Monday, January 11, 2010

I have tons of photos below so I have to cut everything short!
(honestly, everytime I type this sentence I'll be like, I ramble alot anyway, its not gonna be short lol.)

Met up with Xue dear, her bf, chatty Liz for Hollywood Dinos yesterday at the BirdPark!

As usual, my entourage includes my bodyguards bf and leaking.
The muay thai wushu taekwondo. LOL.

Was a little late cause Leaking overslept (see, yan and her really are sisters)
So Xue arrived earlier than we did.

BF had breakfast at home so he told us to go ahead and have our brunch.
So we went to KFC, where I kept telling Liz I'll feed her to dinos.

Before I head out.
I dyed my hair again but the colour doesn't really show unless under sunlight.
Might get lighter though shrugs.

A busride later, we arrived:

My bf just woke an hour earlier so his brains were left at home.

She's the star of my entry!
Liz with ticket!


We decided to go for the guided tour since Liz was around and it'll be better to have someone explaining.

But honestly, the tour guide seemed very uninterested in guiding us.
Maybe cause he sounded very tired.

We should have gone for the free & easy.

Waiting for the tour to start...

Liz acting like a dino!


You gotta bear with my retarded descriptions cause I totally don't remember the names.
Told you the guide was mundane =\

Liz with a moving dino!
It sits, and walks!

I was amazed for a second then BF started poking around, telling me there's a human anyway.

Ok, fine.

I is taaaaaaall like no one's biz!

Liz initially didn't want to take a picture until Leaking said "I'll take with you! It's a PLANT EATER!"

"Don't worry, it'll eat me first before anyone else!"

Oh, words of courage.

We walked into this cave where all the Dinos ROAR!
Like really, they move darn realistically real.

The Tyrannosaurus rex!
(I'm so proud of myself! I CAN SPELL Tyrannosaurus!)

Rex means 'King' in Latin.

Speaking of which, later in the journey, there's this moving Trex that was tied by a leash and erh...

It can dance~
It danced so hard & it kept poking me with its huge head till I almost fell backwards hahahahaha.
Then it kept poking at other people before the staff told it come back.

Dear liz was frightened totally so Leaking told it to say Byebye to liz.

And, shaking its front claws, we heard a cute, cartoonish "byebye!"


The bridge of no return!
sways left right left right!

Baby has no fears.
Maybe cause I'm scarier than the dinos.

(Glares at bf)

This guy is HUGE.

Baby's new pet.


Okay, next.

& after you touched the legendary animal, the lights of heaven will shine upon you, and make you - A knight.


Xue & her dearest.

I quite like this guy haha.
Like xue said, he's quite gentlemanly.
BF & Leaking said he's really loving to both mum and daughter too =)

Okay, here Sky ong's own dino - The jeslenesaurus.

(Sits and enjoys the echos of "Lame leh you LAMELAMeLAmeLamelamelame....")

My youleesaurus!



Liz calls xue mummy.
Xue calls me mummy.


The guys started to get cheeky near the end of everything.

They see trees with fruits.

Self explanatory. =.=

Then liz joined in HAHA.

& Tada!

Ohkay. My BF looks super boylishly happy now.

So easily satisfied. Tsk.
*pats bf*

Told liz to take a picture with it and the moment I say ok done she drop the whole thing onto the floor and SPLAT!

Oh well.

Off to see more dinos in wired up areas!

"Aiya dinos nia! You haven't see the Jeslenesaurus!"

BF likes to bully Liz.
Kept carrying her up with that cheeky grin of his!

And when I mean carrying always, I mean ALWAYS!




Okay lah, pretty cute lah.

Xue was like MUMMY YOU SEE!
Birdpark, Zoo water!

I can faintszszszzzz.

We parted ways with the family and went back to BF's place to get ready for fishing!

The three of us fell asleep on the train.

Had dinner with Tong & Raymond joining us and off we went to Pasir Ris fishing pond!

Tong and I were yakking away.

Then bf caught the first fishie.

He is happy. can see.
He always have that boy-i'm-eggcited look when he's super excited.

Took in the toilet, I just wanted to see if my tan line is still there but I realised...

I look muscular.
My arm leh =.=

After tong left for supper, BF immediately caught a 2kg-ish fish.
The kids were fascinated.



I had a great day! (withtonsofmensescrampssniffsniff)

And I hope everyone did too!

More photos in my FB album!

Hopefully it'll be a peaceful day for BF today.


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