Thursday, June 29, 2006

One fine day, Tong wants to fight...
And found curry, the best oppenent to fight......
So under the beautiful Sun Set...
Curry decided to strike, by eating tong's ice cream, no SUCKING the ice cream out of the CONE.
Tong Vs. Curry, Tong Lost.

Okay, the actual thing was: When we were eating in Swenson, Curry found out...... She left her handbag in school. It wasn't in her huge Espirit bag.


So we rushed back to school... And luckily, her handbag was still there.

"Heng ah......." Quoted from Mrs Heng.

So happily we walked back to the mrt, the ice cream and bag in hand. And carrie, INDEED sucked the whole ball of ice cream into her mouth. Ta-da.... ! Poor tong, look at her, seemed so sad.

Man i dunnoe what's wrong with bitches. I feel like strangling them. Bitch.

All those who knows me, knew it will be their dooms-day if they decided to flame me up.

And you, bitch, struck my nerve. I may not be able to hurt you, because fo school rules, but I know what I can do.

Reminder: Rawdy behavior (without hurting others) - Offenders would be dealt immediately, punished by cleaning classrooms and common rooms.

And I'm freaking sure, the bitches HURT us.

Watch out, bitches.

Signing off.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Don't Laugh At Ppl.

Yanting and I shall promise never to laugh at others misfortune again....

Will not will not!

Why? Well~ Anyone remembers this?:

Yes, this happened last week, when we're on the way to 201 there, and bus 12 broke down. We were walking past and saw it. Took a picture, and laughed.


What happened? You asked? Well, let Jeslene tell you a story.

One fine day, Jeslene ang Tongie are on the way home, on bus 53.... All of a sudden, just after the turn to Pasir Ris, the bus went stuck in the middle of nowhere. Bus driver tried to restart engine desprately.

Really desprately.

We watched as the buses drive past us...

And enjoyed the scenery outside.........................

And we finally HAVE to get out of the bus.

Bye-bye bus.

Lesson of the day?

Don't laugh at other ppl's mis fortune, someday it would be their turn to laugh.

Tank pictures~ As promised.



Am blogging cuz... Im complaint, for not blogging. =.=

Last three days, is chase staqrs days lolz....

Friday went to bao chang hui...

Sat I saw Tank~ I'll upload the photos next time, im darn lazi. Lolz... I was pang seh-ed yet again, so my mum, being a nice mum, decided to go out with me. So we went out... And I bought like... A jeans skirt, and two SnK shirts... All for 30bucks~ *i lent 20bucks from my mum tho. Lolz...* Then I was like... Maybe I shoujld go and take a look.... at tank..

And ya, saw him. lolz.


I dunnoe wad to update...

Really nothing much...

JJ came to CS on Sunday.

Tong was star struck. Smiling like... siao.

Lolz... Busy day yesterday... Pies selling fast.


One more week to holidaes.

Im waiitng.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Today was OA ca1.... And pek cek huihui is really pek cek. She was scolding vulgarities like Shan an, and erh... scary. But I guess I can do well for the CA, it was rather easy for me.

That picture above, is obviously a rainbow. I saw it on the way to the lift and I think it really lights up the sky. Tong, right? And I saw this:



Went to see 933fm promotional event... It was quite boring at first, alot of ppl. And Peifen was playing games. So Tong and I went to take piccies. Turned out... weird. Hahaha... Shall scan next time. We went to grab a bite after that. But as we walked out........ to watch the event again.......


My gosh. I never knew I was that amazed to see him sing live. He ahs a good voice, and he's...... well got to admit, cute. ^^; But of course I didn't get to see much of his face when the crowd are like this:

But far far away, I heard Fan Yi Chen's voice, and it's really enchanting. I feel a new idol coming up haha. He likes rock music too, like ze haha.

Im tired now... planning to go for Tank's autograph session tomolo...

Nites =)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Im here to update, two days of hateful events...

Situation 1: Saturday.

Fly Kite

Windy afternoon, all fly my kite. So jeslene decided to go out alone.... Here comes the sub-situation.

Broken Glasses.

Yes, you saw it right, glasses broken. Well, not exactly, it was the frame that broke. Into half~ Whee... fuuun ehhhh~? SO~ Jeslene, being blinded, walked to the optician, with her brother's help, but she was still wearing high heels tho. Bleahz.

