Saturday, January 09, 2010

Pre-post lol: Just saw someone's blog randomly and she posted a picture of an idol, apparently from a photoshoot and said that she took the picture and he is her bf!

Confidentially, I saw that photoshoot pic like sometime last year in a fansite and I remembered wondering about something in the picture, so I'm damn sure she didn't take it like what she said "yesterday"!

Really lol, what's with fangirls writing blogs with imaginary bfs?

Rahhhhhhhh!!! I'm so tired tired tired!

Was at the Hometeam Academy as a guide leader yesterday!
I woke up at 550am to prepare and by 7am I was ready to go out.

But my dearest bestie who was in the job with me, overslept.
So we ended up being late and as soon as we landed in Jason's car, we zoomed to the Academy!

Us in event shirts.

We were assigned to Group 9, which in my opinion, are a little quiet but they warm up rather quickly.
I wish I was as young as they were!
Met new friends, Ben and Sgt Lim!
Yan was scrambling around the exhibits all the time!

Basically, we just bring the kids around the place, where stations of exhibits, talks, games were located and of course make sure they don't get stranded anywhere lah.

There were some things that were pretty impressive.
Like, they actually have a car blast scene remade by bringing the real blasted car from a suicide bomber incident scene.
Completed with fake blasted mannequins with arms and heads gone blah...

Also something I found interesting was this station where they have all the terrorism threats.
Like whao, all the little things in our lives could be a bomb lo!

Overall, the event was an O-K.

Just that the sun was omghothothot and we kept going in and out of air conditioned places.
So now, I'm nursing a slight cold as well as cramps.
The weather was too hot and I had to down all the cold stuff into my body despite knowing my period will arrive within 2 days, thus the killer cramps.

& something to add, is that there were too many stations and too much walking around.
The kids all couldn't tahan lah.
My poor feet couldn't tahan either.

Oh the mass dance in the end was like, surprisingly fun.
Everyone was dancing!

Johnny the emcee was so cleverly humorous!
And that skit guy sounded like Mr Muscle! SERIOUS!
Yan and I kept thinking of Mr Muscle whenever he spoke!

The Guest of Honor was spontaneously cute.

But we guides were so drained,
Yan fell asleep on the bus, nodding towards a stranger...
And I?

I waited up for BF and get raged up due to issues and PLONKED!

My lovely group 9!
One of them told me she loves me awww.

I'm still tired.
In fact, I was so tired I fell asleep on BF's shoulder on the train home today.
I hardly fall asleep on transports unless I really am shagged.

And my lovely BF, despite having a sore neck, didn't move and let me slept all the way cause he couldn't bear to wake me up.

*hugs bf*

I am so gonna enjoy tomorrow and not let that LCB waste my perfect sunday!

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