Monday, November 23, 2009

Su Kit the teacher, Carissa the nurse and Jeslene the jobless spent the day at:


Met my fellow ex-singers at Tampines (I was late, closing all windows cause it was gonna rain)
And we had a fulfilling lunch at Sakae.

I almost laughed my intestines out during lunch.
And if the tea I was drinking was alcohol, I think I downed enough to knock out myself.

Train-ed to Expo and we entered the world of Sanrio & Hello Kitty!

We were given a welcome speech from one of their staffs there as well as shown videos of what happened to Kitty!

Apparently, Kitty lost her DNA and stuff and was reduced to a fluff in the above pictures.
We were handed a fluff kitty head KDA (aka PDA) and its up to us to save and restructure Kitty!

So okay, we have to head to different stations to play games and if you win the games, you get to choose kitty's eyes, accessories etc.

BTW, the games is lose-able.
Boo and I lost once and sukit lost twice.

The interior of KittyLab is like a mini town.
And its all about Kitty!

And we have the nurse carissa and Sukit standing with the hospital signs.

As for me, I patted the poor bear's head.
It has a broken arm.

Kitty has to eat too, right?

My babelicious boo!


Kitty needs clothes too!
How can I resist clothes!?
Of course I need to take a picture with it!

We found Kitty's grandpa!
He looked so happy smoking, though its a no smoking area.
But oh well, we shall be happy with him.

oh, and I'm not pole dancing.


Sukit playing one of those games.
It requires you to say "Shuuuuuuu" into the mic!

and the mic is disguised as a fork in the ramen bowl!
Ramen reminds me of Tong.
She's a ramen princess.

Fake kitty pastries!

The kitty salon!
If i remembered correctly, its for you to choose a hair accessory!

We are music people!

His name is Kapo.
I learned about his name when I was playing one of those games.
It asked me which character was dancing differently from the rest.
Answers include: Keropi, kitty and Kapo.
I didn't know who was Kapo so I just chose kapo.



She's not kapo.
She's my carissa!

We threw the nurse into the prison cause she showed us grossified pictures of someone's left crushed by a container.

You know how gross it was?
It was just.... OMG.
Like... loads of raw pork and beef and... skin.

Just that you know its a human leg.

You know nurses working in A&E.
She said it was still okay.


Let's dress!

I'm a pervert.

Facing the side just like the sign.
I realised my hair is super super long.

Its a pretty kitty!

A group picture under the Kitty Tower!

We completed all the games rather quickly.
So we decided to roam around the town for pictures.

But soon it was time to say bye bye to the Kitty KTA...

We love you!

We walked pass this sign and we exclaimed about the big boobed nurse.

One last bye to Kitty!
We went to the counter and passed the KTA to the staff.
And ta dah!

A card with our customized Kitty!

We also got a kitty land-yard =D

Had a great time with my two friends!
And thanks so much to Su Kit for the generous treat to this exhibition!


Not all photos are here, so do visit my Facebook for them!

Okay, the end of the entry!
Its lonnnnnnnng enough yeah!?

And cause its so long I shall not blog for a week...

I'm kidding.


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