Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Don't think you'll be interested unless you're a mutual friend of ours.
But its super duper mad true!

Happened to stumble onto a horoscope analysis just now.
So I read about the horoscope matches to realise oooooh its so so true!

When we first started out,
his chase was actually bold and very very obvious haha.
And indeed I shine under his light during the honeymoon period.

After which, in the middle, we fight quite often.

"Aries provokes and Libra tries to keep the peace. You might say these two have opposing agendas -- one wants harmony and the other revels in stirring things up."

I, the Libra is always trying to keep peace.
But he, the fiery Aries, is always on the verge of his tempers.
Small little things, we can quarrel like no one's business.

He thinks that I'm too much of a crowd pleaser, always trying to be nice to people and in return, get made used of.

I think he has an attitude problem and he can just flare up super easily.

The 12 horoscopes, arranged in a circle, we are actually directly opposite each other.
The big difference in us shows all the time.

Sometimes, my friends even wonder how I can be that patient with his tempers.
Or maybe they thought, being the no-fights Jeslene I am, the one I've found should be at least similar.

We always say, he's the fire dragon, and I, the water dragon.
Direct opposites yes.

But he'll need water to extinguish his fire.
And I need his fire to boil my water up.

Opposite attracts.
Our character clashes.
But I love the way he's protective over me.
And he loves the way I'm silly sometimes.

That's just us =)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nong Nong Hair...

When I was having dinner with my family just now,
my mum asked if my hair is a nuisance, esp when its straight, and thick and of course, super long.

Actually, I didn't realise my hair was THAT long till everyone start touching my hair and kept saying the same sentence:

"Waaaa your hair very long!"

Then I looked at pictures taken of me and I go: oooooooh ya hor! My hair is really long!

Then I asked my mum, should I cut it?
Like, really snip it off?
But I don't think I can pull off a short hair-do like Grace's,
Plus, I'm not exactly slim faced either.

And I think BF will snip my head off if I chopped my hair off really short.

My mum kept trying to convince me to cut it, of course.
Maybe she's sick of the hair strands in the bathroom and in front of my mirror.

I went to youtube and learned a better way of curling my hair...

and it looks faaaaaaaaaaaaab!

So, yes,
judging from this picture, I'm sure you know I have NO WILL to cut my hair anymore.

Maybe till it grows really long and messy.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Currently at my old workplace @ outram using their wireless lol.

Waiting for time to pass till 5pm when I'll meet Kailin and her friend for Bugis shopping.
Then I'll head to queensway to meet BF =)

Listening to FM radio and doing nothing for the past 1 hour already. Another half an hour more and I'll be done!
I'm sorta bored and hungry now, thus the very very random entry.

Oh, the reason why I'm slacking here instead of my home sweet home, is cause I just ended an interview and well, I had too much time on hand, but it didn't seem logical to head home first.

Its gonna be a long weekend for those who are working!
Enjoy yourselves tho its like, MONTH END!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I did stupid silly photoshop stuff.
Photoshop cartoon.

Okay I vented all my troubles out singing yesterday.
I was hogging the mic cause Tongyanting refuses to sing!

So I spent 2hours plus singing all by myself.
Clementi Party-world is super cold.

Lady gaga!

You know what I was trying to do?

Do leg massage while singing.

Super short entry for the sake of updating.
I'm seriously pissed off at how some people judge me by the bits and pieces they have.

Go your way then.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Su Kit the teacher, Carissa the nurse and Jeslene the jobless spent the day at:


Met my fellow ex-singers at Tampines (I was late, closing all windows cause it was gonna rain)
And we had a fulfilling lunch at Sakae.

I almost laughed my intestines out during lunch.
And if the tea I was drinking was alcohol, I think I downed enough to knock out myself.

Train-ed to Expo and we entered the world of Sanrio & Hello Kitty!

We were given a welcome speech from one of their staffs there as well as shown videos of what happened to Kitty!

Apparently, Kitty lost her DNA and stuff and was reduced to a fluff in the above pictures.
We were handed a fluff kitty head KDA (aka PDA) and its up to us to save and restructure Kitty!

So okay, we have to head to different stations to play games and if you win the games, you get to choose kitty's eyes, accessories etc.

BTW, the games is lose-able.
Boo and I lost once and sukit lost twice.

The interior of KittyLab is like a mini town.
And its all about Kitty!

And we have the nurse carissa and Sukit standing with the hospital signs.

As for me, I patted the poor bear's head.
It has a broken arm.

Kitty has to eat too, right?

My babelicious boo!


Kitty needs clothes too!
How can I resist clothes!?
Of course I need to take a picture with it!

We found Kitty's grandpa!
He looked so happy smoking, though its a no smoking area.
But oh well, we shall be happy with him.

oh, and I'm not pole dancing.


Sukit playing one of those games.
It requires you to say "Shuuuuuuu" into the mic!

and the mic is disguised as a fork in the ramen bowl!
Ramen reminds me of Tong.
She's a ramen princess.

Fake kitty pastries!

The kitty salon!
If i remembered correctly, its for you to choose a hair accessory!

We are music people!

His name is Kapo.
I learned about his name when I was playing one of those games.
It asked me which character was dancing differently from the rest.
Answers include: Keropi, kitty and Kapo.
I didn't know who was Kapo so I just chose kapo.



