Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I juz updated my playlist on my blog, as well as my phone.

I like how my playlist go, like its in a small merry-go-round.
Emotions change with the songs.

Just told baby that I don't like to leave the music on when I'm trying to fall asleep.
Because the songs will eat into my brain and somehow merge with my dreams.

Then I'll start dreaming according to the songs!

Its always better when there are friends listening to this merry-go-round of yours.
Right, tong?

Photo for illustration LOL.

Can't wait for weekends to arrive.
Its gonna be our 6th month!
I remembered us talking about half a year when we were still into our first or second month.

6months is not too long not too short.
180 days you know!

Sunday would be mum's birthday.
Have got her an anna sui rouge.
Gonna print a family picture as a card.
Bro got her a thumbdrive, saying she's been whining about it.
I wonder how a mum can use an 8gb thumbdrive.

I'll be at the Zoo with my Parents, Baby & Tong!


Can never get sick of it!

Weekends, come to Jeslene!

PS: Baby called midnight after he told me he went to bed around 1030pm to ask if I slept already and that he miss me on his bed. He was SO MUSHY I almost fell from my bed. HAHA!

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