Monday, March 12, 2012

Here & Now.

Sometimes I think a blog isn't the best of place to record how one feels.

Recently, I saw through broken hearts' fake façade.

They, were holding on hard, but to be forced to consider the probability of letting go.
Something they have worked hard for but to leave without it...
The pain is way beyond our imagination.

Im glad to say, I'm not in the lorry of bad emotions as of now.
I do have a doubt thrown around my heart and brain once in a while.

Like - How am I going to endure the harsh fights?
How am I going to change my expectations for him?
How am I going to change myself for the better, to be less of a jealous bomb here and there?

So many questions, awaiting answers.
But I guess I'm just holding on for the sake of love.
Cheesy isnt it?

Its a Monday today.
I hope I don't have to be dyed blue for too long.
I dont wanna be blue's clues. (Ha-ha.)

Hopefully those experiencing the emotional roller coasters will be back on flat land soon.
Life's too short to be upset for long.

A little song to sooth the rocky road ahead: