Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank goodness Orhorh's well again.
All is fine now, he's doing well and swimming!

ILY rayray!

*Hugs both bf and stingray*

Just a gentle reminder to all fellow owners who are keeping Arowanas or Stingrays.
Don't change your tank water for more than 75%.
Must: Good filtration for fishes like these.

Don't change your tank water on Friday, Sat and Sun.
PUB adds alot of chlorine to our local water source which are harmful to the fishes (which means, don't drink tap water too much either ppl)

Add some Kebutan leaves in to soften water condition!

If not, may result in PH shock or chlorine burn = chances in death of fish!

Just my two cents worthed of advice.
Reason of post?
Don't want anyone to learn about these the hard way.

Arowanas and rays are beautiful animals and well, appreciate them =)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snow Leopard so cute.

I managed to scare BF with a BOO!



Yeah, i'm just here to exclaim about this.

I'm very proud cause he never gets scared by me.
I'm so proud of myself.

*Grins with pride*

On another note, I love Fishball N ODL.
Okay, private joke.
Cause the coffee shop has this store and the store sign is FISHBALL NOODLE.
But the O and E fell off.
So it became FISHBALL N ODL.
ODL = OngDongLing = My BF.

The whole paragraph above is simplified as I love ODL.
Yeah that's it.


I love my baby tons.

ZA two way cakes rocks.
And their eye liners.
And Revlon foundations.

Yeah, that's my makeup must have.
Don't say I never suggest.

I'm a bit on the high side today.

Bf said that yesterday I'm so nice and quiet cause I have a headache.
Now I'm noisy and kept looking for fist fights with him.

Lazy to talk!

But anyway, here are the pictures taken on Friday night.
Instead of Hooters (which most prob was fully occupied) we had dinner at Waraku!

After which we headed for a walk all the way to Raffles Place train station.

I mean, Kaminabe.
Paper mini steamboat.

Okay lah, not that bad.
Miso soup was a tad too salty.

Had Salmon sashimi and Tamago sushi to go along with too!

Didn't take much of the food.

Soon, Kai and Ching.
Soon Wai ah, stop moving when I'm trying to take a picture!

The 'bouncing balls' towers.
They put you in a hamster ball and swing you either skywards, or pirate ship style.
I heard screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams!

But Ching said it wasn't all that scary.

Underground walk.

With a crazy paparazzi Ching.

We all know nights along Singapore River is always stunning.

Whose fingers?

And Kailin hiding behind him.

CBD Buildings.
I'm sure weekdays there would be more lights on in the buildings.

They looking at crab.
Seriously, if Sky's around he will go and catch them =.=

Yours truly.

My fantastic company!

The fullerton.

Candid camwhoring.
I didn't rape Kailin okay.

See, we're loving!


We're coming!

Raining cats and dogs.

(Digs her fav long sleeves out)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dinner at Waraku yesterday instead.
Will update more pictures when I get home later.

Tons of gossips about you.
Who? You!
You read my blog what!

I'm evil.
But I'm nice cause I don't name names in my blog =)

Call me crazy XD

Preparing to meet the BF now =)

My Pixon does wonders.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm feeling happy =)

Traded at least 4 pieces of my clothes for stuff that I liked.
Pretty dresses and tops.
At least I traded you know, instead of leaving them to rot!

I feel so bimbostical thinking about what to wear tomorrow night.
Having dinner at Hooters XD
OKAY now, the reason why I'm thinking what to wear is cause I hardly dress up these days.
Not because I wanna fight hooters with the hooters girls.
Its oh-so-im~possi~ti~table.

Reviews seem to be so-so.
But never hurt to try a little, since my taste buds ain't that picky.

Speaking of tastebuds,
I cooked stir fry Chee Cheong Fan for baby.

I swear its good okay.
I even marinated the prawns (ok, shrimpsssss) beforehand!
You can ask Sky Ong for truthful reviews of it.

I met up with Vaal baby at Bugis today.
Love her company, and please darling, don't feel any guilt at all!
Spending time with KKT is important =D

I was in a daze when I was on my way to Queenstown.
I just blanked.
And I continued that blankness all the way till 7pm.

My bf's is guilty so he's nice to me today.
I love it when he's feeling happy and all.

ILY Baby!

