Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Okay, since I'm here to blog, let's be slightly, SLIGHTLY serious.

I was listening to the interview of Zhong Hua Jian and Wu Xun Ma Li at 933... And Besides being really funny...:

"If we're going to make a concert another 20 years later, no please, I don't want to be on the stage on a wheelchair!"

"I once got the date wrong into 31yue *month* 2hao*d*"

Hua Jian Da Ge also gave some really good inspirations:

"Everyone thought, being a new you, means you have to change dramatically, maybe the way you sing, the way your music goes. But to me, being a new Hua Jian doesn't have to be a change in myself. I am still Zhong Hua Jian to the very last bit, just more matured, and more aspirations to go on in this music industry."

"Sometimes, life really cracks me up, I have fans that had listened to me since they're babies, and now they are 20 years old. *hua jian da ge's concert is his 20th year concert anniversery* Some of them even have kids and babies already, and the whoole family come and hear me sing. Man, my fans' age group are even younger than Jolin! Young people should learn to respect seniors *hahahaha*"

From my point of view, Hua Jian Da Ge is really right. Having to change, doesn't mean you have to turn from Elva to Cyndi, Fei yu Qing to Jay Chou.

It is the heart that changes, being more mature in ways. It is just time's way to show you how much you have grown.

Now I really admire Zhong Hua Jian. His [Yu Ren] Album is really good. Very worthed buying. Simple background instrumentals, and soothing Hua Jian Da Ge's voice.

Okay, let turn to something more... casual?

This morning on the way to school, an old lady came and sit next to me, asking me this train is to bugis right? So I answered yes and I closed my eyes to rest after that. Then the old lady tapped me when we're reaching Lavender. She say the man sitting beside her falling asleep and kept slanting *TONG AH TONG* She cannot stand it. So I ask her want to change seatsk with me, she said never mind, cause she'll be reaching soon.

Okay, I thought I would never see that man again, until I realised he was in the train heading towards bishan with me again, and what, two seats away, juz like the previous train! The woman sitting next to him decided to stand up instead, because he was falling too dramatically lol. So the seat beside me was empty, and he almost slanted down to the seat. But magically, he stood up and walked out of the train when he arrived at his stop. Well~ I THOUGHT he was fast asleep.

Okay, Mr Fong's here and nagging again. Ekks...

Aigning off babes and hunks, love ya all ^^

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