Sunday, November 22, 2009

yoooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan/womaaaaaaaaaaan!

I'm home and after a super delicious dinner by none other Mrs Lee,
here to blog a tiny entry!

Friday was spent with Leaking & Tong, planning about December activities.

Sat and Sun,
as usual, with BF.
We did nothing much, other than going to Clementi for a new redtail catfish on Sat.

We practically slacked both days away by sleeping.
Had dinner at his place last night.
And he had dinner at my place tonight.


BF went fishing 6am in the morning,
so he was sleeping when I went to his place.
He said he just happened to open his eyes and he saw me, just arrived in his room.
And he was like, oh okay, she's here.


I lazy to wake him.
So I joined in to sleep.
I guess I didn't sleep well last night due to the headache.

Then I woke up again to fix his msn error.
Then I was supposed to wake him up but aiya.
I pushed him aside in his bed and snuggled into his blankets and slept again.

So yeah, we spent the weekends sleeping.

And now I'm sleepy again.

Will be meeting Carissa & Sukit for Kitty Lab tomorrow!


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