Got her frame changed, but still need time to file the lense so that it fits into the frame. So being blind, she decides to go eat something, buy a cake for fathers' day, then go cottage pies.

Imagine Yan's reaction.


Okay, so ya... on and on... nothing much to say.

Situation 2 - Sunday

Weird Customers.

Case one: Qi Yu Wu lookie alike.

orders expresso, sits down, talks to friend. Stood up, ask for creamer at the counter, so i gave him two packs which i took from another basket on the tables. When guy walks out of the cafe, Jeslene went to clear plates, only to realise there are 5 packs of dear creamers in the basket on that table.


Case two: Talkative auntie ann.

Whitesands regular customer, always forgets Jane's name. "aiya, such a simple name I still forget~" Jeslene was hungry, wanna eat yakun but I dunnoe how to buy, so must leave it to Jane. But Auntie starts talking to jane as she drinks her coffee, all the way until night towards closing.

Auntie's famous sentences:

"Girl *referring to me* You from what school? English or chinese sch (?) , ITE huh? Cleaver girl! O_o"

"Girl byebye ah, you so shy! (O_O)"

Jeslene's famous expression:

~.~ = 715 incident
O_O = auntie incident.



The end.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hahahaha. Me like the effects. Bleahz.
Frame Craze: Curry*Names changed* Victim's identity must be protected.* was shot *by a handphone camera* by A pool of dung*names changed* during OA.
Frame Craze: Passerby Huihui was unknown to the situation.
Frame Craze: "Did pool of dung killed someone?" Both huihui and Tong cannot believe what happened.
Frame Craze: Victim's last picture, always in our stomach, i mean, memory.
Murderer was caught eyeing hui2...
But decided against it, because she was found out.
So huihui get to go home safely, but not poor curry, yum yum.

Updating just for the sake of updating. So it's just pictures babes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NOTE: We did not torture the dog.

I guess im feeling a lil better.

Sorrie if I showed attitude, Carrie, Hui2 and Tong.

I love ya all, the support. And vulgars, and debates and the soon to come conclusion essay.


NOTE: We did not torture the dog.

I guess im feeling a lil better.

Sorrie if I showed attitude, Carrie, Hui2 and Tong.

I love ya all, the support. And vulgars, and debates and the soon to come conclusion essay.

I feel like a piece of DUNG.

Yeah, maybe I am la.

No hands, no brains, nothing.

Just dung.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Okay, since I'm here to blog, let's be slightly, SLIGHTLY serious.

I was listening to the interview of Zhong Hua Jian and Wu Xun Ma Li at 933... And Besides being really funny...:

"If we're going to make a concert another 20 years later, no please, I don't want to be on the stage on a wheelchair!"

"I once got the date wrong into 31yue *month* 2hao*d*"

Hua Jian Da Ge also gave some really good inspirations:

"Everyone thought, being a new you, means you have to change dramatically, maybe the way you sing, the way your music goes. But to me, being a new Hua Jian doesn't have to be a change in myself. I am still Zhong Hua Jian to the very last bit, just more matured, and more aspirations to go on in this music industry."

"Sometimes, life really cracks me up, I have fans that had listened to me since they're babies, and now they are 20 years old. *hua jian da ge's concert is his 20th year concert anniversery* Some of them even have kids and babies already, and the whoole family come and hear me sing. Man, my fans' age group are even younger than Jolin! Young people should learn to respect seniors *hahahaha*"

From my point of view, Hua Jian Da Ge is really right. Having to change, doesn't mean you have to turn from Elva to Cyndi, Fei yu Qing to Jay Chou.

It is the heart that changes, being more mature in ways. It is just time's way to show you how much you have grown.

Now I really admire Zhong Hua Jian. His [Yu Ren] Album is really good. Very worthed buying. Simple background instrumentals, and soothing Hua Jian Da Ge's voice.

Okay, let turn to something more... casual?

This morning on the way to school, an old lady came and sit next to me, asking me this train is to bugis right? So I answered yes and I closed my eyes to rest after that. Then the old lady tapped me when we're reaching Lavender. She say the man sitting beside her falling asleep and kept slanting *TONG AH TONG* She cannot stand it. So I ask her want to change seatsk with me, she said never mind, cause she'll be reaching soon.

