Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little something I pondered about yesterday.

Actually, I was really really down yesterday.
Haven't been that down in years, over friendship.

There's actually a 'class gathering' bbq last night.

The word here is 'Actually'.

But well, I didn't attend.
First and foremost, I is food poisoned.
Must be that knn beehoon in the morrrrrning.
That's the only thing Leaking & Sky didn't eat, and I did.

Honestly speaking.
I'm glad I didn't go.
I know I sound really #$%^&*((&).

Ok, cause my bf and bestie's bf no no get along, due to an ancient incident.
And so I heard, they were questioning why someone who's not in our class is attending.
That being, Sky.

I got pretty upset about that.
I made my reasons clear but I couldn't seek understanding cause of one particular person.
Don't mistaken. I'm fine with him around but...

Not everyone's bf is from Sec 4F, you know.
And from what I see, Soon Wai's bf was around as well.

I definitely appreciate the initiative bestie took to organise all this, I really do.
I too, understand that being a GF, she had to look into his emotions just like I did.

So, to save the trouble, I decided not to go, even after my vomitting subsided and was well enough to jump around.

I knew we will not enjoy it, cause we know there would be some uncomfy in others.

I got poisoned, yes. But I'm glad I did.
At least I'm not the cause of any unhappiness within their happy gathering.

Before the BBQ, i was really reluctant to go.
I can't have the best of both worlds, and that got me really depressed.

Glad that they enjoyed themselves,
and maybe, sometime after the whole incident die down, we can have another gathering again.
With me, and my other half involved.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Too much clothes = Dust

Ask me what have I been busy about?


Yes, piles and piles of CLOTHESZZZZZZ.
Never knew having tons of clothes can kill.

For one, I'm known as the messiest girl in my group of friends.
Might sound like a turn off, but I'm actually rather neat and clean when I'm at other people's places.
But when it comes to my own room, I present you these magic words of mine:


Friends were so used to my messy room,
they could fall asleep on my bed, with the mess around them, no probs.

Erh, okay I supposed I'm not proud of that...

And so!
What made me clean up?


My mum bought a new wardrobe,
and she wanted me to clean everything uppppppppp.

I seriously don't think the wardrobe will fit my stuff, so I requested side storage.
And after spending hours on organizing...

The four levels storage is filled to the brim!
So the rest of the clothes would have to wait till my new wardrobe is here!

I'm oh so thankful for Ms wlaojesyouarefuckingmessylah Tong.
I can pray her for her folding skills.
I hope your nose is still intact after the death threatening experience.

And more to comeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I mean, entries.
I've been lazy, I know!
I just wanna spend some remainder time with ppl I love.

Excuses heh heh heh heh heh!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

SNSD's new song - Oh!

The MV's pretty cute haha, do I see a little biasness towards Jessica?
But then again, I like Jessica, and well, all of them so I'm fine with that.
Unexpected ending, the dark ver. of SNSD?

People who haven't heard this song, watch out.
I'll make sure it gets stuck in your head!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Uh well,
Its complicated.

The curly fries, I mean.

Be back to update soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

This is a random post.

I snipped my hair off:

Yes that's alot of hair.
It felt like a wig!
Now my head is super duper light, I can fly.

Shorter, lighter and erhhhhh.
Oh yeah, I snipped my longlonglong fringe like, at least half off.
I think I can finally spend less time in flat ironing my hair.

She said she looked very devastated lol.

After my haircut, and waiting for leaking to get hers =D

Tong, where are you looking at?

Nothing else to update.
Organizing is a bitch.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry for lack of updates (if there's anyone reading, that is)
Been out everyday, due to B's unexpected vacation before his next job.

Just got on an emotional roller-coaster since yesterday,
I don't even know why, what or how it happened.
But it just did.

And the first person to get it, is none other than Sky.

Right now, everything is peaceful.
Before that everything was nightmare.

One barrier overcame,
one level stronger.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures from our previous prawning session:

My free labour.

Told him to smile for me and he did this. lol.

Shared a rod with Tong, and the both of us caught 10 niaaaaaa.

I'm proud nevertheless.

