Thursday, April 06, 2006

I went to sakae with yen and yu today, yu joined us a lil bit later, but she ate alooot. Lolz. ai lin came inthe end too, not eating though, she went to her friend's bdae celebration in the morning, ate seoul garden, whao. Okay, we ended up crapping, and I was whining bout my sudden urge for some alcohol, lolz. So chinyen decided to bring up all my half drunken incidents, like on Christmas, and last year's new year's day. Im not drunk, just getting a little high. Lolz. I've nb gotten drunk before.

We went to take pics after that haha. I saw Pricillia today, and Eileen. Lol... The moment Eileen saw me, she widened her eyes so biggie, like going to drop out le! So i told her don't open her eyes so big, lata drop out how. LOL.

I saw ze's picture outside hangtang, and i didn't reconise. I though it was Ah Du, and i was wondering wad is ah du doing with Vivian Hsu in Hang Tang? Then i took a closer look, cuz i knew yen wouldn't take much notice in ah du, and i realised it was ze. I laughed like siao, cuz i really really tot he was ah du.


Jane is baaaaaaaaaacK~ Yan u bluff me, say wad chiong without off day, pian wo de.

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