Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A dream~ Is a wish~ Your heart makes~

Well.. nothing much. It's just that... It's been raining recently*the mood!*, and so I thought of what I wanted to do 2 years down the road. It's going to be a year and a half before I graduate from Biz Admin. Would I go to poly? I don't know. I really don't like studying. >_< Im not exactly made for studying and suceeding you know.

Top 3 most wanted (things i wanna do haha)
1.Open a CAFE!

Okay, why that? Because ChinYen and gang kept influencing me with this thought. And it's a good idea. I hope to open something like Hark cafe, musical-social, and CP, cozy and warm. Musically cause I would love to sing there, haha. That was that Yen said too. But if no one comes in for a coffee or two, what will happen to me? Erh, welloz~ I dunnoe, but it's a dream I hope to fulfill. Oh wait I just thought of something to attract ppl. GRAB Zidane and Ze from their nests and put them in my cafe. Hahahaha, no doubt man, full of girls. I hope they don't scream.

2.Stage Management (Backstage stuff)

It's my interest, serious haha. It's really fun to put in all those work, and see the final product. Though sometimes people drop into holes on the stage occasionally, but well.... I guess I can fix that hahahahahahaha...

3.Stage performer.

Meaning: Singer. I guess that explains enough. I've always loved singing, and at least I don't sing off tune. At least there are people who likes my voice. The very least la. It's just that I don't have the idol face. So yeah, that's how this thingie dropped to number 3.

Two years down the road seemed short. Even the Government make plans 30 years down the road, so shouldn't I be making plans earlier? Haha, no worries, I already did.

YAN, i really CANNOT see the tag board, nor the other things when I clicked on the links. Only your entries appeared, then when I clicked on another link, I couldn't go back to entries either. Fix~it~

Man, i really do not like facials. It's ouchies.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Explainations: Why didn't I update?

Answer: Because my comp was eaten up by unknown spywares and I have to format my comp. So I have to back up my files and without a dvd burner, I can only SEND~ over to my mum comp. It's kinda fast, cuz it's Lan connection on my house lol.Went to sch with Chingling and Liyan on tuesday, so as to get back their art final piece and prep. We've spent so much time drawing it, so it's better if we get back. I was late, so was Liyan. Ching was early by 30mins! Yan and I woke up late, that's the reason why. Lolz. I maanged to grab a cab in the end, rushed there.

We went up to the art room after much nonsense at the security and found Mdm chan. And ladies/gentlemen MISS KONG IS BACK! We were SOOOO shocked when mdm chan said the HOD wasn't her, and is still miss kong! She still looked the same, just a lil chubbier. And lesser make up XD.

We were told that the geog room was locked up, and all our art pieces are inside. Sadly. A wasted trip! But at least we knew Miss Kong is back... =))

It was the wushu comp that day too, so Ching was asked to stay in the school until Michelle and Vincent comes down. And wait for the bus too. But Michelle was sooooo late....

See our girls' BORED expressions? Lol. Okay, so we sent them off, and went back to Yan's house. And Yan was totally trying to remember what to bring to Singtel later on to trade in her old phone (which was very rejected by 2nd hand mobile traders) And she forgot to bring her charger in the end.

Poor Yan, and Auntie, who acompanied her to Tampines.

Okay, so went shopping with the two of them. And it's very fun la, until we stopped at SandK for one whole hour cause they wanted to buy a blazer and kept trying it on. Lolz. I shouldn't had pointed out the blazer, i liked it alot too, but it's huge bucks and I can't afford it *plus I have my 89bucks demini jacket already*

so we went to take pics~ I'll scan them next time, Im darn lazy after restoring all my settings and things.
Having fun juz posing around in the phototaking booth. ^^

I guessed that's all~ If u guys want, do check out the 'Titanic 2 The Surface' video in youtube, it's like, wow. Recommended by Yan hahaha. =)

Take care =)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hi guys =) Decided to update because I found alot of things today.

Okay, starting from morning, i went out with WenQi and ChinYen to Kbox, but after that, we just went walking about then we went home lol.

At home, I was told my table HAS to be changed.

So I packed my things all out. It was very very dusty at the corners, and Im very sure ppl who had came to my house before would know. I was scared of the dust also, cause when dust gets to me, I will sneeze non-stop, have a runny nose, and very very itchy eyes, yet it's not an allergy lolz.

I found alot things in the stack where I threw my things in without care. Lolz.

Things that I used to think were precious, photo cards, jewelries, my old pencil boxes...

