Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I shouldn't think too much
I think too much until....

  • The clouds turn into cotton candy.
  • Night turn into day.
  • Orange become Or-leng.
  • English became Enguish.
  • Happy become sad.
  • Knn become Kns.
  • Arbo den become Ar Ber den.
  • Lychee turn into LaChee.

*heaves a sigh*

*Jeslene took a sip of hot tea from her cup and stared at the sky.*
Jus out for the shower.
The first thing that came to my mind when I woke up at 6.30am was:

Can I don't go school not.........!?

My mind started spinning with numerous exuses for both my parents, and Ms Lee.
But decided to still go to school

For the sake of exams.
And project.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Finally blogger allowed me to update.
I actually wanted to update this significant entry
About Jeslene Lee.
But now I lost all snese of thinking already.

Bear with me.


Sometimes I think life is just amazing.
Why did I ever grew so fast?
From thin to fat.

I swear I look like my daddy when I'm still a baby. And what am I laughing so huge for?!
Can see I've been a cheerful girl since a long time ago la.

I forgot where this is, but that's my dad, me and my brother. I think I'm only primary 1 or 2.
At those times, I was rebellious.
Imagine, such a nerdy looking girl, actually fought with boys (breaking one's arm at it)
and played truant.
My parents didn't want to pick up the phone cause they know teachers rung to complain.

Primary 4 or 5, at my student care centre, and we were performing a few songs for the people around the estate.
I still remember how to sing the songs.
Ru guo xin zhong you ai. XD
I missed everyone in student care.
I'm only in contact with vanessa.
Theres a piano in student care, and I play it all day long.
That's where Pachabel's Canon and some songs came from.

See how sideways I am?
Primary 6, in Chong Zhong Primary sch.

And then, I arrived at Siglap Secondary school,
Where I met my bestest friends.
Where I have my first crush. ^^;;
And where I have a stage to sing.

That was the period of time,
I met him.

Taken from my picture book. Haha.
We were late for CCA assembly cuz we went to bugis.
I was the chairman of Guzheng, so it was darn malu.

Taking up Art in Siglap Sec wasn't my choice.
I thought I was good, but there were better.
Yan was one great example.
but I never regretted the time spent with these people.
They are eternally my friends.
This photo was taken by Roman, and it was almost towards the end of the year.
Behind stood out O lvl art pieces we spent 1 freaking year doing it.

Actually I hate this picture.
I hate this mag for posting my picture.
Now it's framed and placed outside the General Office in Siglap Sec.

My days in siglap.....
Loads of singing.
Always picked up by teachers to be singing chinese new year songs and such.

After I graduated, I was throughly diappointed with my results.
I cried.
I walked home from pasir ris.

And I decided something:
I am going to rest a year from school.
Retake my O lvls. (Then STILL FAIL LAH. Arbo why you gurls still see me in ITE)
I am going for my music career.

I joined Hark Music.
I took up comtemporary vocals.
I auditioned in the Backstage.
I am a live concert artise.

And I worked in Cottage pies for 1 year half.

I decided, going ITE isn't that bad.
I became so much more confident, and I was proud of it.

So I ended up in ITE Bishan.
And met these ladies who made a difference in my life.
I felt like a naggy mom within these girls.
I even nagged Carrie, the oldest of us all.
I think they will kill me.

But nevertheless,
I love them.

My life is stable, with loads of things hovering above my head.
But I'm still trying to stay happy.
Because right from the start,
I was a happy baby.



Loves, all!
I use other comps can.
Use my como cannot.

wad are u all doing?!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let's just say a sad thing.
I have to edit my old post juz to make it a new post.
Because blogger do not allow me to put a new post.
A blank page will juz come out on mozilla firefox,
and an error page will come out on Internet Explorer.

Posted the question on the help forums.
No one even answered.
What are you guys doing?

Have loads to blog on
but I cannot.

So you guys just wait ba.
If this problem isn't solved.
I cannot do anything also.