Kept saying sorry to the prawns when we place then on the heated foil to cook.
They jump can.

I brought Sky's catches home, since my mum wanted them.
Apparently, after 2~3hours in the newspaper wrapping,
a few of them were still alive and they jumped when my mum was trying to place them into another container.

She got frightened and just wrapped them back and threw into the freezer.


I'm currently nursing a terrible headache.
The medicine is starting to take effect, and I'll need good sleep soon.

Won't be seeing Sky tomorrow, but I'll be with Tong, Leaking and maybe Bestie.

Tons of love, to those who still follows me =)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't say I never update any interesting stuff, rights?

My day started with BF calling me at 620am, telling me he's going fishing.
7plus, after I made sure he's safe I went back to sleep till 9am I woke up T^T.

Headed to Bestie's place and with her Brother Char Lun, and Ervin, we drove off to Sentosa!

Crazy guys kept listening to emo oldies.
I wanted to sleep on the car alrd.

Reached Siloso Beach and erh, we walked a huge round, trying to figure our way out and finally,
we reached the first hotel in Resorts World:

Hotel Micheal.

And there you see, Adam & Eve.
The erh, modernized version, so Yan says.

Hotel Micheal's interior decors are none other than artsy, beautiful structures etc.

We walked through a walkway, and alongside are luxury shopping.

And right smack in the middle is the much raved:

The Casino!

Can't resist putting the $$$$.

We took the escalator down and it was a whao.

It was like entering a paradise, with animated arches and colour changing lights.

If you win money, you'll feel like paradise lah.
If you lost money, its gonna be like going straight to heaven, cough.

Animated arches, it changes between doves, meteors, flowers etc.
Background music too!

Enchanting lor!

After reaching the basement, we walked through another walkway that led us to what we were looking for.

The Casino.

Too bad we can't get in yet!
Have to pay 100bucks, and our dresscode, cannot lah.

Walking towards Festive Hotel,
Yan and I got ultra excited.


Aiya, its not difficult!


The first person that came to my mind was Ting.

It opens on the 20th this month, I think!
Gosh got me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.

Okay, after the girly excitement, we continued towards Festive Hotel's lobby.

Pretty lanterns and very warming ambiance.
Good for families!

We walked out of Festive Hotel, and arrived at this Hotel, which we all liked pretty much.

Hard Rock Hotel!

See, the guys are happy!

At a glance, Hardrock Hotel is the hippest, and my most favourite out of the three hotels we visited.

You can never leave out a Rock Shop when you're in Hard Rock!
Yan and I saw the tees she got for the both of us in Aussie.
Its exactly the same, just that ours wrote 'Surfers Paradise', and theirs 'Singapore'.

Yan made the guys act taitai.

But the real taitai is here.
Okay, I'm kidding.

Washrooms with mirrors = camwhoring.
I love my bestie!

Finishing our tour of the three hotels that are currently open to the public,
(Universal Studios Singapore isn't open yet =( )
We walked back to Imbiah tram station and it started raaaaaaaaaining!

We walked around nevertheless!

Love this pic of bestie!
Super pretty!

Ponds remind me of BF.
Fishes and him.

mooooooooooooo, btw.

And here's our majestic Merlion!

In the rain....

And Sunshine after!

Love the sunshine!

This is where the flower festival will be held.
I'll convince BF to bring me this year!

And onto the beach we went!
Yan wanted to find her man-made surfing place and it's located across Siloso beach.

Lovebirds leh, they two!

Love beaches =D

We arrived at the surfing place and waaaaaaaaaaaa.
You can indeed surf.
Looks fun but you gotta be spontaneous!
Yan's trying it out this wednesday!

And finally, we made our way back to the car.
My legs were so tired, I'm sure I gained back the muscles.

We sang Gee in the car hahaha!
And Charlun sent me back home!

And now I'm super duper tired!
But I can't wait for tomorrow to see bf =)

Silly orang utan, called me for 20secs just to tell me he misses me.
Hope he's having a great game at the basketball court right now!


Here's a not very entertaining entry to entertain everyone.

