Monday, November 09, 2009

Updates updates!
Been nagged to update so here I am!

But be warned, there's noooooooooooothing much!

Spent my Friday, Sat & Sun with my usual bunch of ladies and gent.
Leaking, Tong & Baby!

Friday was shopping trip with the girls.
Didn't get anything much.

And I saw this tanktop!
I was like omgggggg.

The ladies are oblivious that I'm snapping pictures haha.
We met at Tampines (which tong was late cause she overslept *tsktsk lol kidding*)
then only had lunch at like what, 4pm?
So it was a mad rush to all the places I must go.

Tong stayed over at my place for the night and she only fell asleep at 3am.

I drifted to sleep long ago!

Saturday was Ikea & Meatball day!
After which, Tong & Leaking went off to SIM and I went to Queensway to meet B.

Had an argument on the way home.
Told him what I bottled up all along.
I'm glad he understands.

We went to Clementi at night, then I cabbed home...


And randomly me.

Sunday was spent with BF,
we went to IMM cause I wanna go Daiso.
Saw Sukit there lols.

We got bored of IMM soon after.
I reckoned the longest shop we stayed in was Giant!
Like, what, hypermart?!

When we were on the way to the Bus stop,
Baby dropped & lost his bluetooth headset and we immediately detoured to search for it.
Initially thought someone picked it up.


We found the crushed set on the roads, ran over by cars.

Oh well.
Bused to Tama Jurong soon after and B had the urge to fish.
So after dinner at his place, I took the train home and he went fishing.

Told you there weren't much to update!

I'm currently mask-ing myself and watching Korean Drama!
So addicted!


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