Okay, I thought I would never see that man again, until I realised he was in the train heading towards bishan with me again, and what, two seats away, juz like the previous train! The woman sitting next to him decided to stand up instead, because he was falling too dramatically lol. So the seat beside me was empty, and he almost slanted down to the seat. But magically, he stood up and walked out of the train when he arrived at his stop. Well~ I THOUGHT he was fast asleep.

Okay, Mr Fong's here and nagging again. Ekks...

Aigning off babes and hunks, love ya all ^^

Monday, June 12, 2006

Those two ppl on my LEFT and RIGHT , typing to each other on msn right now. So funnie, hmph dun wanna tell me right, finnnne.

Nobody can spoil my mood today....

I hope?


Sorrie, I know very stupid... But ya, Im very happy now, because of incidents yesterday, and I'm waiting for july 14 to come... ^^ Very excited, don't know for what also.

Slaw-ber-li. *Read: Strawberry*

Curry's fault. Okay, I geuss today's major question is still carteen eh. Hmph.

Im darn bored right now, tt's why Im like blogging, cuz no one talking to me, Tong and Hui2 happily talking to each other... Curry behind slacking, and me, blogging.

Say you love me, ppl! Haha.



Dun throw bananas at me please.

*Jeslene ducks from all the bananas*

Ey? Duck?



Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Day!

Tong and Curry knows why.

Man i felt so loved. Woot!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Revamped my blogskin, or rather Background graphic.

Cuz ah tong thinks my skin alil... sian.

WELL~ how's THIS?

1 hour work and this is what I got... My skills are rusting man.

Yuna Ito, starring as Reira in NANA, the movie... =)

Signing off going to slp now.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Been taking laods of pictures these days... =)

The Hui, Ting and Wen company lolz.

...AND not forgetting dearest Carrie! The queen of all curry!
Thai Express - Hui and Ting caught in action!
No money, so we took an artificial one lolz, looks familiar? Yea i did this before wahahs.
The first Role play video we had on Biz Fund. Poor birdie looked so frightened!
Pictures we jus took today!!~

AND~ Our 1st month anniversery =))

We spent huge bucks on~ lingerie~ and bras~ today~ ^^ *shakes yanting*


Im so waiting for the chalet!

Tomolo got Accounting test, scary.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hi ppl!~~ Came to update... basically it's not really going to be an update, it's juz... photos Hahah... Entertaining eh? I went to book fair today, nothing much, and ate yoshi *yanting~~1 Malu sia!* And i won something with the power meal scratch card~

It says: One free drink *sprite/coke* with any purchase!

Am i suppsoed to be happie? Maybe Yanting can be happie on my behalf, another reason to head to harbourfront. wahhas!

I today also kinda malu, i dunnoe why Im so high all fo a sudden, I was fanning Yen with the leaflets and one flew out of my hand and hit the person behind! SO PAISEH! I laugh like hell... XD

Then sprained my ankle... haiz, im so clumsy... Let's ignore the clumsy Jeslene and go on about carrie the warrior. Her fight lasted for 1hr46mins. About ITE rules set by ancestors of Bishan Campus. So stupid right, You know wad, there's no toilet paper in toilets of bishan! And no aircon! WHY!

And so the conclusion: Carrie's suggestions were taken into CONSIDERATIONS, onli juz considerations. And only a few... Sighs, at least she tried, YOU GO GIRL~!

King and Queen crowns, finally united!
And oh, that's Jeslene's own princess, the Jeslene. Wahhas.

BOO! So CUTE right!

And let's end off with a slping ysnting, she was slanting towards me, that's why the pic is so looming towards the camera. NOW YOU KNOW, TONG YANTING! You DO slant towards the side! You were leanign against me!!!!!

*jes runs away*


Thursday, June 01, 2006

PICTURES~Caught in action!

Wondering where Jeslene went?
Couples caught! *stares at yu*
*Erh, this picture is plainly for effects*
*Erh, same as above...*
FISHBALL! Kawaii neee?
My cute dearest qunyu!
It's not our fault for being vain!

Yen and me~