Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bringing bunny home!

So I was complaining in my twitter regarding a bad breeder experience.

It all started with me contacting this breeder cause I was looking for a bunny companion. I have always wanted a bunny ever since fluffy died (a white local bred bunny) and bingo my dog left us :(

And after some time I finally convinced my parents to let me have one.

I went to view this lop ear, 8mths old boy. And fell in love cause it was showing me affection. And so I made arrangement with the breeder to bring the boy home on Wednesday, next week (which was yesterday) cause I needed time to search for a perfect house and accessories for the new friend.

And when Wednesday finally came , problems started to arise.

First the breeder told me: some thing cropped up, let's meet tomorrow instead. I told him I can't, cause bf wouldn't be on his off day and I can't just go alone late, like 9pm?

And so he said ok, I'll just ask someone to pass to you as per original plan. I said ok. This means something cropped up with him, not the rabbit.

7pm, I reached boon lay with leaking and Raymond. He message me saying he cannot make it again. I decided to ask bf to talk to him, cause you know, man to man? Lol.

And out of nowhere he said the rabbit is at the vet and sick. We called multiple times but we were ignored.

When he finally picked up, he told us the rabbit died. We were shocked and asked to see the carcass, even if it meant going to the vet location.

He told us it's his private vet and he just continued with more excuses.

Bf then hung up, frustrated.

I was super upset!
U spent so much money to make a perfect home for a rabbit you wanted so much, but end up getting told he's dead?

I whatsapp this lady who contacted me some time back regarding bunnies. And she agreed for us to view her bunnies.

Thanks to her, and her friendly husband, we now got this little one, 5weeks old lop. But ears still pointy lOl.

This little one is mischievous!

But adapted to it's new home nicely.
Now I'll try to house break it :)

Feeling thankful towards the couple for this little one. They made time for us to view the bunnies, when they are preparing to head towards the airport for a holiday towards Korea!

Right now, it's just more getting used to the little one and vice versa!