Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm here to di siao siao while waiting for my moisturizer to set in.

I WOKE AT 550am!
No big deal I know but I hardly wake that early ever since my taitai life.

Have got work today for an event as a guide!
Surprisingly, I'm quite refreshed now, not that sleepy.
But I might complain otherwise on the bus later to woodlands!

Ok, now waiting for makeup base to set in HAHA.

I managed to drag alot of people to go to hollywood dino with me this Sunday!
Told BF to catch a T-rex for me, he said he only catches fish.
So I told him, I want an Arapaima.

Okay. I better start "painting my face", as how my mum says it.

I miss ODL terribly!

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