Friday, February 23, 2007





Feeling kinda...... Unstable.
When I try not to go out with some people and give loads of excuses,
it meant that I don't feel comfortable with them.
Everytime I give fake laughter...
And they are not able to see through it,
that would be it.

Heaving a huge sigh took all my breath away.

Woke up early morning to go meet hui.
Took a cab down to hougang.
Waited and waited for taxis but none seem to come.
Wherever I go I see people flagging for cabs.
Did some fa xie sessions today.
It worked a little for me.
But am hoping hui enjoyed some of the fa xie-ing too.

I actually did some project stuffs today.
Oh wonders!

I know this entry's a little dull...
But for weekends coming, I see nothing much that associates with the word, 'Fun'.
Maybe it's just cause I'm not as outgoing as I might seem.
Am no social buterfly.
Maybe am a creepy centipedes.

Btw, there are people who make centipedes into sushi.
I just saw a picture.
Oh groossss.

Wonderful dark choc dounut in Bugis near SimLim. It's just heavenly. I swear it is heavenly.

I am so hungry, I have to visit VICTOR for his wonderful Hak Gaos. Oh bliss...

You seldom see empty streets in bugis. But at night, there's nothing much around, just empty, quiet surroundings.

The Titanic diaster.

Hello Kitty Hotel:

That's all for today. =)
Someone please cheer me.
I'm losing all sense of security, romance, love and whatsoever.

Take care.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I wanted to update long long long de.
But I got so lazy.

Cannot stop listening to Bao Bei, the one I recorded lol.
It's stuck in my head.
kept repeating it.
I could almost see him playing the song and singing with me.

Going Kboxing with Hui tomorrow.



Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I can only summerize my day with words that come alone.

Finally, the presentation is over. My hands were shaking so much, that yati actually said she noticed.
I am seriously not confident when it comes to talking in front of so many people.
But yet I feel the urge to speak out.
So contradicting!
It's like, I want to stand out, but I want to blend in too.

Let's just say I am relieved that it was over already.

Friday might be a holiday.
I'm crossing my fingers!
Another day's rest is always appreciated. XD

Am going to record Zen me Ban now.
Duet with Alda baby.

So longs dearies!
If I have things to add on later eg. abalone, sharkfin pictures
I will be back,
so do check back if u want =)





Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Xing Nian Kuai Le~
Happy Chinese New Year!
I am forbidden to say Happy New Year, cuz my mom says it's 1st Jan. So It must be Happy Chinese New year.

How's all the ang pow collecting coming along?
I've been to my great-grand mother's place, both my ah mah and popo's place and my Da Jiu's place.
And now I'm home doing presentation needs. =|
I know I haven't been updating for 4 days already.

So here comes a truckload of pictures!

New Year Eve, on the bus towards my ah mah's house, which is sickeningly located near macperson ite. I think the flattened ball looks erh, funny.

MeiChan's bag! it's all plastic! It's unique lah. But everyone can see what's inside and the handle looks painful. I wonder how are you going to carry it through in a train or bus when you're sitting down. But

I think this thing is sickening. It moves, and dance. Look at how it jerks. And the eyes lights up. No matter what, it's still sickening to me.

My brother and mummy. =) At my popo's place. My family went to my ah mah's place, and I followed my aunties and xiao jiu to my da jiu's place.

My Small Aunt and her three kids. While waiting for my xiao jiu to drive his car out of the carpark.

My xiao jiu's car has this! It's so....... erh...... Cute. LOL!.. I happen to be sitting at the princess side. Haha!

Some gold and silver people......

And loads of people in Bugis, Si Ma Lu! When the car was driving out, the people stare into the car and at me. Stare so hard, until I HAVE to stare back.

My small aunt's bag! It's so cute lah. But from here it isn't clear.

At my da jiu's place. And the love letter is omg-delicious! I devoured alot of chinese new year goodies while watching the Andy Lau movie, Muo Gong. Not bad, the movie, alot of inside politics and war strategies.

