Thursday, January 31, 2008











Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Seem like our xiao sin got some trouble~
Hark called him for the lunar thing again.
And tried to convince him...
And muahahaha.
He came running to me on msn asking for help.
Clicky the picture if you wanna see what's up.

Still on msn with him, he is super stressed now.
Hark was trying to get him to join, and he told me to psycho him not to.
Now he's talking about me being still young and he's being old AGAIN.

Tat Sin says:
i want to change job

Jesĺene♪ Jelly is straight (haired). says:
into wad

Jesĺene♪ Jelly is straight (haired). says:
break dancer?

Jesĺene♪ Jelly is straight (haired). says:

Jesĺene♪ Jelly is straight (haired). says:
pole dancer?

Anyway ya latest is that he accepted and lost under the impressive persuasion of hark.

basically I'm juz bored, thus this live telecast of the only human on msn with me =.=


I'm pretty easily pissed these days.
Well, perhaps things as small as mosquito bites would piss me off.
Not to mention Postoffice.
And suppliers.
And stupid owners.
And certain people.

I don't know know what's wrong.
Its pretty irritating.
I get irritated.
But I recover.

Since its not PMS, couldn't blame it on my innocent relative.


Can I blame it on the snowstorm in china?
Cause they made my parcels from the sprees delaaaaaaaay?



I watched animal planet just now and there's this owner who made dreadlocks on her dogs.

I think I better stop before I continue to crap.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AOA now...
And I'm freaking bored.
Aish, as usual...

I need to sing, I see the need to vent.

I almost fell yesterday.
I tripped over the platform of the Jewellery Counter they set up at the Atrium of Century Square.
Managed to balance myself, my hand hit the glass display real hard and it hurts like hell.
My shoes fell off.

Tong said if I didn't balance myself my head would have slammed onto the glass display.
Then Jeslene Lee would be sayonara~
But I was laughing throughout.
Tong said she's malu for me.
Hui and Yun all say I siao, almost fell down still laugh.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy too.
Like, hahahahaha crazy, and wtf crazy.

But ya anyway, Im pissed with my brother.
Assumptions and Accusations.
Hate that.


rockabye Jelly, on the tree top~
when the wind blows~ the jelly will drop! (Too heavy you see)
All the king's horses and all the king's men~

Huh. What do you mean those are two different rhymes?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yes yes finally there are some pictures.
I was really lazy and all, so didn't upload any recently.
My bad.

Currently having a headache,
drowned myself with pills since morning and its still not helping.

Practice today was a little...
Say, out of topic.

Lunch with Carissa, Alan and XueWei.
Loads of laughter.
Alan is darn easily shy!
I just told him that I think he's cute, his ears turned red!
Like, in seconds!
Couldn't stop teasing him after.
Haha, sorry darling.

Met up with tong for her break after.
Dear you look really tired.
Please rest well!!

Poor tong, all zipped up.
By who?

Eh me.

Somehow I think the headache is caused by the rebonding as well as...
I think the black scenes from X-men United which just showed on Channel 5 added on to my giddiness.

Ah, being the top of everyone's list in being easily influenced by dramas,
I cried cause Jean Grey died.
As usual.


IM OFF!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome back, straight hair, after a separation of 1year plus.

Yea, I went to do rebonding at a neighbourhood salon, 5 mins away from my house.

Its 58bucks plus 25bucks for treatment.
yeah I chose to do the treatment, its affordable plus I think I need it.
My hair is a dry piece of crap.

I wanna complain.
My appointment was at 12pm.
I was there, punctually.
I waited until 1pm.
THEN~ I was served.

So, the rebonding is supposed to finish within 3 hours.
I wanted to meet tong for dinner.
After I washed off the rebonding cream, I was left by the side to 'dry up'.
For like, 1 hour and a half.
Cause the were SO MANY CUSTOMERS, the stylists have to juggle.

So basically I sat there and waited.
And waited.
Until 4.30pm, then my hair was straightened using the straightening clip.
By the time the stylist finished the straightening, it was like, 5.15pm.
Cancelled dinner with tong.
Really sorry. =(

Then conditioning cream.
Then wash off plus treatment.
Then dry.

I finished at around 6.40pm.
That's a whopping 6hours.
The longest rebonding I've done.