Oh, BFF dropped by BF's shop for jersey printing.
He was on the phone with me before he arrived there.
And yet he told BF to "Say hi to Jes for me later."

Act cute ah you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Really bored these days so I packed up some clothes for trades/selling.
All selling cheap cheap cheap lah.
Friends from my blog here can nego hahahaha!

Align Center

Check both links out! =D


Told ya I'm bored.

I xim tia my BF.

*Sayang my overworked baby*
My BFF (Best friend forever) and BF (Boyfriend) met each other today!
Face to face, as added by Mr Gabriel Ting.
I didn't introduce them!

Bff was asking about prices for printing jerseys at Bf's workplace lol!
My dear BF happened to be at the main shop and walked past Bff.
He told me: I was wondering, eh this person very familiar! Is it Gabriel?

Steady bo.

I can LAUGH man!


My dearest BF is very high.
He is currently singing Xuan Ze to me.

A moment ago he sang the full song of Jia Gei Wo to me.

He's still singing.
So cute.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Click to enlarge.

I think only Xinyun Jie would do something so silly with me.

<3s Jie.
Spent my Sunday cuddling with BF!

BF's mum cooks terrific food.
Yes I'm fatter, LALALALA!

I just woke up so I'm a little hysterical.
But okay fine, random, meaningless pictures for all to see.

(I do know my blog's boring yo XD)


History of alfredie here. (with super old unglam pictures)

I did said BF took him home.
So there he is, sitting at his bed!

Fierce like the owner, I say.

Which btw, I'm also the owner. =X

I told you,
the owner's very fierce.

But he's my mad love anyway.

I told you I nua-ed my day away!
I nua from my room to his room, still nua.

I'm very nua.

I don't know what talking me.
I'm pretty much in that high mood.

Eeyore, Alfredie and bunny~


Baby's lazy to wear contacts, so off he sent me home in his glasses.
Act only lah!

Oh, on the train to queenstown yesterday,
I saw this couple,
the guy-which btw I'm not sure is guy or~- cupped the girl's face and cooed to her.

Maybe 14 years old?

Like, throughout the train ride you know.

BF, don't do that to me I tell you!

And I have weird nightmares.
Falling from cable cars.
And my temperature was 180 degrees.

Ya, the end.
Nothing else to update.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Went swimming today!
@ Jurong East Swimming Complex.
It was fun, and the sun's not that hot after all!

Stupid BF kept pouncing on me in the wave pool!
And he clung onto me and expected me to move around with a giant on my back.

Traveled back to Tampines for dinner with Leaking's Raymund and had a great time gossiping.

The men got a little guai lan and erh... marched into a certain shop.
And the target ran and hide the moment he caught sight of BF.


Great friends, great hubby, great food.
What is there not to be happy about?

I have no idea how I can stay happy for so long.
Ever since I got attached, I smiled all day long.
Thank goodness, you're the one I found, baby =)
I realised my Ong Dong Ling knows alot, alot of people =D

Like, some of my friends, and acquaintances.

Oh hohohohoho!

Gossips XD

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spent my day shopping alone and waiting for BF to knock off.

Just a really simple day,
but as usual, I spent it happily =)

My future wife.
I mean, Hubby.

Black backgrounds seem to make faces glow.

Baby and I had dinner at my place.
Now I'm still mad full and unable to move.

Baby & Alfredie HAHA.
Both reading(?) newspaper.

And you know what?
He said Alfredie is cute and he brought him home to accompany his eeyore!

He initiated it okay!

How cute can my BF be?
*Pinches cheeks*

I love my baby so so so so much!

I'm feeling sleepy now.




I picked up this issue of the Newpaper yesterday at BF's place.
And when I read the title of the cover story, I got upset.

I hardly write about current affairs in my blog.
But this I must mention.

When I was working in National Heart Centre at the Infomation Counter,
An old man came and approach me.

Not for his prescription,
Not for asking which clinic to go.
Not for asking whether he can eat before his blood test.

He asked none of the common questions I encountered during my service period.

Instead he asked in Mandrian while rubbing his palms together with our handrub:

"Can I visit my grandson after my appointment?"

It didn't register in my brain until a little while later.
Oh yes, H1N1.
I remembered about my mum nagging at me to go shower right after I got home from work.

