Monday, January 18, 2010

Here's a not very entertaining entry to entertain everyone.

Have got no interesting stuff these days.
I've been spending the past 2 days with BF, and Tong.
And I'm very, very happy and blessed =)

Snuggled my Saturday away at BF's place.
We only went to Clementi to get some aqua plants.
Spent some time in changing positions of plants in his tank.
Then we just slept the day away.

It feels good hearing his heartbeat when I'm asleep.

Was over at his place and he left me there while he cycled to get the bike's tires pumped and serviced.
I erh, played games on itouch lol.

We went to Centrepoint to meet tong after.
She told us there's this guy who looks 90percent like Sky.
So, the real Sky, and I went to take a look and apparently,
I think he looks more like CCL1.
Disappointed leh.

Had Kobayashi!

My bf was feeling generous and allowed me to shop.
I was like in total Yayness.

Was at cineleisure and while we were waiting for BF outside the washroom,
a lady tested out Korean makeup on me and tong.
She was really nice and the cosmetics, esp the highlighter thing tempted me!

And I realised the makeup artist and the lady were actually true koreans when they started speaking to each other.

Okay, like 30percent!

They were really sweet ladies =D
When we left, I said Thank You to them in Korean,
Shocked them, and they smiled and said bye to me, in Korean lol.

BF, remembered I wanna head to 313's Forever 21 and we did went.

We saw this malay boy who had a bob hairdo, with head bands across his forehead,
wearing tights and an oversized tee.
Yes, shopping in the ladies section of F21.
I'm fine with boy-turn-girl thing but what's with the headbands?
BF kept telling me that a punch ought to fix it.

Scary lor, this ahbeng.

Got myself a top, which I'm so so in love with it now!

But bf say, can only wear when he's around.

The three of us got amused with the giant Iphone outside ePic centre.
Imagine having to answer the phone!

We challenged Tong to a game on Itouch, which requires you to just pull the toilet paper out from the toilet roll as quick as you can.

No one beats my 12secs record as of now.

I'm done updating!
Heading to Sentosa Resorts World tomorrow,
With my Bestie, her bro and his friend!
Will be driving, hurray to that!

Tons of lucks and love for BF!


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