But anyway, the effect is still good.
My hair is naturally straight and has body, not flat.
The treatment effect was good too, my hair is darn smooth now.
Its not dry.

The staff there were nice...
The only thing I'm unhappy about is the time lah.
Perhaps weekdays will be better.

But anyone wants to rebond their hair for 58bucks.
Or colour.
Or highlight.
Its quite a good choice, as they are having promotion now.
Colouring is like, 30bucks.
Juz tt you have to make appointment.

Leave me a tag if you want the numbers.
They have quite a few branches in Singapore, not only tampines.


Basically I have nothing else to update about.
My Sat was burnt by rebonding.

Practice tomorrow, I miss my Wei, Alan and Sin. =(
TONG! I shall visit you tomorrow. =)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I did up a new banner for GLS!
Just hope the colours are not too blinding and the resolution is fine.

Which reminds me, Patent Belts are now at 7 already!
3 more slots!
Do visit us k!

Ya anyway, another concert is coming, like I said.
Click on the picture to enlarge if you wanna spot me, I'm in the fifth picture lol.
And yeah that picture was taken when Tat Sin was singing the extreme version of Dang Ni to me.

How terrifying.




But fine anyway,
Sin said he's not going to Lunar auditions either.
I thought he would like, at least go for the auditions and if he got through he can then consider.
So now only Aaron is there.

I think Xue Wei is... drooling after a certain YE.



Some girl stuff:
My ang came, like now.
Belly good, no need to worry about it for chinese new year.


I'm okay now le lar.
Just a little here and there.
Now we all know its PMS's fault.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Basically I don't know what's wrong with me.
Maybe I should just like, blame it on PMS.

Yeah, I think it's PMS's fault.

I have this emotion strumming my nerves.
Seems like its driving me crazy now.
But I'm calm.

I felt like... I need to sit on my bed and allow myself to cry.
Let those plain, raw emotions overflow
And only myself, me, and I will see those unwanted tears.

I am aware.
But I ain't crying.
Ain't moving.
Ain't singing.

And that's bad, really bad.

I know I couldn't show all these in the afternoon.
So during the late afternoon, realization hits.

"There's no need to smile anymore, you're in safe zone."


Sorry tong, I hope I didn't spoil your day.
I'm fine, really.
Nothing is wrong with me, neither did you do anything wrong.
Sorry, I know I could hardly respond to things that you said.
I'm not myself this afternoon.
I guess the confidence level dropped to its lowest today.
For why, what and who, I think... I might have some clues.
But its definitely not because of you, not because you did anything wrong, nothing.

Its me.
Thanks for walking up the stairs and down, past the lamp posts and tree trunks today.


ELF spree items arrived.
I'm a little slow, cause I only remembered what I ordered when I open the parcel.

Perfect, cheap cosmetics. =)
Shall bring to school tomorrow for my babes to see look.

Meanwhile, I shall close my eyes and listen to some music.
I know I'm fine and that's all matters.


I don't wanna cry,
don't wanna cry.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

After having a talk with Tat Sin tonight,
I'm pretty sure I'm not going for the Luna PK competition.
Btw, I realised Luna is under MOS.
And that by joining the competition, you serve as a PK mo wang for the competitors in Luna.
Which means, Hark VS Luna.
And meanwhile you cannot perform anywhere else.
Esp when I have backstage to maintain.

What he said was right.
I wasn't looking for a competition to show who and what I am.
I guess we share the same sentiments, competitions are just... well, not us.

Talking to him also made me think.
Its not that I don't want attention, to my voice that is.
I don't know how to explain, but I want to sing.
I want to.
But no, I don't have the heart for competitions.

Ah well.
Meeting today confirmed quite a few events.
29th Feb 2008, Friday, is the confirmed date for our next performance.
And practice for us will resume this sunday onwards.

Prinsep Street was overly crowded today.
The indians were rehearsing for... well to be honest I don't know what, but yeah, we could hardly move.

I think my legs are broken.
I told Tat sin and Xue Wei my joints are broken.
Tat Sin just said, but your legs are still here leh.

Stupid NAFA.

I haven't rested since I got back home.
I rushed out of the house within the hour I got home this evening for the meeting.
And stood almost all the way till now.
I'm extremely tired.
And I don't think I can stay awake any longer.

Test tomorrow, and I have not touched the book.
But you know what, I don't give a damn.
Not now.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cosplaying DeathNOTE?

