Monday, January 04, 2010

Here to do a simple update while I try to lure the lost hamster out with food.
Not the one above, but a new white male one which is supposed to live in BF's house instead.

Had steamboat at Chuan Xiang Restaurant after some beach road look-see.
The steamboat was goooooood.

We chose the Yuan Yang aka double soupbase.
And there's the bbq hotplate as well.

Fresh ingredients, that includes crabs!

We were all very happy with the services and it has free flow of orange punch as well.

Looks good no?

We have the men of the group to do the cooking while we ladies eat.
Okay, in the end Raymond mixed weird sauces and teppenyaki-ed the meat.
Like Hua Diao Jiu with Teriyaki sauce...


Ate till the brim!

And this is the aftermath.

And to think I thought everyone were so so full...
Mr Ong the BF started to do something very scary...




He picked one watermelon from the tray....

Om nom nom it away....

And this action repeated till all the watermelons on the tray DISAPPEARED!

he ate at least 7.

$16.80 per pax, inclusive of free flow orange punch, Soup Bases & a Hotplate!
Food ingredients plentiful~
You can find this place at:

Chuan Xiang Restaurant
(Opp Plaza Parkroyal Hotel)
247, Beach Road, S(189756)
Tel: 62971266
Operation Hours: 11am till 11pm daily

BF and I always walk to beach road by Lavender MRT.
But its right smacked in the middle, so Bugis MRT is near too.

Not sure about CNY prices!

The four pigs decided to walk to SimLim Sq and take a bus home.
When we got on the bus, we realised its not a vehicle.
It was A BOAT!

It sways leftrightleftrightleftright.

Sunday was KTV gathering with my Mum's side of the family!

My dearest BF overslept despite a morning call at 9am (which he went back to sleep after)
and we ended up late for 30mins.
Lucky for us, most of the family were late.

I should have knoooooooown~

Being the singer in the family, I always get summoned to sing duets.
And while doing soooooooooo...
BF kept poking me poking me DI SIAO SIAO.

Think he's trying to train me into a singer who doesn't get distracted.

My cousin is infatuated with him lor!
Ever since that day she saw him in Daiso and followed us around,
she's been totally~

She even asked my mum if "Sky korkor is going out with us?"

Then she told me "Ruiwen jiejie, you very good can see handsome guy everyday."

I O.o-ed and gave her a realistic answer: "Meimei ah, I don't see him everyday one leh, if he doesn't work where comes the money to feed me?"

And during the KTV gathering, she kept moving nearer, and nearer to bf and I.
I asked her: "MEIMEI, you move so near, cause you love me or love him lah!"

She said me.
I told her mai geh geh (don't pretend)

And she followed us everywhere (toilet, phone calls)
Claiming she needed to do so as well (Phone calls? I DOUBT~)

She's erh, in pri school.

We left the KTV venue first as we needed to head to Leaking's house, then out to Farmway.
BF stopped by the fishing ponds and he started a chat with a malay man with his family.

He caught like 5 within the hour.
What turf.

I say this looks ghostly,
BF say it looks dolly.

It still looks scary to me.

He's too concentrated to take a picture with me =(


Farmway was tons of fun, and tons of walking!

We saw expensive arowanas,
BF wants another Redtail Gold.


And all the small doggies.

Got Bingo a pack of petmilk.
GO BINGO, find your hamster friend leh!

YES an hour later I still can't find the hamster!

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