Monday, November 02, 2009

Judging from my msn messages, I guess there were loads of people left wondering why I couldn't be contacted since 10pm last night.

I was at BF's place, then at NUH aka National University Hospital.
Yes, Hospital.
There was a slight leakage of gas at BF's place and it caused his mother and him mild suffocation.
I got super worried so I cabbed over to see BF looking pale.

His mother was already at the hospital cause she had it more badly.
We decided to head down to the A&E as well, as BF was breathless and all.

But everything is fine now.
BF is resting at home, and I'm back home as well after rushing around for the whole night.

Tons of thanks to Carissa, my personal Missy Nurse for assurances and advices!
It helped tons in calming BF and I down.

And loves to my baby who sheltered me all the way to the station to make sure I don't get drenched, or slip and fall AGAIN even when you're as tired as I am.

I'm really shagged now, but relieved that all is well.
Having a can of green tea, and soon shall have my deserved shower.

I stink.

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