Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A dream~ Is a wish~ Your heart makes~

Well.. nothing much. It's just that... It's been raining recently*the mood!*, and so I thought of what I wanted to do 2 years down the road. It's going to be a year and a half before I graduate from Biz Admin. Would I go to poly? I don't know. I really don't like studying. >_< Im not exactly made for studying and suceeding you know.

Top 3 most wanted (things i wanna do haha)
1.Open a CAFE!

Okay, why that? Because ChinYen and gang kept influencing me with this thought. And it's a good idea. I hope to open something like Hark cafe, musical-social, and CP, cozy and warm. Musically cause I would love to sing there, haha. That was that Yen said too. But if no one comes in for a coffee or two, what will happen to me? Erh, welloz~ I dunnoe, but it's a dream I hope to fulfill. Oh wait I just thought of something to attract ppl. GRAB Zidane and Ze from their nests and put them in my cafe. Hahahaha, no doubt man, full of girls. I hope they don't scream.

2.Stage Management (Backstage stuff)

It's my interest, serious haha. It's really fun to put in all those work, and see the final product. Though sometimes people drop into holes on the stage occasionally, but well.... I guess I can fix that hahahahahahaha...

3.Stage performer.

Meaning: Singer. I guess that explains enough. I've always loved singing, and at least I don't sing off tune. At least there are people who likes my voice. The very least la. It's just that I don't have the idol face. So yeah, that's how this thingie dropped to number 3.

Two years down the road seemed short. Even the Government make plans 30 years down the road, so shouldn't I be making plans earlier? Haha, no worries, I already did.

YAN, i really CANNOT see the tag board, nor the other things when I clicked on the links. Only your entries appeared, then when I clicked on another link, I couldn't go back to entries either. Fix~it~

Man, i really do not like facials. It's ouchies.

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