Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another month has passed, and its another 14th for us.

Navigating through these 8 months,
I realised I changed quite a bit.
Never was I this patient, and never was I this hot-tempered.

I'm very much of both now.

I just nagged my energy out a few days ago and that resulted in falling into a deep slumber on his shoulders within minutes.
Why was I that fiery?
For him lah.

We argued over very minor stuffs during the end of last year.
And when you stay in that minor, it'll bound to get major.

So major, he thought I was someone else.
To the extent he thought i was possessssssseeeedddd.

I don't know. Sometimes I think I've learned to be more sarcastic than ever.

During those fights,
I've often wonder at the pits of my emotions,
what will happen if I give up right now?

There would always be a little voice in my head going on and on.
You'll be single again.
You won't have to cry over him anymore.
You'll have your security all to yourself.

But the heart beats otherwise.
I'll lose my emotional support, the one who held me up for so long.
I'll lose those hugs and kisses that comfort me so much.
I'll definitely regret, losing someone who I believe will be the only one.

And so we stood strong.

Honestly, I used to think staying with just one partner would be difficult, even for like what, 6months?
You'll get all the nags and all!
Loss of freedom!

I used to scream about being single.
Okay, it has its goods.

But being attached for this long,
I don't ever want to be without him again.

Dearest baby.
You walked with me into a brand new decade.
You held on to me, when I told you I'm tired of everything.
Little things you do, tell me that you love me more than anything else.

May there be more months, years, decades to go,
with us still going strong.

can you please go and find my lost bangle in your room.
CONFIRM in your room lor!

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