Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hmmmm... These days im pratically doing nothing. Lolz... So I uploaded some pictures I've took with Qunyu, Chinyen, Kailin, Justina and Xuan. All recent photos. Lolz.

Yesterday: Went out with Kailin to Bishan ITE, so that i can register a place in the campus. Hmmm... Took a long time to get there, but before that have to go lavender there take passport photos... ahh.... It was raining heavily yesterday. So we went to cottage pies, in search o liyan, but sabrina told us she changed shifts with yan so that she can go back on wednesday, to malaysia. But really, the rain was like, gua tai feng lol.

We shared money and bought the sims superstar/unleashed/houseparty expansion pack. Lol. Superstar is so difficult to play, cuz you have to keep training the sim to have alot of creativity, if nt the sim will sing out of tune, it's very funny indeed.

Not feeling very well, so I shall end here. lolz.

I like the way this picture ended up, the colour is very nice eh?

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Me, and Kai Lin, the nice effects from Pretty In Tokyo, Tampines. Lolz.

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Taken on the same day as above, Xuan and Justina joined the crowd *if you consider 2 ppl as a crowd lol.* Justina was acting blind, so xuan pratically had to DRAG her in.

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Personal favourite number two! The colours is so nice eh?

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So said:"Ah ma you really look like our mom showcasing your daughters leh~" --By Qun Yu

Wallpaper: done when I was bored, a bigger version... just click.

Done-ed. =) I wanna go underwater world!
And oh, happie taking care of babies, Ching. *i mean baby hamsters* I will bring some birdnest for you and your babies when I visit your hosue wahahhahahaha~

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