Cosplaying Deathnote characters?
I've seen pretty Misa-s.
But its sorta common now eh?

But well, wait till you see this!

The ultimate deathNOTE cosplay!

credits to sgcafe's gundam mk2.


Death NOTE indeed!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm sleepy now.
So can I just let the pictures talk?
And summary: I went to Yan's house to slack after saying hi to tong and liana and a certain rara lookie alike.

Finally applied for Hei sushi's VIP card.

This sweetie is FAT.
And it was sitting in a bicycle basket.
I guess it loves cozy and small places.
Human-friendly cat, purrs when you tickle its chin.

Heard that it learned the sit-in-baskets skill from its mama.
Raymund took photos of it and then told me to look.

"See! The photos I took are so nice!"
I looked at his cellphone screen and saw the cartoon Garfield.

New member: My belated Christmas Prezzie from Leaking.

Ang Tu Kuey.

And yours truly, the ugly auntie.


I am still very very stressed.
I need to give an answer to Amos really soon.
And yet I don't have a clue how to.

I talked to Carissa.
She said I should go for it.
But the huge commitment that will come after I get through the auditions....
Simply too heavy to handle.

To be or not to be.
That's a question.
Shakespeare, that is one great line you have there.
I'm stressed.


I went shopping today with Yan and Leaking.
I bought NOTHING.
And they were late for 1hr 20mins.
Had loads of laughter, nevertheless.

what I said: kiss on my zui ba (mouth)
Yan heard: Kiss on my chee bye.


I laughed through the journey of three stations.


Demo recording went well.
It was one-on-one recording with Amos, the ever so terrifying principal of Hark.
I was... really stressed.
After all, I was recording a self-composed song, by a fellow hark-ie.

And Amos gave me alot... compliments.
Which made me stress even further.

"This song will sound great with your voice."
"Your voice might just make his song sell."
"You are really high in standard to me cause you have a unique voice and good techniques."

A compliment from him is really very very very rare.
I've seen the way he critics.
I tell you, it kills.

You may think I'm boosting.
But I'm not.
Do you know how much stress and pressure these words weigh?

I was pretty outspoken today.
And I was really glad I wasn't reserved with my voice.
I was singing the song in my own way.
I guess the confidence came from the compliments as well.

After the demo was done, Amos interviewed me.
For what?

Hark is holding yet another competition.
And, he wants me to be in it.
This will be not only a bigger event with a bigger stage.
No, its not held in the humble adobes of Hark Music.
So no, its not that small stage.
It will be a showcase as well as a great form of stress.

I know, I know.
Its another step forward in my career path.
But I'm not ready.
Not another competition for me, not yet.
But chances always come when you're not ready, eh.

I can't.....
But maybe I can.
I'm all stressed out.
And I have to answer him by Tuesday.
My gosh.


I want to perform.
Singing is my life.
I want to perform as a singer.
not a competitor.



Saturday, January 19, 2008

I wonder what's wrong with me.

I woke up abruptly by the alarm of my phone.
But not before the dream of my woke me up.

I dreamt i was crying.
Throughout the whole dream, I was crying.
I couldn't stop.
The thing is, I was well-aware it was only a dream.
I was telling myself to wake up, but I couldn't eh.

Now I realised what I dreamt about were things that I'm afraid of.

Of heights.
I was put high up into these multi-storey weird mattresses. The thing is, Carrie was there. MRS HENG was there. And Carrie fell. FACE DOWN.

And of losing friends.
I dreamt that my friends (who, I don't really remember) were going on a holiday.
And I refused to go along.
I just cried and cried.

Then I was at this kopitiam with my grandma and some other guy.
I was crying again, telling them I don't want to grow up without my parents and friends and my family.

SO basically the whole dream I was crying.



Demo recording today!
I thought I forgot the melody but when I see the lyrics,
the melody will just spin in my head.
Heng ah.
I thought it was a demo without lyrics, so when I saw those dancing words, I almost fainted.

But before all~
I'm finally meeting up with the best friend.
And her sister.
But... Shopping.... for what sia.

YUN! Your blackhead remover arrived!
So did my ELF lipgloss =D

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm hungry...

And tired...

And i think a cough is coming up.

The thing is...

I have to record a demo for a self-composition by a Hark Student tomorrow.



