Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BF and I are stars!
Cause we have a paparazzi following us all around!

A very concentrating Bf.

Jeslene: Ey B, take pic leh take pic!

Sky: Takes no notice.

Ever smile ready for the cameras.
That's what my owners Kathy and Vaal taught me.

BF and I are really loving yes.

But we fist fight ALL THE TIME!

But at the end of the day, we still love each other like mad.

You think its romantic, but as a matter of fact, I was asking BF:

"Ey wanna play water not."
"Later sandals get sticky how?"
"Take off lah!"

And we did in the end hahaha!
But that previous picture is really pretty, its our phone wallpapers and my desktop wallpaper now.

Dirty sandals and slippers.

By the paparazzi, Ms Lee Liying.
She's currenty angry over her BF, sms-ing with me.
Oh no.

I know I kept saying snowy the bunny's huge now.
Here's pictures to show you what I meant:

I erh, covered snowy with tissue.

She seems happy hahahahahaha!

My furry baby.

Speaking of pets, my hamster, the one which previously gave birth,
is now pretty hysterical.
I'm super worried.
All her babies died you see.


I saw R21 scene of my the other two hamsters yesterday!
*covers eyes*

At BF's place, playing with his glasses hahahaha!
I can see NUTS with this pair of glasses loh.

And randomly,
Tong I got that pink tube alrd.
Cannot resist.

Pink tube, pink pixon.
Okay, but I love my hair!

Ooo, its almost 10am!

I better prepare.
Meeting Kailin for lunch =D

Then will be out with Leaking and then night with my BF.


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