My dear xiao jiu. Aka Small uncle. Bleah. We intially wanted to go Karaoke, but k-ster seemed to be not operating, so hais. If not I can drag Cheryl, small aunt and xiao jiu all with me.

Flowers, at my da jiu's place.

Waiting to leave the house....

And I was driven home!

Ya lah, that's all.
I am going to enjoy for a little while before I start doing my presentation again!
Bought SHE shanghai concert DVD!
And the eye lash essence.

Well well.
Take care!

Cough cough cough, stop drinking coke if you're coughing and with a terrible sore throat!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Very very random rantings today.
Very, extremely random.

I am so respecting Zidane the foster now.
I asked him, why do men go: "darling, if you love me, you should have sex with me."
He just said: "Jes baby, I love sex but I don't do that okay."

Jeslene: "So, what if a girl kanna-ed that question?"
Zidane: "The girl should go: 'Darling, if you love me, you shouldn't ask me to do that.;"

Awww, such a sweetie. But in cleo's bachelor 2007, i found 2 guys hotter than he is.
Which reminds me, I saw Tacky and Tsubasa commercial board at sembawang and I almost had an orgasm.

Tong, maryanne and I went shopping at Bugis.
Darn crowded.
I reckon it's Juniors meeting day today.
I saw like 3 of my juniors. 2 of them were my GuZheng Juniors.
The guzheng girls are like, under lindy they all ba. I've only seen them once or twice.
But they remember me! Oh man.
Exchanged numbers with the girl Valentia. She told me Guzheng might be closing down, and join with Chiense Orchestra.
She said she dislike the orchestra ppl. =(
I think I'm the main culprit. Cuz when I was the chairman of Guzheng, Mrs Chua and I wanted a chinese orchestra by the year of 2006. I didn't know it would be taken so seriously.

Saw Yan and yan's mummy too. =)
Yan drinking watermelon juice. WAAAAAAH.

Ah tong looks nice in a top, but she denies it.
And I bought a slutty top.

So slutty. HAHAHA.

And everyone, behold!

AGENDA! The company's agenda! AND! I recieved this.
KILL ME. That fucking means I have an upcoming huge meeting.
I hate this. It reminds me of mins of meeting.
So irritating lah.

I shouldn't tie my hair today.
My head is whirling now.

New year is coming, but I have no mood or whatsoever.

Lovees babes and hunks!

Thursday, February 15, 2007



I see quite a few people with great vdays, so, I AM JEALOUS. *nudges Hiyu-neechan*

School was all right. Heng ah.....~
2 hours break and we went to eat Fried Fish beehoon.
The auntie and uncle are really nice people. =)
They even remember Maryanne likes to eat fishball noodles. =D
Went to J8 after that...
Bought a furry handphone deco to match the black heart ah tong gave me for Vday.

Dreadful Events Management presentation today.
I might not look nervous, but I freaking was.
But in the middle, when it was tong's turn to present, she kept leaning some of her weight on me when she used me as a support.
I was kneeling down on the floor cuz I was the one who did the presentation slides.
So her hand was on my shoulder, and I couldn't stand up.
I wanted to, cuz my legs are numb and I need to let the blood rush down to them.

But i couldn't!

So I started to giggle and giggle and I guess tong was a little influenced by me.
She scolded me:"Shut up lah!"
I managed to stand up after that and said: "But i didn't even talk!"
Finally it's over for EVM, I guess now I can relax a little before preparing for Biz Comm and Entre presentations.
And the 'rest a little' is only 2 days lah. Haha.

Went home alone after school, because tong and carrie had public speaking course.
It started raining in bishan and it got heavier when Hui and I reached the interchange.
I was so tired I fell half asleep while I was on bus 53. Half asleep meaning, I fall in and out of my lala world just to check if I'm reaching yet.
why, oh why am I so........ not relaxed lol.
Maybe I just don't wanna be transported to the last stop in bus 53, which is, cough, Changi Airport.

Tampines is freaking HOT. Not a trace of rain nor dark clouds.
Sickening lah.