Now i have the demo song and lyrics in my head.
Sppinnnninggggg around!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not a proud ex-student.

Not a proud ex-student from my Secondary school.

After tong got off the bus, she messaged me that a couple of boys and girls from my ex-school were all in rage and ready to fight.
And then, there are another bunch, littering around in the Void Decks.

Then tong asked: How do you feel being an ex-siglapian?
My answer?

"I came from the rubbish bin, I don't have a secondary school."

I thought the school was improving.
I thought, lah.
Bu obviously it wasn't true.

Kailin told me that there's alot of such things under her block, which is opposite the school.
I don't want to admit I'm from that school.

Can I?

I've dropped a call to the general office.
Should have dialed the extension straight to find Mr Anwar.
He knows me anyway.
Just have to report to him, I'm the first ChairMan of the Guzheng Esemble.
Plus, my pictures are all around the school =.=

I thought I graduated honorably (with stupid results)
I guess I was wrong.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I don't feel like updating about my stupid life at the moment.

Other than having another concert on the 29 Feb, which is a friday,
and tat sin is in Ipoh (lucky fellow)
and that I have a meeting with Amos lao shi next tuesday...

Which reminds me. Next tuesday is NAFA test.
Which means, I have to run till I drop, fall flat on my face, rush home, drown myself in the shower and rush out again to Douby Gouht.

Oh woe is me.

Online shopping became an addiction.
Not too bad, actually.

My waiting list:

ELF Cosmetics Spree (expected arrival 18Jan) ~ 10bucks for 4 cosmetics
JE551 Spree (expected arrival 30Jan) ~ 30bucks for 2 dresses
Korean Apparel Spree (better come before CNY) ~ 30bucks for 1 shorts 1 dress
Shoes Spree (Before CNY, promised by organizer) ~ 32bucks for 2 pairs of CHIO shoes
ELF instocks - 3.20bucks
Care premakeup cream - 3.20bucks

Wa. I win le lor. Look at all the money I spent online.
I practically settled EVERYTHING for CNY online.
But its super worthed all the money.
Cheap lah, cheap.
You tell me, $108 you can buy what in far east?
Nothing much lors.

Maybe I'm just consoling myself.
No more spreeing (unless ELF muahaha) until CNY is over.
Oh wait, did I just see another chio top selling at 12bucks? o.o
Eh, hee hee.



Is current having patent belts preorder!
Cheap lah.

Selling it at $5.50 each ! 3 for $5 each !
State a second choice of colour in case your first choice of colour is unavailable.

Capping at 10orders now!
We already have like, 6orders.
Ironically all by Me, Yvonne and Tong.
Friends get discounts =P

We have New Future shorts...
I LOVE NY tees...
I love my BF tees...
Little Miss/Mister Tees
Puffy Hearts Necklaces...

Come come come.


Ey sia la.
I haven't studied.



Sunday, January 13, 2008


The AS team people went to Kenny Rogers for Dinner at Marina Square!
It was quite good, and worthed it.

In the morning, Tim, Jeng Loon, Hiyu jie and I headed to Kbox at Cine!
Actually we almost forgot we were meeting Jeng Loon at Tampines first and only realised it before when the train doors opened.

Kbox was a blast~
We got high.
And I had curry katsu don.
Curry makes Jeslene Happy.

After which, while waiting for my brother, we went walk walk around in Cine.
I saw someone who made my heart flutter and my face red =X

Went to Kinokuniya @ Taka~ Before heading to the supermarket.

I don't understand how can a bone/pig trotter like thing can be labeled as PIZZA TOPPINGS.

And someone broke a pack of eggs. O.o

Met up with the rest at City Hall and off we went to Kenny Rogers!

6 of us had quarter Chicken with 2 sides and a corn muffin.
Terrence chose to have Roasted Chicken Pita.
And for my sides, I chose Potato Salad and Cheese Macaroni.

I think Kenny Rogers too rich lah. The Cheese is DAMN ALOT LAH!
I was full eating the sides.
So the chicken potion is just nice.
$13.90, so quite worthed also.

Then it was camwhoring time!
(with my phone as well as Jeng oon's professional cam XD)

Playing with features in my phone.
Tim was my victim cuz he's the birthday boy PLUS he was sitting beside me. =P

Effects effects~

That's why I say never let your brother play with whatever that's on the table.
I have a kee siao brother.

