Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry for lack of updates (if there's anyone reading, that is)
Been out everyday, due to B's unexpected vacation before his next job.

Just got on an emotional roller-coaster since yesterday,
I don't even know why, what or how it happened.
But it just did.

And the first person to get it, is none other than Sky.

Right now, everything is peaceful.
Before that everything was nightmare.

One barrier overcame,
one level stronger.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures from our previous prawning session:

My free labour.

Told him to smile for me and he did this. lol.

Shared a rod with Tong, and the both of us caught 10 niaaaaaa.

I'm proud nevertheless.

Kept saying sorry to the prawns when we place then on the heated foil to cook.
They jump can.

I brought Sky's catches home, since my mum wanted them.
Apparently, after 2~3hours in the newspaper wrapping,
a few of them were still alive and they jumped when my mum was trying to place them into another container.

She got frightened and just wrapped them back and threw into the freezer.


I'm currently nursing a terrible headache.
The medicine is starting to take effect, and I'll need good sleep soon.

Won't be seeing Sky tomorrow, but I'll be with Tong, Leaking and maybe Bestie.

Tons of love, to those who still follows me =)

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