Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snow Leopard so cute.

I managed to scare BF with a BOO!



Yeah, i'm just here to exclaim about this.

I'm very proud cause he never gets scared by me.
I'm so proud of myself.

*Grins with pride*

On another note, I love Fishball N ODL.
Okay, private joke.
Cause the coffee shop has this store and the store sign is FISHBALL NOODLE.
But the O and E fell off.
So it became FISHBALL N ODL.
ODL = OngDongLing = My BF.

The whole paragraph above is simplified as I love ODL.
Yeah that's it.


I love my baby tons.

ZA two way cakes rocks.
And their eye liners.
And Revlon foundations.

Yeah, that's my makeup must have.
Don't say I never suggest.

I'm a bit on the high side today.

Bf said that yesterday I'm so nice and quiet cause I have a headache.
Now I'm noisy and kept looking for fist fights with him.


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