Monday, January 04, 2010

Updates from my previous post about the lost hamster:

Guess who I found in the storeroom?

Okay, the start of story...

At 7am in the morning, my mum was preparing for work and she went to check on the new hamsters.
Then she rushed into my room, kicked the Styrofoam icebox and woke me up with a bang!

"Wen ah! The white hamster is gone!"

I was in a nb-i-still-super-sleepy-slept-12am mood and asked her how it escaped.

Apparently. there's this roof tunnel they always sleep in.
The tunnel can be seperated into halves and is tied tightly together by BF yesterday.

When mum saw the cage in the morning, one of the strings fell off (Most prob cause cousins kept untying the strings in order to grab the hamsters from their hiding place)

So it wiggled out, jumped a height down from my dog's cage and scurried away.

We flipped the whole house upside down and tired as I was, I felt very uncomfortable without having that little guy back in the cage.

So I searched google for "how to find lost hamsters"
and took their advices of placing sunflower seeds and water in each room to at least determine where it was hiding.

So 8 sunflower seeds and water in bottle caps placed everywhere.
Every 1 hour or so I'll head out to look if the sunflower seeds lessened in numbers or not.
No luck, but assured myself its okay cause they get active during evenings and nights.

Lost one of my hamsters before and we found it in the bathroom, at 3am.

(BTW i asked my dog to help but he ate the hamster food I left on the floor instead. =.= )

I took short 10mins nap and my mum, back home, told me that the sunflower seeds in the storeroom were gone!

I went to look and indeed, out of the 5 i placed, only 1 cracked open shell left, and the others all gone.

Told my mum to sit away, I turned off the lights and shone my torchlight in and TADA.
Out of curiosity and most prob food again the hamster crawled out and I caught it.

Placed it back into its home and his female companion was so delighted!
Then they kept kissing and cuddling around, its true!
We awwwwwwed and can't bear to give him anymore scoldings.

My aunt who gave them to us said his favourite food is none other than the seeds.
And that he often left the bowl with no sunflower seeds.


Just glad that he's home and hope this entry serves as a help to other people as well!

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