Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some random updates about my last weekend.
(And I realised we're reaching the next weekend soon! Time passes like no one's biz)

November 15:

As I've mentioned on my Twitter,
November 15 was my Mum's birthday, as well as my nephew's first month on earth.
Since my bf was dressed so so so handsome-ly,
I decided to make use of one of the latest trend on blogshophere:

I posted the pic on my twitter a few days before haha.
Just love how classy it make me look, AND I LOOK SLIMMER!

(Jes runs around her room screaming)

Dad had work in the morning so the three of us met up with BF at Eunos station and walked there.

We didn't know which was the unit, but we followed the party mood and landed in the right house.


meet Braeden!

Oh the crumply cuteness!~
I know its weird to call a baby crumpled but all babies grow like that.
I was once crumpled. LOL.

Had buffet lunch there (All tempura stuff were gone by the time we reached =( )
and we slacked three hours away watching tv.
Didn't really get to catch up with my cousins.

I feel pretty distant from them.
Maybe its cause we don't meet often but oh well, I don't take the initiatives either.
I'm closer to my mum's side of cousins.

As we were leaving the estate, we saw a couple of cats FIGHTING!

The five of us train-ed to Bugis and settled at Manhattan Fish Market in Illuma.

Kudos to the good service =)
I still think the MFM is comparable to F&Co in terms of food and service.
And honestly, I like MFM better.
Don't know, might be the coziness.

Flaming Prawns & Fish platter!

Fried Oysters for starters!

Second picture was blurred cause you see the second fork at the bottom of the picture?
Stupid BF was disturbing me!

The flaming prawn.

My Pollock fish & Garlic rice.

My dearest mummy & daddy!
Who I now call Niang & Tie lol.

A very happy mummy.
Of course she's happy, she now has one more son to celebrate her birthday with her!
(Nudges bf)

Cut cut cut!

We were so so full, we didn't finish everything and the bill was over 100bucks.

And we took this pic outside.
Don't focus on the tummies please.

We went our separate ways home after and slept super early.

I love you mummy!

Anyway, due to my laziness (and of course its too long a post if I combine)
I will be doing the Monday post like... Tomorrow, I guess!


Here's a sneak peek if anyone cares hahaha!


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