Thursday, November 05, 2009

You know those times you're all happy, then suddenly you just don't feel like talking anymore?

That was what happened to me just now.
I guess I'm just too tired, or maybe its that PMS coming up (tho its like way too early)

I don't know.

I just turned upset all of a sudden, thinking that I can't do vigorous exercises and dampening everyone's mood cause everyone was like excited was the last thing I wanna do.
My health is my weakness and I honestly hate it.

And due to that, BF and I almost got into a quarrel.
It really wasn't my intention to upset anyone, and definitely not him.


At least it wasn't anything major enough to refuse to kiss each other goodbye.

Sorry, B.

Remember I once blogged about the sentence: "You show your worst temper to your most loved, cause you know they will accept it wholeheartedly and then forgive you." ?

I'm guilty as charged about my rare temper blazing up just now.
But its cause its you, that's why I dared to tell you why I was upset.
And I'm really sorry now.

I know you're tired, and I shouldn't place my temper on you.

I hope after he read this entry, he'll sleep better and feel happier.

I think a good night's sleep will cheer me, and him up.

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