Have got no interesting stuff these days.
I've been spending the past 2 days with BF, and Tong.
And I'm very, very happy and blessed =)

Snuggled my Saturday away at BF's place.
We only went to Clementi to get some aqua plants.
Spent some time in changing positions of plants in his tank.
Then we just slept the day away.

It feels good hearing his heartbeat when I'm asleep.

Was over at his place and he left me there while he cycled to get the bike's tires pumped and serviced.
I erh, played games on itouch lol.

We went to Centrepoint to meet tong after.
She told us there's this guy who looks 90percent like Sky.
So, the real Sky, and I went to take a look and apparently,
I think he looks more like CCL1.
Disappointed leh.

Had Kobayashi!

My bf was feeling generous and allowed me to shop.
I was like in total Yayness.

Was at cineleisure and while we were waiting for BF outside the washroom,
a lady tested out Korean makeup on me and tong.
She was really nice and the cosmetics, esp the highlighter thing tempted me!

And I realised the makeup artist and the lady were actually true koreans when they started speaking to each other.

Okay, like 30percent!

They were really sweet ladies =D
When we left, I said Thank You to them in Korean,
Shocked them, and they smiled and said bye to me, in Korean lol.

BF, remembered I wanna head to 313's Forever 21 and we did went.

We saw this malay boy who had a bob hairdo, with head bands across his forehead,
wearing tights and an oversized tee.
Yes, shopping in the ladies section of F21.
I'm fine with boy-turn-girl thing but what's with the headbands?
BF kept telling me that a punch ought to fix it.

Scary lor, this ahbeng.

Got myself a top, which I'm so so in love with it now!

But bf say, can only wear when he's around.

The three of us got amused with the giant Iphone outside ePic centre.
Imagine having to answer the phone!

We challenged Tong to a game on Itouch, which requires you to just pull the toilet paper out from the toilet roll as quick as you can.

No one beats my 12secs record as of now.

I'm done updating!
Heading to Sentosa Resorts World tomorrow,
With my Bestie, her bro and his friend!
Will be driving, hurray to that!

Tons of lucks and love for BF!


Friday, January 15, 2010

I is super duper lazy...

To update...

I just woke up...


I'm just here to talk crap lah.


Will be updating as soon as I get some photos etc!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another month has passed, and its another 14th for us.

Navigating through these 8 months,
I realised I changed quite a bit.
Never was I this patient, and never was I this hot-tempered.

I'm very much of both now.

I just nagged my energy out a few days ago and that resulted in falling into a deep slumber on his shoulders within minutes.
Why was I that fiery?
For him lah.

We argued over very minor stuffs during the end of last year.
And when you stay in that minor, it'll bound to get major.

So major, he thought I was someone else.
To the extent he thought i was possessssssseeeedddd.

I don't know. Sometimes I think I've learned to be more sarcastic than ever.

During those fights,
I've often wonder at the pits of my emotions,
what will happen if I give up right now?

There would always be a little voice in my head going on and on.
You'll be single again.
You won't have to cry over him anymore.
You'll have your security all to yourself.

But the heart beats otherwise.
I'll lose my emotional support, the one who held me up for so long.
I'll lose those hugs and kisses that comfort me so much.
I'll definitely regret, losing someone who I believe will be the only one.

And so we stood strong.

Honestly, I used to think staying with just one partner would be difficult, even for like what, 6months?
You'll get all the nags and all!
Loss of freedom!

I used to scream about being single.
Okay, it has its goods.

But being attached for this long,
I don't ever want to be without him again.

Dearest baby.
You walked with me into a brand new decade.
You held on to me, when I told you I'm tired of everything.
Little things you do, tell me that you love me more than anything else.

May there be more months, years, decades to go,
with us still going strong.

can you please go and find my lost bangle in your room.
CONFIRM in your room lor!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I have tons of photos below so I have to cut everything short!
(honestly, everytime I type this sentence I'll be like, I ramble alot anyway, its not gonna be short lol.)

Met up with Xue dear, her bf, chatty Liz for Hollywood Dinos yesterday at the BirdPark!

