Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't say I never update any interesting stuff, rights?

My day started with BF calling me at 620am, telling me he's going fishing.
7plus, after I made sure he's safe I went back to sleep till 9am I woke up T^T.

Headed to Bestie's place and with her Brother Char Lun, and Ervin, we drove off to Sentosa!

Crazy guys kept listening to emo oldies.
I wanted to sleep on the car alrd.

Reached Siloso Beach and erh, we walked a huge round, trying to figure our way out and finally,
we reached the first hotel in Resorts World:

Hotel Micheal.

And there you see, Adam & Eve.
The erh, modernized version, so Yan says.

Hotel Micheal's interior decors are none other than artsy, beautiful structures etc.

We walked through a walkway, and alongside are luxury shopping.

And right smack in the middle is the much raved:

The Casino!

Can't resist putting the $$$$.

We took the escalator down and it was a whao.

It was like entering a paradise, with animated arches and colour changing lights.

If you win money, you'll feel like paradise lah.
If you lost money, its gonna be like going straight to heaven, cough.

Animated arches, it changes between doves, meteors, flowers etc.
Background music too!

Enchanting lor!

After reaching the basement, we walked through another walkway that led us to what we were looking for.

The Casino.

Too bad we can't get in yet!
Have to pay 100bucks, and our dresscode, cannot lah.

Walking towards Festive Hotel,
Yan and I got ultra excited.


Aiya, its not difficult!


The first person that came to my mind was Ting.

It opens on the 20th this month, I think!
Gosh got me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.

Okay, after the girly excitement, we continued towards Festive Hotel's lobby.

Pretty lanterns and very warming ambiance.
Good for families!

We walked out of Festive Hotel, and arrived at this Hotel, which we all liked pretty much.

Hard Rock Hotel!

See, the guys are happy!

At a glance, Hardrock Hotel is the hippest, and my most favourite out of the three hotels we visited.

You can never leave out a Rock Shop when you're in Hard Rock!
Yan and I saw the tees she got for the both of us in Aussie.
Its exactly the same, just that ours wrote 'Surfers Paradise', and theirs 'Singapore'.

Yan made the guys act taitai.

But the real taitai is here.
Okay, I'm kidding.

Washrooms with mirrors = camwhoring.
I love my bestie!

Finishing our tour of the three hotels that are currently open to the public,
(Universal Studios Singapore isn't open yet =( )
We walked back to Imbiah tram station and it started raaaaaaaaaining!

We walked around nevertheless!

Love this pic of bestie!
Super pretty!

Ponds remind me of BF.
Fishes and him.

mooooooooooooo, btw.

And here's our majestic Merlion!

In the rain....

And Sunshine after!

Love the sunshine!

This is where the flower festival will be held.
I'll convince BF to bring me this year!

And onto the beach we went!
Yan wanted to find her man-made surfing place and it's located across Siloso beach.

Lovebirds leh, they two!

Love beaches =D

We arrived at the surfing place and waaaaaaaaaaaa.
You can indeed surf.
Looks fun but you gotta be spontaneous!
Yan's trying it out this wednesday!

And finally, we made our way back to the car.
My legs were so tired, I'm sure I gained back the muscles.

We sang Gee in the car hahaha!
And Charlun sent me back home!

And now I'm super duper tired!
But I can't wait for tomorrow to see bf =)

Silly orang utan, called me for 20secs just to tell me he misses me.
Hope he's having a great game at the basketball court right now!



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