Headed back to tampines soon after...
And a walk in Tampines Mall and Century Square.
I need shoes for CNY.
Only like my 30bucks ones *Yeah, the same old pair*

In the end only bought the red red red nail polish for Jie's future use.
And Brassssssss.

Home home home after that.
And now I'm darn sleepy.
I just want to finish this entry.


I had a video call with him last night.
To be frank, it was darn awkward.
We ended the call within 5mins.
But well, at least we talked.
And well, face to face, or sorta.



Tong, don't gossip gossip lah you!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oh No!

Mocca - I Think I'm In Love With You

If you got an eerie feeling
after hanging up the phone
Sort of happy feeling
but you're not sure what it's called

If you're haunted by his face
whenever you're asleep at night
And think you hear his silly voice
just calling out your name

Oh, no! I think I'm in love with you..
Oh, no! I'm hoping you'll want me too
So, please.. don't let me down!

Just can't help but talk about him in every conversation
Till your friends are sick and tired of that same old crap

If you start wearing make up even when you go to bed
Crying like a baby when you hear a mellow song

Oh, no! I think I'm in love with you..
Oh, no! I'm hoping you'll want me too
So, please.. don't let me down!


NO NO, I'm not in love with anyone! (unless you count, you know, Chris~lol)
I just like this song!
This is my current blogsong by the way =)
Isn't it just super true?
I feel exactly the same way when I fall for someone.

So cute!

If I'm currently in love, I say I'm in love with my Performing Team 2 aka the Ji Lang Ji Pua.

Just don't wanna regroup.
I mean, so attached to them already, and so usedto everything.
But sometimes changes make better performances.
I shall see.

But I know all 4 of us wanna stick together.
Alan even went to tell Yvonne we are sticking together.
I told them I won't let them go without raping all of them.
*jes grins*



Give it a listen, it was rather challenging. =D


BWAH. I watched the whole performance video from my mum's cam yesterday.
And I realised, what tong said was true.
But i think its like what I explained lah, height issues.

Oh I went to see the doc today.
He said my face is cause of RASHES.
So I'm RIGHT! Its rashes.
Allegy to Alkali and Acid.
I'm not allegic lah, but he said it might be an overdose.

Doc said will heal within 2months, depending. Must be patient. =(((


I saw on an online newsite.
They did a test on fruit flies.
Steam them (not that hot steam lah) with alcohol.
They got drunk and they went to mate with other flies.

They did some gay actions.
And the other party seemed to enjoy also. =X

Ya anyway, the test was trying to prove the fact that alcohol does lead to "any o how" sex.

Don't get drunk,
what if you woke up and you realised the person next to you, sleeping naked is...




Friday, January 11, 2008

Hark Performing Team Concert

All's well ends well.
I'm so glad the concert is over, but Amos said there will be another one coming in March.
And he said, there might be some regrouping, and I'm like, so upset lah.

I've grown so attached to Alan, Xue wei and Tat Sin.
Its an emotion differernt from the competition, and more like, really good friends.
Really in love with all of them, ipromised to rape them. =D

Back to the concert.
Its a wow for a first performance as a band.
Today's performance for us went rather well.
At least I didn't go out of tune.
And heng i remember the harmonising note for Zhu Wo Sheng Ri Kuai Le.
I don't wanna get chopped by Amos.

Now i'm really drained out and tired.
Shall rest really soon,

Thanks Carrie and Tong, who came today!
(even tho tong was hardly listening cuz she's staring at tat sin and a certain cowboy...)
And yun for staying up to wait for mmy return =)
PS: I love ji lang ji pua. =D
One post before I head to sleep...

Well, just got home from the Concert Rehearsals and I was informed:


Which means tomorrow shall be a fullllllll house in the studio.


Wa lao eh.


Practice and rehearsal turned out really well, to my surprise.
There was alot of laughter and jokes.
And singing was almost perfect.
I didn't laugh.

Amos was extremely kind with his words tonight.
We didn't get much negetive comments, which is phewwwwww.

He said vocals overall is good, nothing much to comment about.


I shall go sleep.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tags to complete...

From Xuan's friend to Xuan and to me. Lol.