I told him,

"Yes uncle, you can, after you get a shower and disinfected yourself, you are safe, especially when you followed our instructions to put on a mask the moment you step into the Heart Centre."

He gave me a sad look.

"My son told me not to go to his place to see my grandson. He said I would bring germs to my grandson and infect him with something."

I was stunned.
I once again assured him about safety precautions and if he follows, nothing should be a problem.

"Maybe he's worried?" I said.

He shook his head and walked away after telling me this:

"When he needs me, I'm a treasure, when he doesn't, I'm nothing."

Looking at his retreating back,
I sighed.

I told the Nurse at the prescription counter about this.
She said its really sad, but that's the truth.

Reality hurts.

I always get that wrench in my heart when I see the elderly upset.

Ever since I lost my Grandmother,
I always have that thought.

I want my parents to live a happy, old ripe age.

My grandmother herself raised 5 children alone.
I am even proud to say, I have no grandfather.

After all her sorrows in life, I'm really glad she lived a happy life.
My uncle dotes on her so much.
And although she might be over demanding sometimes,
we still love her.

Recently, BF's Grandmother got caught in an issue.
I don't want to mention it here.
But it had something to do with what I'm discussing here.

How many people will have this thought:

"I don't want my children to do this to me when I'm old."

I know I would be able to hear truckloads of agreement.

I'm sure the elderly feels the same.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby's pets lol.

2nd picture is dear ru hua,
Which btw, was taught by me to do stupid sounds hahaha!

Stingray is fat fat!

lovebirds are loving.


Point of entry: Nothing.

Mum and BF squabbling over the phone.
Laugh till my head drop!


『有幾個共同朋友』 『要不要加為好友』







穿梭在人群中的你 我 他 沒有人能預知,

我們明天 還會遇見 誰。


I got this from the description of Tanya Chua's upcoming album.

And just decided to share it with you guys who can read Chinese.

How true is that?

We'll never ever know who we will meet, 1 mins later, 3 seconds later, tomorrow when you're on Facebook and on and on.

I never knew I would meet my most precious love on the net.
I never ever expected him to be the one who gave me all the love in the world.


Would you rather look forward
Or not?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I woke early to have lunch with Kailin, Leaking and Raymund.
Then I accompanied the couple to ICA.
After which I went Bugis Street for window shopping.

Then to Queensway which I spent around 1hour plus in McDee's doing nothing at all.

BF knocked off and we headed back to Tampines for dinner.
(BF, please don't change your shirt in public for all to see. I get possessive you know? Lol.)

Filling and entertained.

Actually its just a very simple day.
Simple stuff can be interesting and fulfilling with your loved ones by your side.

I feel really happy and loved.

What more can I ask for?
BF and I are stars!
Cause we have a paparazzi following us all around!

A very concentrating Bf.

Jeslene: Ey B, take pic leh take pic!

Sky: Takes no notice.

Ever smile ready for the cameras.
That's what my owners Kathy and Vaal taught me.

BF and I are really loving yes.

But we fist fight ALL THE TIME!

But at the end of the day, we still love each other like mad.

You think its romantic, but as a matter of fact, I was asking BF:

"Ey wanna play water not."
"Later sandals get sticky how?"
"Take off lah!"

And we did in the end hahaha!
But that previous picture is really pretty, its our phone wallpapers and my desktop wallpaper now.

Dirty sandals and slippers.

By the paparazzi, Ms Lee Liying.
She's currenty angry over her BF, sms-ing with me.
Oh no.

I know I kept saying snowy the bunny's huge now.
Here's pictures to show you what I meant:

I erh, covered snowy with tissue.

She seems happy hahahahahaha!

My furry baby.

Speaking of pets, my hamster, the one which previously gave birth,
is now pretty hysterical.
I'm super worried.
All her babies died you see.


I saw R21 scene of my the other two hamsters yesterday!
*covers eyes*

At BF's place, playing with his glasses hahahaha!
I can see NUTS with this pair of glasses loh.

And randomly,
Tong I got that pink tube alrd.
Cannot resist.

Pink tube, pink pixon.
Okay, but I love my hair!

Ooo, its almost 10am!

I better prepare.
Meeting Kailin for lunch =D

Then will be out with Leaking and then night with my BF.