Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little something I pondered about yesterday.

Actually, I was really really down yesterday.
Haven't been that down in years, over friendship.

There's actually a 'class gathering' bbq last night.

The word here is 'Actually'.

But well, I didn't attend.
First and foremost, I is food poisoned.
Must be that knn beehoon in the morrrrrning.
That's the only thing Leaking & Sky didn't eat, and I did.

Honestly speaking.
I'm glad I didn't go.
I know I sound really #$%^&*((&).

Ok, cause my bf and bestie's bf no no get along, due to an ancient incident.
And so I heard, they were questioning why someone who's not in our class is attending.
That being, Sky.

I got pretty upset about that.
I made my reasons clear but I couldn't seek understanding cause of one particular person.
Don't mistaken. I'm fine with him around but...

Not everyone's bf is from Sec 4F, you know.
And from what I see, Soon Wai's bf was around as well.

I definitely appreciate the initiative bestie took to organise all this, I really do.
I too, understand that being a GF, she had to look into his emotions just like I did.

So, to save the trouble, I decided not to go, even after my vomitting subsided and was well enough to jump around.

I knew we will not enjoy it, cause we know there would be some uncomfy in others.

I got poisoned, yes. But I'm glad I did.
At least I'm not the cause of any unhappiness within their happy gathering.

Before the BBQ, i was really reluctant to go.
I can't have the best of both worlds, and that got me really depressed.

Glad that they enjoyed themselves,
and maybe, sometime after the whole incident die down, we can have another gathering again.
With me, and my other half involved.

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