I'm pretty much tired now. And I wished I could just sleep. But being Jeslene, I will not sleep until say, 11pm? Hahaha!


Taken on Valentine's Day, two of my favourite pictures of the batch of photos we took. Tong is freaking CUTE lah.

I saw this, this morning and I was like, WAH! DBS building GONE-ED lah!

Pooe huihui, I sticked all the sides of the photo stickers on her arm after I cut them out. Hahaha. And she so willingly allowed me to stick it on. XD

I want a KITTY. =(

Aw right. Am going off now~
I am SO SO tired.
Lovess dearies!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's, all dearies. =)
And thank goodness for Adelene's 3megapix phone cam.
Thosse pictures above are my unwanted flowers. Haha.
One from Adrian, and the bouquet from ah ze.
Can see the difference between the two pictures lah.
One is BLUR camera of mine, the other is wonderful camera of Ade.
RICH THEN LI HAI HUH. *slaps adelene*
No nid count le lah.
it's 99roses lah. But i think the sides of the bouquet looks like cabbage. =\
The whole thing looks like sea urchin.

He didn't call lah.

My valentine of the day is Tong.
I spent 17bucks of her money.

I hope my present to everyone didn't turn to lao sai tonight.
If it turned to laosai...... erh.
Complain tomorrow lah, okay?

EVM presentation tomorrow. So sucky.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tong got crazy today because of You-know-who-that-ccl-lah.
Must be so tender.

I almost died in school.
Tong is so extremely violent.
She misheard what I said and she just pushed me and slapped me.
Freaking painful.
Violence lah!

Valentine's tomorrow!
I guess other than the usual roses, blessings and all from my guys...
I can considered to be dateless ba.
But of course, loads of girls around me will love me like I'm a man.
I'm manly.
Going out with Siao Lala, Jojo, Tong to bugis tomorrow after school. =)
My dates.

Adelene got tell me say Ze's flowers arrived already.
Oh well.
I'm leaving it at her place i guess.
Not bringing them home. Risky.

Oh well:

My valentine's present to all. *coughnotlaosailahcough* On the surface are cashew nuts.

It looks kinda black here, but it actually looks ok in reality. -^.^-

This year I'm only giving to people who I am going to see on V Day itself, and those who gave me Vdae flowers haha. Very limited funds this year. Sorry to those who are not getting it!

All loves tho! =) *muackies*

When one is bored, she is really bored. That beanstalk thing is made by yours truely using disposable chopstick wrapper. Doooots.

Am tired now. It's already 11.14pm. I wonder why I took so long to write this entry.
Dont care le lah.



Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogger testing my patience man.
It got stuck like 3times and I have to retype like three times.

Today went pretty okay.
I cried during lessons, lol.
I was like, telling carrie how I felt about everything then I just cried.
But I regained my posture as quickly as those tears fell.
I can be proud of myself soon.
After all... I can see not much of my temper now.
Attitude, still giving it to those who deserves it...
But usually I will be smiling.
I hope everyone will cope just fine with life too.

I had a very unhealthy dinner just now.


Yes, it's Cashew Nuts, Coke Lime and Cup Noddles.
So unhealthy.
I wonder if I eat them all together, will I get cancer or not.
All I know is cucumber and peanut eat too much mixed will get something.
Jie Shi Zheng. The stone that one. I forgot what's it in English.

Very random:

Oh sweetie. If not for Bingo, I would have brought you home.... But I'm sure I will need Bingo for Chiense New year, he can be the liondance lion! Messy fur of his =\

Ah tong hate this. The Plasticine like small humans. Lol. Btw this is GROW ver 1 in www.eyezmaze.com.

No more pictures today.
Blogger hates me.
I wonder, maybe I hate it too. =|

I miss Zi, and the triple As.
When are you guys going to be FREE!

I know my blog very boring lah. Only got pictures.
If you think it's boring then don't read le ba.
Sorry for being sarcastic here.

Take care,