I will be manipulated~

The haze is freaking irritating. Is like what ah tong always say: Mong mong! *giddy* I kept complaining about pollution today haha, carrie thought I was crazy. Speaking of today, lonely la. Lol. Tong have not return from Taiwan, and Hui took mc. So the three of us left have to ponder around during the 2 hours break. We ended up in Bishan Library! Not too bad there.

I know I'm kinda like crapping. So I'm sorry you read through such a boring entry. Nothing interesting to talk about, so yeah.

Ooh, I saw a girl in the last cabin of the MRT Train in the morning yesterday. She's like primary sch? But what's weird it's like she's talking in malay nonstop, to no one in particular! She just kept talking and gesturing, on and on from simei till I get off the train. I told hui about it and she commented that maybe she was talking to something we couldn't see.

I don't wanna know.


Take care ladies and gents!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, I know I seldom say this. Not even the closest of my friends hear this often. A few mins later, oct 14 will pass, and his birthday shall be over.

Man, I kinda miss him.

Before anyone go shocked on me, I'm yes, talking my bastard. Lolz. I know I always suan him suan suan suan. I know I always just say he's thick headed. And I know I always say he only have the face and body, brain-wised wrecked.

But he's still a very good friend, he always leans in so that I can reach his shoulder. He's so far yet so near.



Okay. Im done.

Shit, the mosquito is done sucking my blood also!!!!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today's entry is a photo entry. Why didn't I update? Ah well, it's cuz my internet was freaking weird yesterday, I couldn't use blogger. So I decided to update only today. Wahaha.

Went out with my 'family' today for our monthly *altho sometimes we couldn't make it lol* gathering @ Taos, my recommendation obviously lolz. But dinner was a little different from lunch...

Pictures do the talking!

Dearest Qun Yu and Wan Ying XD
NOOO! Wan Ying picked up Huihui's talent of "Block the view claws!"
^^v Qiqi, at your service!
The famous-or-maybe-not-at-all Zidane Expression WAHAHA!


I uh, blurred the background for the effect, lolz.

The farmboy chicken salad! I wonder if they chopped any farmboys, I thought they're endangered? XD Okay, that's lame.

My Fish Cutlet! It's darn bloody freaking wonderfully TASTY. I hope it was a bigger potion tho.
I took a picture of Qi's Grilled Chicken. It might not look as good, but it's downright tasty!
Teas in a teapot~
Wan ying's erh.... Birdnest taste-alike.
Wendy and Wanying~
Old people always manage to find ways to keep up with their health, right Ah Mah wanying? ^^
Weird looking me and ChinYen
Yu kissed me when we're on the train! Lol. ENVIOUS OF ME BA, GUYS! lolz

Group photo!

The service at Taos was great! When my girls sang a belated birthday song for me, the whole of Taos sang with us. LOL. It was rather funny tho. And the winshern lookie alike gave me a free pudding, which erh, i don't like. LOL.

Oct 14.

Happy birthday to my er...... Sweetheart bastard AHZE!

Am done!