As usual, my entourage includes my bodyguards bf and leaking.
The muay thai wushu taekwondo. LOL.

Was a little late cause Leaking overslept (see, yan and her really are sisters)
So Xue arrived earlier than we did.

BF had breakfast at home so he told us to go ahead and have our brunch.
So we went to KFC, where I kept telling Liz I'll feed her to dinos.

Before I head out.
I dyed my hair again but the colour doesn't really show unless under sunlight.
Might get lighter though shrugs.

A busride later, we arrived:

My bf just woke an hour earlier so his brains were left at home.

She's the star of my entry!
Liz with ticket!


We decided to go for the guided tour since Liz was around and it'll be better to have someone explaining.

But honestly, the tour guide seemed very uninterested in guiding us.
Maybe cause he sounded very tired.

We should have gone for the free & easy.

Waiting for the tour to start...

Liz acting like a dino!


You gotta bear with my retarded descriptions cause I totally don't remember the names.
Told you the guide was mundane =\

Liz with a moving dino!
It sits, and walks!

I was amazed for a second then BF started poking around, telling me there's a human anyway.

Ok, fine.

I is taaaaaaall like no one's biz!

Liz initially didn't want to take a picture until Leaking said "I'll take with you! It's a PLANT EATER!"

"Don't worry, it'll eat me first before anyone else!"

Oh, words of courage.

We walked into this cave where all the Dinos ROAR!
Like really, they move darn realistically real.

The Tyrannosaurus rex!
(I'm so proud of myself! I CAN SPELL Tyrannosaurus!)

Rex means 'King' in Latin.

Speaking of which, later in the journey, there's this moving Trex that was tied by a leash and erh...

It can dance~
It danced so hard & it kept poking me with its huge head till I almost fell backwards hahahahaha.
Then it kept poking at other people before the staff told it come back.

Dear liz was frightened totally so Leaking told it to say Byebye to liz.

And, shaking its front claws, we heard a cute, cartoonish "byebye!"


The bridge of no return!
sways left right left right!

Baby has no fears.
Maybe cause I'm scarier than the dinos.

(Glares at bf)

This guy is HUGE.

Baby's new pet.


Okay, next.

& after you touched the legendary animal, the lights of heaven will shine upon you, and make you - A knight.


Xue & her dearest.

I quite like this guy haha.
Like xue said, he's quite gentlemanly.
BF & Leaking said he's really loving to both mum and daughter too =)

Okay, here Sky ong's own dino - The jeslenesaurus.

(Sits and enjoys the echos of "Lame leh you LAMELAMeLAmeLamelamelame....")

My youleesaurus!



Liz calls xue mummy.
Xue calls me mummy.


The guys started to get cheeky near the end of everything.

They see trees with fruits.

Self explanatory. =.=

Then liz joined in HAHA.

& Tada!

Ohkay. My BF looks super boylishly happy now.

So easily satisfied. Tsk.
*pats bf*

Told liz to take a picture with it and the moment I say ok done she drop the whole thing onto the floor and SPLAT!

Oh well.

Off to see more dinos in wired up areas!

"Aiya dinos nia! You haven't see the Jeslenesaurus!"

BF likes to bully Liz.
Kept carrying her up with that cheeky grin of his!

And when I mean carrying always, I mean ALWAYS!




Okay lah, pretty cute lah.

Xue was like MUMMY YOU SEE!
Birdpark, Zoo water!

I can faintszszszzzz.

We parted ways with the family and went back to BF's place to get ready for fishing!

The three of us fell asleep on the train.

Had dinner with Tong & Raymond joining us and off we went to Pasir Ris fishing pond!

Tong and I were yakking away.

Then bf caught the first fishie.

He is happy. can see.
He always have that boy-i'm-eggcited look when he's super excited.

Took in the toilet, I just wanted to see if my tan line is still there but I realised...

I look muscular.
My arm leh =.=

After tong left for supper, BF immediately caught a 2kg-ish fish.
The kids were fascinated.



I had a great day! (withtonsofmensescrampssniffsniff)

And I hope everyone did too!

More photos in my FB album!

Hopefully it'll be a peaceful day for BF today.