Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday 2011

Ah well.

I didn't have motivation to blog lol.

But since I have some time now, I shall lol.
If not, the only person who reads my blog, who is working in a certain travel agency will be thinking why aint she updated with my life =P

Short entry with my birthday celebrations this year!

It was nothing much, lol.
It was more of a friends gathering, with loads of warmth and love.

On my birthday itself, I was working anyway.
BF was unable to take leave for that day, thus I decided I might as well go and get chasing my datelines.

My lovely colleagues and boss gave me a sweet surprise while I was doing my reception duties.
Jessie my boss bought me a bouquet so big I got aching arms hahah.

Which then, they gave me a mini party haha. And there you can see, my ladies and CEO in the picture =D

My dearest Tong came to accompany me after work and after a shopping spree, we went home to where I sang the birthday song with my family + pizza for dinner slurps.

Since tong and my birthday is 1 week apart, the ITE ladies always make the effort to gather on one day where we can sit and update each other with life.

I'm missing them already. :(

Angry birds cake! They taste surprisingly nice =D

And on Friday, 30th September 2011, we made a trip to Sentosa!
I found this promotion package thing online:

Underwaterworld + Butterfly Insect Kingdom + Sentosa Rider pickup = $35

Since UWW entrance fee already costs like $26? Why not take this instead? =D

And off we went!

There were honestly, more photos, but they are all stuck in Tong's DSLR, which till date I have not seen any lol

I had fun, really =D
Dinner was at Sushi Tei, which I was deeply satisfied with the food I had.
Shiawase desuuuuu!

That pretty much sums up my celebrations =D

It was nothing much actually, compared to last year where I booked a chalet to celebrate.

I probably spent all the chalet money on the food and all I had for my birthday haha.
Nevertheless, I am grateful for the love and blessings =)

I'm glad to have a loving family who listens to my woes and happiness.
I'm glad to have a bunch of friends whom I don't meet often, but always make an effort to care for me.
I'm glad to have a bestie Yan who remembered me for always, and sent me a birthday parcel and a card which made me tear, and gave me strength to move on.
I'm glad to have a wonderful boyfriend, Sky, who led me through my darkest canal (cause it was like dark and wet cause I cried all the time? lol). and the one who dreamt that I gave birth to a baby girl. LOL.

if you are reading this,
I really got over the matter already.
You girls are still my friends no matter what.
However awkward we may be now, I just want to let you know I still remember you.
I dreamt of you girls last night haha.

In all, I'm just really happy with all I have now.
Contented, and nothing better.

Bye for now, people =) I hope your life will be like mine: Contented and blessed =)