Sunday, November 01, 2009

Below is one of those entries I blurt emotions out.
So if you're not interested, just skip it.

When one is in love, truly and deeply,
there are infinite things that they would do.

For me,
I lost all tempers.
I don't get angry easily anymore.

When I fall in love,
I become the woman who compromises anything.
Whatever makes him happy, I'm fine.

I've ever asked him, what bad points do I have?
He told me, nothing, other than I think too much.

I'm glad, but somehow being the think-a-lot,
I started to feel imperfect.
Not as pretty.
Not as graceful.
Not as slim.
Not as gentle.
Not as understanding.

Even I get irritated at myself everytime I cry.

I started comparing myself to the other ladies.
To him, even.
The Mr. Perfect in my eyes.

There are tons of stuff that can make me insecure.
And those things irritate him.
I do trust him with all my heart.
But sometimes, thoughts get evil.

I've got to learn.

To love myself as much as he loves me.
I may not be the Perfect.

But I want to be the Beautifully Imperfect.

I'm a woman with alot of words bottled up.
So when you're willing to listen and understand,
I'm really grateful.

please be willing to accept this imperfect woman.
She'll try her best to do anything.
'Cause for you, she would.

I understand that time we spend together not as much as before.
But take quality than quantity.
I enjoy every second with you.
I'll look forward to every second to be spent with you.

I know about those little things you do for me that my friends witnessed but not me.

You asked Tong & Leaking if its possible to do something that I like to eat to cheer me up when I knew my friends weren't coming for my 21st and was upset.

And you asked Leaking what colour & type of flowers should you get for me.

I couldn't help but smile sweetly when it was mentioned.


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