She's not kapo.
She's my carissa!

We threw the nurse into the prison cause she showed us grossified pictures of someone's left crushed by a container.

You know how gross it was?
It was just.... OMG.
Like... loads of raw pork and beef and... skin.

Just that you know its a human leg.

You know nurses working in A&E.
She said it was still okay.


Let's dress!

I'm a pervert.

Facing the side just like the sign.
I realised my hair is super super long.

Its a pretty kitty!

A group picture under the Kitty Tower!

We completed all the games rather quickly.
So we decided to roam around the town for pictures.

But soon it was time to say bye bye to the Kitty KTA...

We love you!

We walked pass this sign and we exclaimed about the big boobed nurse.

One last bye to Kitty!
We went to the counter and passed the KTA to the staff.
And ta dah!

A card with our customized Kitty!

We also got a kitty land-yard =D

Had a great time with my two friends!
And thanks so much to Su Kit for the generous treat to this exhibition!


Not all photos are here, so do visit my Facebook for them!

Okay, the end of the entry!
Its lonnnnnnnng enough yeah!?

And cause its so long I shall not blog for a week...

I'm kidding.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

yoooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan/womaaaaaaaaaaan!

I'm home and after a super delicious dinner by none other Mrs Lee,
here to blog a tiny entry!

Friday was spent with Leaking & Tong, planning about December activities.

Sat and Sun,
as usual, with BF.
We did nothing much, other than going to Clementi for a new redtail catfish on Sat.

We practically slacked both days away by sleeping.
Had dinner at his place last night.
And he had dinner at my place tonight.


BF went fishing 6am in the morning,
so he was sleeping when I went to his place.
He said he just happened to open his eyes and he saw me, just arrived in his room.
And he was like, oh okay, she's here.


I lazy to wake him.
So I joined in to sleep.
I guess I didn't sleep well last night due to the headache.

Then I woke up again to fix his msn error.
Then I was supposed to wake him up but aiya.
I pushed him aside in his bed and snuggled into his blankets and slept again.

So yeah, we spent the weekends sleeping.

And now I'm sleepy again.

Will be meeting Carissa & Sukit for Kitty Lab tomorrow!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Tong said she waited till she rotted for me to update.

Grow mushrooms, tong! XD

(Somehow my music player knows I'm gonna write an entry now, it started playing clubbing songs.)

After years, my parents finally went to the ZOO!

(And also to bring Dongling the OrangUtan, Jeslene the Baboon and Tong the Penguin, home.)

Erh, no that's not my mum or dad.

The very last time we went as a family was like...
maybe 5 or 6 years ago.
Life is hectic yea.

My family use to go to places of interest often when we were younger.
We still hang out together during public holidays but not as much as before.
I remember me dropping a disposable camera into the Small Clawed Otters enclosure!

I recalled my mum being very angry but she admitted to me that day:

"That camera is for you to have fun, so drop or not, never mind one lah."

Oh my traumatized young soul.

My music player really loves me.
Cause now when I'm gonna describe Ah Meng the Orang Utan,
it plays TiAmo by Liu Liyang & Arron Yan. HAHAHAHA!

That's BF ringtone when he calls me previously.
Orang Utan = BF.

Big smiles!

The weather was perfect, kept wanting to rain but it didn't.
So it was cooling and all.

I was being disrespectful to the Ah Mah cause she has a straw fan and I didn't.
I was jealous.


Please line up for the perfect wife material.
She cooks, clean but I can't promise she'll be home by 7pm every night cause she stayed at my place till 11pm last night.

And no she's not a Vietnamese bride from local bride agencies.

Okay, my mum looked super egg-cited.

Actually, is it a lehbit, or a hair?

lehbit = Rabbit.
Hair = Hare.


Ohhh pure white creatures always spells innocence.....


Or maybe not.

*Cover eyes*

Hello CANDY!
I took a picture with you last time remember?!

I thought you were my prince charming but in the end I realised you're a Female.

So you're my princess charming =D

Croco Krunch.


I suddenly feel like I'm getting silly making up stupid names for the animals.



Sorry, can't resist.
Croc eggs!

Crown Pigeons!

Tong said they look like peacocks.
But naaaaah.

Look-alikes don't the job of scaring me.
Oh btw, if you're lost, I'm afraid of peacocks.



I asked baby if our pufferfish will grow this big.
He said yeah, ever so casually.


That's me!
Okay, no I'm a baboon.

I take a stupid photo,
and you know ah...

It shines like no one's biz!

Why do penguins and baboons get crated together?

Squirrel is eating... a... gecko...

So that's the karma of the gecko that fell on my head from a tree the previous time.

We are different but we're similar.

Okay I said that cause I ran out of things to say.

And here they are, my parents and bf staring at the waters for that giant fish.


My dearest BF spotted a leftover fish after the feeding session and he decided to feed the arapaima with it.


In the end ALL OF US were startled by the giant's sudden appearance and gobbling the fish up.

BF said he saw the fish head but too late to back away before it opened its mouth.
He jumped backwards in surprise. Heng, if he jump forward I guess I'll see none of him left.




I have extremely regular menses.
It came on the exact day I calculated.

So that meant I'm happy and healthy!


Actually no one needs to know about this.
But I just feel like typing it.


Meeting Leaking and Tong for dinner laters.