7 things/people i dislike in 2007

1. Teabags.
No, not lipton or dilmah. But CHA BAO, TROUBLE.

Sickening jerk. Most people don't know the story yet, but well, he's got a grilfriend and he's chasing after me and his girlfriend called to say I'm a slut. Tell you what, poor GF, you have a jerky BF.

3. Century Eggs and Peacocks.
Nope, haven't got over them.

4.Secondary school kids. (THIS! I have to agree with Xuan. Tsk.)
I tell you, they get more and more annoying by the year. Not only do they blast their handphone mp3 music in the public and gossip outloud when you're trying to have some peace in the buses, but they have upgraded themselves into singing zombies and excellent auntie seat snatchers, while trying to act innocent, albeit failing horrendously.

GO GO GO AWAY! Stop telling me I won something out from nowhere! And friends or not, stop referring me to them! You telemarketers are the reason why those poor kids trying to get me to do surveys are downright rejected.

6. Network marketing.
Its an evil religion. Shivers.

7. LITTLE BOYS who think they are not in the fault when they are indeed in the fault.
Need me to say more? Twit languages and broken english and a small library of hokkien vulgarities vocab. Absolute turn off.

7 new year resolutions

1. Sing

2. Sing

3. Sing. Aish. I tell you, I still have a long long way to go. With this sucky voice of mine i can go NOWHERE.

4. Pick up Pop Keyboard and Guitar. Where else, Hark music school lah! Make full use of Performer rebates =D

5. Graduate from ITE and head on. To where, perhaps MDIS.

6. Forget about someone, for like, finally.

7. Stay happy.

7 things you will do in your country if are the government

1. Make September 29 a nationwide holiday!

2. Make the country call me the Bigung, and only Carrie has the right to call me Bibibibibi.

3. Homosexual Rights APPROVED! Aye, come on lah, they are also humans in love!

4. Increase the earnings of people in the country.

5. Agree with Xuan, BAN smoking =P

6. Make school holiday last longer...

7. Demand the SHRI to stop organising torturing events like the darn HR challenge.

7 random friends

1. Tong
2. Xuan
3. Carrie
4. Maryanne
5. Yun
6. Paul
7. hui

Now please rank them:

Most Stubborn:

1. Carrie
2. Tong
3. Maryanne
4. Yun
6. Paul
7. hui

Most serious:

7.hui (oops)

Most patient


Most butterfingers (this is darn difficult)

1.Tong (who ask you always drop things~)
2.Maryanne (the best drop pens candidate)

Most punctual

1. Maryanne
2. Hui
7.Carrie (erh, heehee)

Most likely to cry when watching a sad movie

7.Xuan (You, too much gore)

Most over-the-top reaction

1.Tong (I see booooo- *tong jumps up and slap my arm*)
2.Hui (hello i remember the 2dollars incident)
5.Carrie (lizards make her scream)

Most Sarcastic

1-7: I tell u, its a tie. LOL.

7 animes you love

That was easy =P

2.Hana Kimi
The manga, lah.

3. Love Celeb
Shinjo Mayu ROCKS!

4. Zettai Kareshi
Just.. reread. LOL.

5. Tsubasa Chronicles
I tell you, I have nothing to hate about this anime. KAN NICE.

6. Hell Girl
One impressive anime.

7. XXXHolic
Scary enough, makes people think too.

7 Celebrities you adore

1. Utt
2. Wilber Pan
3. Mike He
4. Show Luo
5. Yamashita Tomohisa
6. Takizawa Hideaki
7. ...Xie zhi. =P

Tag 7 people:

...I lazy sia.



Tagged by numerous killers:

A. Found in my Room
1. Mangas

B. I'hve always wanted to
1. Pounce on hp guy
2.Rape ah tong
3.Travel around the world
4.Be rich till I rot, divide the money to the poor.
5. Own a castle with all the cute guys and money. =D

C. Found in my Bag
1. Wallet
2. Makeup pouch
3. Tissue
4. Sweets
5. Air

D. Found in my Wallet
1. Discount cards and vochers
2. IC
3. Money
4. Photos
5. ATM card

E. I am currently into
1. Hp guy
3. Weeeek! By News
4. Chinese New Year shopping
5. Singing

Anyone who have not done this, do it. =)


School is monotonous.
I'm monotonous.
School kills.
Kills me.

I miss hp guy.
Big butt cannot replace him at all.

One more month to half a year,
and I'm still stranded here, refusing to move on.

