Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Don't think you'll be interested unless you're a mutual friend of ours.
But its super duper mad true!

Happened to stumble onto a horoscope analysis just now.
So I read about the horoscope matches to realise oooooh its so so true!

When we first started out,
his chase was actually bold and very very obvious haha.
And indeed I shine under his light during the honeymoon period.

After which, in the middle, we fight quite often.

"Aries provokes and Libra tries to keep the peace. You might say these two have opposing agendas -- one wants harmony and the other revels in stirring things up."

I, the Libra is always trying to keep peace.
But he, the fiery Aries, is always on the verge of his tempers.
Small little things, we can quarrel like no one's business.

He thinks that I'm too much of a crowd pleaser, always trying to be nice to people and in return, get made used of.

I think he has an attitude problem and he can just flare up super easily.

The 12 horoscopes, arranged in a circle, we are actually directly opposite each other.
The big difference in us shows all the time.

Sometimes, my friends even wonder how I can be that patient with his tempers.
Or maybe they thought, being the no-fights Jeslene I am, the one I've found should be at least similar.

We always say, he's the fire dragon, and I, the water dragon.
Direct opposites yes.

But he'll need water to extinguish his fire.
And I need his fire to boil my water up.

Opposite attracts.
Our character clashes.
But I love the way he's protective over me.
And he loves the way I'm silly sometimes.

That's just us =)

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