I was smiling throughout, in spite of the dust. Lol. Realli, looking back on those things that I used to take so good care of, I feel kinda... happy, and sad. I don't know, maybe it's just that time ran out on me those days, and I was really bad tempered. It just reminded me of how I was in those playful days.

Alda said I should take on a career on Singing. I wish i could. =)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I went to sakae with yen and yu today, yu joined us a lil bit later, but she ate alooot. Lolz. ai lin came inthe end too, not eating though, she went to her friend's bdae celebration in the morning, ate seoul garden, whao. Okay, we ended up crapping, and I was whining bout my sudden urge for some alcohol, lolz. So chinyen decided to bring up all my half drunken incidents, like on Christmas, and last year's new year's day. Im not drunk, just getting a little high. Lolz. I've nb gotten drunk before.

We went to take pics after that haha. I saw Pricillia today, and Eileen. Lol... The moment Eileen saw me, she widened her eyes so biggie, like going to drop out le! So i told her don't open her eyes so big, lata drop out how. LOL.

I saw ze's picture outside hangtang, and i didn't reconise. I though it was Ah Du, and i was wondering wad is ah du doing with Vivian Hsu in Hang Tang? Then i took a closer look, cuz i knew yen wouldn't take much notice in ah du, and i realised it was ze. I laughed like siao, cuz i really really tot he was ah du.


Jane is baaaaaaaaaacK~ Yan u bluff me, say wad chiong without off day, pian wo de.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hmmmm... These days im pratically doing nothing. Lolz... So I uploaded some pictures I've took with Qunyu, Chinyen, Kailin, Justina and Xuan. All recent photos. Lolz.

Yesterday: Went out with Kailin to Bishan ITE, so that i can register a place in the campus. Hmmm... Took a long time to get there, but before that have to go lavender there take passport photos... ahh.... It was raining heavily yesterday. So we went to cottage pies, in search o liyan, but sabrina told us she changed shifts with yan so that she can go back on wednesday, to malaysia. But really, the rain was like, gua tai feng lol.

We shared money and bought the sims superstar/unleashed/houseparty expansion pack. Lol. Superstar is so difficult to play, cuz you have to keep training the sim to have alot of creativity, if nt the sim will sing out of tune, it's very funny indeed.

Not feeling very well, so I shall end here. lolz.

I like the way this picture ended up, the colour is very nice eh?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me, and Kai Lin, the nice effects from Pretty In Tokyo, Tampines. Lolz.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Taken on the same day as above, Xuan and Justina joined the crowd *if you consider 2 ppl as a crowd lol.* Justina was acting blind, so xuan pratically had to DRAG her in.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Personal favourite number two! The colours is so nice eh?

Image hosting by Photobucket
So said:"Ah ma you really look like our mom showcasing your daughters leh~" --By Qun Yu

Wallpaper: done when I was bored, a bigger version... just click.

Done-ed. =) I wanna go underwater world!
And oh, happie taking care of babies, Ching. *i mean baby hamsters* I will bring some birdnest for you and your babies when I visit your hosue wahahhahahaha~

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yesterday went Wild Wild Wet! *again* This time with Qi, Ying, Yen, Yu and Cindy!

Started out as
930am: Woke up and saw Yen's msg saying she's
not going.
935am: Called Wan Ying = she said Yen is going!
950am: Called Yen and heard her excuse, but finally managed to convince her to go, but agreed to go her house to help her choose what to wear so that she will go =.=
1130am: As i was on the phone and I kept looking back while walking to see if there's any cabs, when i turned back I almost banged onto a lamp post. I know it sounds comical, but I actually tried to act as if nothing happened and swung one round around the lamppost. Darn darn dui lian!
1140am: Finally got myself a cab and made my way to her house.
1240pm: Ate at delifrance cuz none of my dear friends had arrived yet at all.
1250pm: Suddenly all arrived, but Qi is sick, so is yen and yu.
130pm: playing at wild wild wet.
330pm: Qi decided to go shower first cause she's feeling unwell.
400pm: I saw KENG LING!

That's about it, we went for dinner after that.

Yan played an april's fool day joke on me, saying her handphone lost and asked me to call. So I called, and she said april's fool. So my brain worked out a prank in a second, I raised my voice at her and said:

"My mood is already this bad and what. this is what I have?!"

Hung up.

She thought I was really angry, cuz she asked what happened in MSN, so I just startd going on and on about a bad mood on a bad day and having to force my smiles and then she came to add on to my pissed off.

And she believed. Until i said April's fool that is. Whahaha.

Bad yan is meant to be punished!