Comments by Adrian, Alan, Adelene and Carrie:
Jeslene lee lost her elegance and is now an ah pek who has nothing to do after her teabreak and chess session, thus leading to cracking cold jokes.

The end.

Monday, January 07, 2008

One day a father gets out of work and on his way home he remembers that it's his daughter's birthday. He pulls over to a toy store and asks the salesperson, “How much is the Barbie on the display window?”

The salesperson answers, “Which one? We have:

Work out Barbie for $19.95

Shopping Barbie for $19.95

Beach Barbie for $19.95

Disco Barbie for $19.95

Divorced Barbie for $265.95

The amazed father asks: “What? Why is the Divorced Barbie $265.95 and the others only $19.95?”

The salesperson annoyingly answers:”Sir…, “Divorced Barbie comes with:

Ken's Car,

Ken's House,

Ken's Boat,

Ken's Furniture,

Ken's Computer and…

One of Ken's Friends.


Too tired today, shall leave ya all with a joke I saw on a friend's blog.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Today's the last day of holidays....?
(Jes sulks)

Well, at least I had a extremely satisfying singing session with Ah Boo.
She forced me to my highest note.
Tell me, who will sing Bei Pan and Shi Jie Wei Yi De Ni in UP 4 KEYS?
Us lo, us.

These two songs are high enough on its original key.
But we up-ed 4 keys.
Imagine the calories I lost hitting all the notes.
Everyone who walked past looked in. HAHAHA.
The Kbox people are like: these 2 are crazy.
But great singing today indeed, perfect practice for Concert.

SO~ Before Boo head for her Vocals Lesson in Hark, we had a shopping trip.
By the time we came out of Kbox, we were out of voices.
Boo said that she will tell Xinyun, her instructor (not my nuffnang xinyun la!) that its my fault for up-ing the 4 keys.

Boo the spender bought 50bucks of items.
Jeslene? Erh.
1 tunic... Studs...
14bucks lah. Cheapo Jeslene.

Speaking of Xinyun the instructor, Boo informed me she was the 1st runner up in Talentquest 2006.
And Aaron Ye, he took over Kelly Poon's class for 3 week/months, which, i don't remember.
But impressive enough.
I was in Talentquest 2005, but only got through like... a bit. LOL. My voice then was still immature. Win liao loh, these people.
And sheesh.
How come Hark is filled with all these talents?! O_O

See ah, Xinyun(laoshi~) is already hiong enough..
Then we have got Alex(laoshi~) who used to be from J3 in superband...
Amos is one... scary... principal, respectable one at it.

Why did I only realise it NOW, when I'm there for like, 3 years.

Tat sin is another superman.
Instructor at Mu Chuan, the Ming Ge Can Ting.
Performer as well, in Mu Chuan.
Learning song writing in FunkyMonkey...
And a vocalist alongside me, xuewei and alan in Hark.

Win le lo!!

What am I?
Asst Stage Manager in local concert performers company.
Vocalist and host.
And Hark performer.

Seems like I have alot more to achive.


Me is trying to tao bi the fact I'm going back to school tomorrow, thus those craps above.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

After reading Daisy dear's blog, I realised I haven't really been camwhoring.
I must continue to camwhore.
Well, lets see how long will my blogging last.
I've been blogging in Xanga since... was it year 2002 or 2004, I don't remember.
All of a sudden it hits me...

I'm 20 years old.

I exclaimed that during thursday's rehearsal to Carissa, Xuewei, Alan and Tatsin.
They just stared at me.
Then Alan told me I'm extremely young.
I'm like, fine, compared.

I make no sense.
I'm having a headache right now and it's making me giddy.

I headed out with my mummy today, to Tampines St 81 for walkwalk.
Mum was really impatient and all, cause something happened in her workplace.
I tell, you, speak of the devil... We saw the person who caused all the trouble in the Optician.
My mum say, tio buay pio also not so zhun.

Went to ka jiao tong for a little while.
Mum forced me to try on a tunic from Iora.
Got to talk to the 'gay' tong was telling me about.
He is... fine la. Not very gay.
To be honest... He's cute leh.
*Runs away from tong*


*Jes calms down*

Someone intro me a boyfriend please.
(Throws looks of hints at daisy dear and hiyu jie)

This is the moon.
One fine night I was walking in the house when I realised its unusually bright.
Stared up into the sky and saw the moon.
No clouds in the skies, just the moon.
How romantic.
Too bad I was the only one to see it, and I have no one to ka jiao that night regarding this~

I saw this tile stickers at DIY today.
Like at that TIGGER!

I was bored.

Make extensions using photoshop loh.
To be honest a bit fake la, esp at the bottom.
But but but.
For fun!


Last day of my holidays shall be spent at Kbox wtih CARISSA!
Woo hoo!
Aaron has to work on Sundays, can't join us.
Carissa and I named him damangren.

Someone remind me to camwhore tomorrow please!


I was stunned by MC King's departure yesterday. =(
He lives in the audiences' hearts.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Hello people...
Am currently listening to 5566's new album now.
Yeah, I'm still a 56 fan.
I went to preorder their album.
But... hmm... Maybe I need a few more listens to that album.
Current Fav is the duet Renfu and Xiezhi sang, Xin Ru Dao Ge.

I feel like listening to Weeeek! again.
Need something to perk me up.
I'm not emo or what, just a little tired.
I think its pre-new-term depression.

*Jes falls into a whirlpool of depression.*

Welcome to the world, Baby cousin Issac!
I personally love this picture, that's his daddy by the way.

Saturday was Kbox with Yun, tong and hui.

I want to sing more. More, i need more singing. If not I will drown. Heck, I'm serious! =(

Okay, back on track, bought these fake nails for CNY. Pretty, i think. =)

This was before I headed for rehearsals.
Xuewei, Alan and I were on MSN talking about the session last night.
We had quite a few common views on how.. well, bad the rehearsal turned out.
I love it when we get together and give each other suggestions without fear we will offend anyone.
Its a blessing.

But the conversation went haywire when they questioned why I didn't dare to look at Tat sin when we're singing together.
I cannot stop laughing lah, when I stare at him.
He was professional enough, he didn't laugh and he made quite some attempts to look at me.

My dear xue wei and alan started saying I'm shy cause I like him... then something about they wanting to match make me and him then be free hosts for our wedding.
These people, over 26years old already still so childish.
But nevertheless, love them to bits. =D


This entry makes no sense.
Its just a random.
I just feel like blogging.

Events are still fresh in my mind.
Its driving me crazy.
I can cry, but I've stopped.
Its all over yeah?

Everything will hurt all over again when your past huants you.
Everything will seem wrong.
But there's nothing else you can do.
I don't want to stay put on square one.

It won't be Jes if she stays this way.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hello 2008.
Am i a little too late in greeting you?

Bye bye 2007, you had been a very fruitful year.
With gains and lost.

2007, what you left me with was alot more than I expected.
I made so many friends this year.
I outdone myself in my singing career.
I have so many things to be glad of.

Nevertheless, you took away someone in my life.


没关系,我会要回来的 =)


Back from rehearsals.
Can die, i tell you.
Everyone is darn good.

Cannot look at tat sin while singing.
Can laugh.
WILL laugh.
Must overcome.

I need to sing now.
I need to.
I feel so heavy all of a sudden.
Yet I'm utterly glad, that my singing career is back on track.
My parents let me head out late in the night cause I have singing.
That's good enough for me.

2008 seemed good so far.
Will be better, i hope.

And as last year, I shall write out the major things in my life on 2007:

  1. I headed back to Hark Music for Hark Music Student Singing Competition after 1 year of MIA-ing in Hark. Finals was unexpected, that I'm there.
  2. I made so many friends. My dears from Hark and darlings from nuffnang etc.
  3. I learned more about myself, and about performing.
  4. Confidence level grew.
  5. Lost someone important.
  6. Became a part of Hark Music Performing Team. And a concert of our own is coming soon.
Well well well...

I can only say: In love there is no measure of time.




Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY NEW.... year.....


I tell you, old already, cannot stay awake overnight.
Cannot make it.

My new year celebration =


From finger foods, to clam chowder, to cha soba, to peach strudel.

And DRINKS of course =P

Chivas, one whole giant bottle.
I still have like, 1/6 of it left.

Red Wine!
But didn't drink it.
Chivas was enough.

Happy 2008 people!


Saw my baby cousin today.
One sweet little thing.
but I'll blog about him someday else.

I stayed awake overnight because I couldn't sleep well.
I'm now well drained after the visit to my Uncle's house.